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THE ESSENCE OF THE QURAN by Sant Vinoba Bhave - Part-9

By Sant Vinoba Bhave

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65. Apostles for The Good of all

311. For Every People There Is An Apostle

10|47|Every nation has its Messenger; then, when their Messenger comes, justly the issue is decided between them, and they are not wronged.

66. Apostles Are Human Beings

312. Apostle of Old Were Also Human Beings

21|7|And We sent none before thee, but men to whom We made revelation -- question the People of the Remembrance, if you do not know --

21|8|nor did We fashion them as bodies that ate not food, neither were they immortal;

313. Apostles Lived As Men Among Men And Women With Their Children

13|38|And We sent Messengers before thee, and We assigned to them wives, and seed; and it was not for any Messengers to bring a sign, but by God's leave. Every term has a Book.

314. All Apostles had been sorely harassed by Satan

22|52|We sent not ever any Messenger or Prophet before thee, but that Satan cast into his fancy, when he was fancying; but God annuls what Satan casts, then God confirms His signs -- surely God is All-knowing, All-wise –

315. Why Is God’s Apostle A Human Being

17|94|And naught prevented men from believing when the guidance came to them, but that they said, 'Has God sent forth a mortal as Messenger?'

17|95|Say: 'Had there been in the earth angels walking. at peace, We would have sent down upon them out of heaven an angel as Messenger.'

316. Apostles Are Ordinary Human Beings But They Have Received The Grace Of God

14|10|Their Messengers said, 'Is there any doubt regarding God, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, who calls you so that He may forgive you your sins, and defer you to a term stated?' They said, 'You are nothing but mortals, like us; you desire to bar us from that our fathers served; then bring us a manifest authority.'

14|11|Their Messengers said to them, 'We are nothing but mortals, like you; but God is gracious unto whomsoever He will of His servants. It is not for us to bring you an authority save by the leave of God; and in God let the believers put all their trust.

14|12|And why should we not put our trust in God, seeing that He has guided us in our ways? We will surely endure patiently, whatever you hurt us; and in God let all put their trust who put their trust.'

67. Their Uniqueness

317. Firm

3|146|Many a Prophet there has been, with whom thousands manifold have fought, and they fainted not for what smote them in God's way, neither weakened, nor did they humble themselves; and God loves the patient.

3|147|Nothing else they said but, 'Lord, forgive us our sins, and that we exceeded in our affair, and make firm our feet, and help us against the people of the unbelievers.'

3|148|And God gave them the reward of this world and the fairest reward of the world to come; and God loves the good-doers.

318. Steadfast

6|34|Messengers indeed were cried lies to before thee, yet they endured patiently that they were cried lies to, and were hurt, until Our help came unto them. No man can change the words of God; and there has already come to thee some tiding of the Envoys.

6|35|And if their turning away is distressful for thee, why, if thou canst seek out a hole in the earth, or a ladder in heaven, to bring them some sign but had God willed, He would have gathered them to the guidance; so be not thou one of the ignorant.

319. Testifying to Truth Even In Adverseness

7|164|And when a certain nation of them said, 'Why do you admonish a people God is about to destroy or to chastise with a terrible chastisement?' They said, 'As an excuse to your Lord; and haply they will be godfearing.'

68. Gain from the Stories of the Apostles

320. Why the Stories of the Prophets Have Been Told

11|120|And all that We relate to thee of the tidings of the Messengers is that whereby We strengthen thy heart; in these there has come to thee the truth and an admonition, and a reminder to the believers.

69. Noah

321. Noah Saved

37|75|Noah called to Us; and how excellent were the Answerers!

37|76|And We delivered him and his people from the great distress,

322. ‘Oh Noah Your Son Is Not of Your House –hold’

11|45|And Noah called unto his Lord, and said, 'O my Lord, my son is of my family, and Thy promise is surely the truth. Thou art the justest of those that judge.'

11|46|Said He, 'Noah, he is not of thy family; it is a deed not righteous. Do not ask of Me that whereof thou hast no knowledge. I admonish thee, lest thou shouldst be among the ignorant.'

70. Abraham

323. Fire Cooled for Abraham

21|66|He said, 'What, and do you serve, apart from God, that which profits you nothing; neither hurts you?

21|67|Fie upon you and that you serve apart from God! Do you not understand?'

21|68|They said, 'Burn him, and help your gods, if you would do aught.'

21|69|We said, 'O fire, be coolness and safety for Abraham!'

324. Abraham’s Intense Faith in God

26|75|He said, 'And have you considered what you have been serving,

26|76|you and your fathers, the elders?

26|77|They are an enemy to me, except the Lord of all Being

26|78|who created me, and Himself guides me,

26|79|and Himself gives me to eat and drink,

26|80|and, whenever I am sick, heals me,

26|81|who makes me to die, then gives me life,

26|82|and who I am eager shall forgive me my offence on the Day of Doom.

26|83|My Lord, give me Judgment, and join me with the righteous,

26|84|and appoint me a tongue of truthfulness among the others.

26|85|Make me one of the inheritors of the Garden of Bliss

26|86|and forgive my father, for he is one of those astray.

26|87|Degrade me not upon the day when they are raised up,

26|88|the day when neither wealth nor sons shall profit

26|89|except for him who comes to God with a pure heart.

325. Discourse Between Father And Son

19|41|And mention in the Book Abraham; surely he was a true man, a Prophet.

19|42|When he said to his father, 'Father, why worshippest thou that which neither hears nor sees, nor avails thee anything?

19|43|Father, there has come to me knowledge such as came not to thee; so follow me, and I will guide thee on a level path.

19|44|Father, serve not Satan; surely Satan is a rebel against the All-merciful.

19|45|Father, I fear that some chastisement from the All-merciful will smite thee, so that thou becomest a friend to Satan.

19|46|Said he, 'What, art thou shrinking from my gods, Abraham? Surely, if thou givest not over, I shall stone thee; so forsake me now for some while.'

19|47|He said, 'Peace be upon thee! I will ask my Lord to forgive thee; surely He is ever gracious to me.

19|48|Now I will go apart from you and that you call upon, apart from God; I will call upon my Lord, and haply I shall not be, in calling upon my Lord, unprosperous.

326. Soft-hearted Abraham

9|114|Abraham asked not pardon for his father except because of a promise he had made to him; and when it became clear to him that he was an enemy of God, he declared himself quit of him; Abraham was compassionate, clement.

327. Ismael: Son of Abraham

37|102|and when he had reached the age of running with him, he said, 'My son, I see in a dream that I shall sacrifice thee; consider, what thinkest thou?' He said, 'My father, do as thou art bidden; thou shalt find me, God willing, one of the steadfast.'

37|103|When they had surrendered, and he flung him upon his brow,

37|104|We called unto him, 'Abraham,

37|105|thou hast confirmed the vision; even so We recompense the good-doers.

37|106|This is indeed the manifest trial.'

71. Moses

328. Moses’s Prayer Was Granted

20|25|'Lord, open my breast,' said Moses,

20|26|'and do Thou ease for me my task.

20|27|Unloose the knot upon my tongue, t

20|28|hat they may understand my words.

20|29|Appoint for me of my folk a familiar,

20|30|Aaron, my brother;

20|31|by him confirm my strength,

20|32|and associate him with me in my task.

20|33|So shall we glorify Thee,

20|34|and remember Thee abundantly.

20|35|Surely Thou seest into us.'

20|36|Said He, 'Thou art granted, Moses, thy petition.

72. Jesus Christ

329.  Jesus Declares He Is Blessed

19|30|He said, 'Lo, I am God's servant; God has given me the Book, and made me a Prophet.

19|31|Blessed He has made me, wherever I may be; and He has enjoined me to pray, and to give the alms, so long as I live,

19|32|and likewise to cherish my mother; He has not made me arrogant, unprosperous.

19|33|Peace be upon me, the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I am raised up alive!'

19|34|That is Jesus, son of Mary, in word of truth, concerning which they are doubting.

330. Crucification of Jesus, A Mere Appearance

4|157|and for their saying, 'We slew the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the Messenger of God' -- yet they did not slay him, neither crucified him, only a likeness of that was shown to them. Those who are at variance concerning him surely are in doubt regarding him; they have no knowledge of him, except the following of surmise; and they slew him not of a certainty -- no indeed;

4|158|God raised him up to Him; God is All-mighty, All-wise.

331. Holy John, The Preceptor of Jesus

19|12|'O John, take the Book forcefully'; and We gave him judgment, yet a little child,

19|13|and a tenderness from Us, and purity; and he was godfearing,

19|14|and cherishing his parents, not arrogant, rebellious.

19|15|'Peace be upon him, the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the day he is raised up alive!'

332. Followers of Jesus

5|85|And God rewards them for what they say with gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein dwelling forever; that is the recompense of the good-doers.

5|86|But those who disbelieve, and cry lies to Our signs -- they are the inhabitants of Hell.

73. Prophets Not Specified

333. Prophets Not Mentioned

40|78|We sent Messengers before thee; of some We have related to thee, and some We have not related to thee. It was not for any Messenger to bring a sign, save by God's leave. When God's command comes, justly the issue shall be decided; then the vain-doers shall be lost.


334. First Revelation

96|1|Recite: In the Name of thy Lord who created,

96|2|created Man of a blood-clot.

96|3|Recite: And thy Lord is the Most Generous,

96|4|who taught by the Pen,

96|5|taught Man that he knew not.

335. Celestial Experience

17|1|Glory be to Him, who carried His servant by night from the Holy Mosque to the Further Mosque the precincts of which We have blessed, that We might show him some of Our signs. He is the All-hearing, the All-seeing.

336. Man of Self-realisation

81|22|Your companion is not possessed;

81|23|he truly saw him on the clear horizon;

81|24|he is not niggardly of the Unseen.

75. God’s Guidance to Mohammad

337. Exhortation for Special Prayer

17|78|Perform the prayer at the sinking of the sun to the darkening of the night and the recital of dawn; surely the recital of dawn is witnessed.

17|79|And as for the night, keep vigil a part of it, as a work of supererogation for thee; it may be that thy Lord will raise thee up to a laudable station.

17|80|And say: 'My Lord, lead me in with a just ingoing, and lead me out with a just outgoing; grant me authority from Thee, to help me.'

17|81|And say: 'The truth has come, and falsehood has vanished away; surely falsehood is ever certain to vanish.'

338. ‘Merely A Messenger’

13|40|Whether We show thee a part of that We promise them, or We call thee to Us, it is thine only to deliver the Message, and Ours the reckoning.

339.’GuidanceIs Not Yours’

27|80|Thou shalt not make the dead to hear, neither shalt thou make the deaf to hear the call when they turn about, retreating.

27|81|Thou shalt not guide the blind out of their error neither shalt thou make any to hear, save such as believe in Our signs, and so surrender.

340. Mohammad and The Blind – Nobody Knows Who Will Be Graced by God

341. Convey The Message Fearlessly

5|70|And We took compact with the Children of Israel, and We sent Messengers to them. Whensoever there came to them a Messenger with that their souls had not desire for, some they cried lies to, and some they slew.

342. Heed Not to Your Revilers, Serve God unto Death Steadfastly

15|97|We know indeed thy breast is straitened by the things they say.

15|99|and serve thy Lord, until the Certain comes to thee.

343. Consult with Your Comrades Only Till You Discover A Final Decision

3|159|It was by some mercy of God that thou wast gentle to them; hadst thou been harsh and hard of heart, they would have scattered from about thee. So pardon them, and pray forgiveness for them, and take counsel with them in the affair; and when thou art resolved, put thy trust in God; surely God loves those who put their trust.

344. Remember God and Strive

94|1|Did We not expand thy breast for thee

94|8|and let thy Lord be thy Quest.

345. Do unto Others Even As You Have the Lord God

93|1|By the white forenoon

93|11|and as for thy Lord's blessing, declare it.

76. Testament through Mohammad

346. Five Directives

34|46|Say: 'I give you but one admonition, that you stand unto God, two by two and one by one, and then reflect: no madness is in your comrade. He is naught but a warner unto you, before a terrible chastisement.'

34|50|Say: 'If I go astray, I go astray only to my own loss; if I am guided, it is by what my Lord reveals to me. He is All-hearing, Ever-nigh.'

34|51|Ah, if thou couldst see when they are terrified, and there is no escape, and they are seized from a place near at hand,

77. Wealth of Virtues

347. Deeply Prayerful

73|20|Thy Lord knows that thou keepest vigil nearly two-thirds of the night, or a half of it, or a third of it, and a party of those with thee; and God determines the night and the day. He knows that you will not number it, and He has turned towards you. Therefore recite of the Koran so much as is feasible. He knows that some of you are sick, and others journeying in the land, seeking the bounty of God, and others fighting in the way of God. So recite of it so much as is feasible. And perform the prayer, and pay the alms, and lend to God a good loan. Whatever good you shall forward to your souls' account, you shall find it with God as better, and mightier a wage. And ask God's forgiveness; God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.

348. Constant Nearness to God

9|40|If you do not help him, yet God has helped him already, when the unbelievers drove him forth the second of two, when the two were in the Cave, when he said to his companion, 'Sorrow not; surely God is with us.' Then God sent down on him His Shechina, and confirmed him with legions you did not see; and He made the word of the unbelievers the lowest; and God's word is the uppermost; God is All-mighty, All-wise.

349. An Ideal Example of Devotion to God

33|21|You have had a good example in God's Messenger for whosoever hopes for God and the Last Day, and remembers God oft.

50. Relationship between the Prophet And The Believers

351. Sincerity Vindicated BY Earlier Life

10|16|Say: 'Had God willed I would not have recited it to you, neither would He have taught you it; I abode among you a lifetime before it -- will you not understand?'

352. Unlearned Man of Faith

7|158|Say: 'O mankind, I am the Messenger of God to you all, of Him to whom belongs the kingdom of the heavens and of the earth. There is no god but He. He gives life, and makes to die. Believe then in God, and in His Messenger, the Prophet of the common folk, who believes in God and His words, and follow him; haply so you will be guided.'

353. God Made Mohammad Firm

17|73|Indeed they were near to seducing thee from that We revealed to thee, that thou mightest forge against Us another, and then they would surely have taken thee as a friend;

17|74|and had We not confirmed thee, surely thou wert near to inclining unto them a very little;

354.’He Giveth His Ear unto Ali’

9|61|And some of them hurt the Prophet, saying, 'He is an ear!' Say: 'An ear of good for you; he believes in God, and believes the believers, and he is a mercy to the believers among you. Those who hurt God's Messenger -- for them awaits a painful chastisement.'

355. He Is Not Led By The Pressure Of Public Opinion

6|116|If thou obeyest the most part of those on earth they will lead thee astray from the path of God; they follow only surmise, merely conjecturing.

78. Apostolical Mission

356. Apostle of Mercy

21|107|We have not sent thee, save as a mercy unto all beings.

357. His Fivefold Ministry

33|45|O Prophet, We have sent thee as a witness, and good tidings to bear and warning,

33|46|calling unto God by His leave, and as a light-giving lamp.

79. Ask for God’s Blessing for His Prophet

358. Blessings for Mohammad

33|56|God and His angels bless the Prophet. O believers, do you also bless him, and pray him peace.