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THE ESSENCE OF THE QURAN by Sant Vinoba Bhave - Part-4

Sant Vinoba Bhave

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29. Aspects of The Devotee

146. Ten Qualities of The Devotee

33|35|Men and women who have surrendered, believing men and believing women, obedient men and obedient women, truthful men and truthful women, enduring men and enduring women, humble men and humble women, men and women who give in charity, men who fast and women who fast, men and women who guard their private parts, men and women who remember God oft -- for them God has prepared forgiveness and a mighty wage.

30. One Who Offered Incessant Prayers

147. They Keep Night Vigils

51|15|Surely the godfearing shall be among gardens and fountains

51|19|and the beggar and the outcast had a share in their wealth.

148. They Lay Not Their Backs On The Bed

32|15|Only those believe in Our signs who, when they are reminded of them, fall down prostrate and proclaim the praise of their Lord, not waxing proud.

32|17|No soul knows what comfort is laid up for them secretly, as a recompense for that they were doing.

149. Traces On The Forehead Indicating Constant Kneeling in Obeisance

48|29|Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and those who are with him are hard against the unbelievers, merciful one to another. Thou seest them bowing, prostrating, seeking bounty from God and good pleasure. Their mark is on their faces, the trace of prostration. That is their likeness in the Torah, and their likeness in the Gospel: as a seed that puts forth its shoot, and strengthens it, and it grows stout and rises straight upon its stalk, pleasing the sowers, that through them He may enrage the unbelievers. God has promised those of them who believe and do deeds of righteousness forgiveness and a mighty wage.

150. Hearts Tremble

8|2|Those only are believers who, when God is mentioned, their hearts quake, and when His signs are recited to them, it increases them in faith, and in their Lord they put their trust,

151. The Humble

22|34|We have appointed for every nation a holy rite, that they may mention God's Name over such beasts of the flocks as He has provided them. Your God is One God, so to Him surrender. And give thou good tidings unto the humble

22|35|who, when God is mentioned, their hearts quake, and such as endure patiently whatever visits them, and who perform the prayer, and expend of what We have provided them.

152. Servants of The Beneficent

25|61|Blessed be He who has set in heaven constellations, and has set among them a lamp, and an illuminating moon.

25|64|who pass the night prostrate to their Lord and standing;

31. Man Of Couviction

153. Who Sell Himself Seeking The Pleasure Of God

2|207|But other men there are that sell themselves desiring God's good pleasure; and God is gentle with His servants.

154. Friends to Each Other

8|72|Those who believe, and have emigrated and struggled with their possessions and their selves in the way of God, and those who have given refuge and help -- those are friends one of another. And those who believe, but have not emigrated -- you have no duty of friendship towards them till they emigrate; yet if they ask you for help, for religion's sake, it is your duty to help them, except against a people between whom and you there is a compact; and God sees the things you do.

155. Friends Of God

10|62|Surely God's friends -- no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.

156. Those Who Have Elected No Service Other Than Of the Lord God

10|64|for them is good tidings in the present life and in the world to come. There is no changing the words of God; that is the mighty triumph.


157.   Patient

2|153|O all you who believe, seek you help in patience and prayer; surely God is with the patient.

2|157|upon those rest blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those -- they are the truly guided.

33. Non Violent

158. They Are Forgiving Towards Mankind

3|133|And vie with one another, hastening to forgiveness from your Lord, and to a garden whose breadth is as the heavens and earth, prepared for the godfearing

3|136|Those -- their recompense is forgiveness from their Lord, and gardens beneath which rivers flow, therein dwelling forever; and how excellent is the wage of those who labour!

159. Philanthropist

76|8|they give food, for the love of Him, to the needy, the orphan, the captive:

76|11|So God has guarded them from the evil of that day, and has procured them radiancy and gladness,

160. They Hold Mutual Consultations

42|37|And those who avoid the heinous sins and indecencies and when they are angry forgive,

42|38|and those who answer their Lord, and perform the prayer, their affair being counsel between them, and they expend of that We have provided them,

161. They Unite People

13|21|who join what God has commanded shall be joined, and fear their Lord, and dread the evil reckoning,

13|22|patient men, desirous of the Face of their Lord, who perform the prayer, and expend of that We have provided them, secretly and in public, and who avert evil with good -- theirs shall be the Ultimate Abode,

34. Blessings to the Devotee

162. Satan Shall Have NO Power Over The Faithful

15|42|over My servants thou shalt have no authority, except those that follow thee,

163. Angels Pray For the Faithful

40|7|Those who bear the Throne, and those round about it proclaim the praise of their Lord, and believe in Him, and they ask forgiveness for those who believe: 'Our Lord, Thou embracest every thing in mercy and knowledge; therefore forgive those who have repented, and follow Thy way, and guard them against the chastisement of Hell.

40|9|And guard them against evil deeds; whomsoever Thou guardest against evil deeds on that day, on him Thou hast had mercy; and that is indeed the mighty triumph.


35. The Sceptic

164. Their Hearts Worse Than Rocks

2|74|Then your hearts became hardened thereafter and are like stones, or even yet harder; for there are stones from which rivers come gushing, and others split, so that water issues from them, and others crash down in the fear of God. And God is not heedless of the things you do.

165. Men Of Little Faith

15|14|Though We opened to them a gate in heaven, and still they mounted through it,

15|15|yet would they say, 'Our eyes have been dazzled; nay, we are a people bewitched!'

166. Calculating

74|18|Lo! He reflected, and determined --

74|24|He said, 'This is naught but a trumped-up sorcery;

167. Demanding Miracles

17|90|They say, 'We will not believe thee till thou makest a spring to gush forth from the earth for us,

17|93|or till thou possessest a house of gold ornament, or till thou goest up into heaven; and we will not believe thy going up till thou bringest down on us a book that we may read. Say: 'Glory be to my Lord. Am I aught but a mortal, a Messenger?'

168. Controvertists, Non believers and Pseudo-believers

22|8|And among men there is such a one that disputes concerning God without knowledge or guidance, or an illuminating Book,

22|9|turning his side to lead astray from God's way; for him is degradation in this world; and on the Resurrection Day We shall let him taste the chastisement of the burning:

22|11|And among men there is such a one as serves God upon the very edge -- if good befalls him he is at rest in it, but if a trial befalls him he turns completely over; he loses this world and the world to come; that is indeed the manifest loss.

169. Parable of the Unbeliever

2|17|The likeness of them is as the likeness of a man who kindled a fire, and when it lit all about him God took away their light, and left them in darkness unseeing

2|20|the lightning wellnigh snatches away their sight; whensoever it gives them light, they walk in it, and when the darkness is over them, they halt; had God willed, He would have taken away their hearing and their sight. Truly, God is powerful over everything.

36. Contrary Minds

170. Difficult for The Rich Man to Enter The Kingdom Of God

34|34|We sent no warner into any city except its men who lived at ease said, 'We disbelieve in the Message you have been sent with.'

34|35|They also said, 'We are more abundant in wealth and children, and we shall not be chastised.'

171.”The Foolish Believe”

2|13|When it is said to them, 'Believe as the people believe', they say, 'Shall we believe, as fools believe?' Truly, they are the foolish ones, but they do not know.

172. Dupes of Time and Desires, Their Pleasures Dictate The Course of Their Life

45|23|Hast thou seen him who has taken his caprice to be his god, and God has led him astray out of a knowledge, and set a seal upon his hearing and his heart, and laid a covering on his eyes? Who shall guide him after God? What, will you not remember?

45|24|They say, 'There is nothing but our present life; we die, and we live, and nothing but Time destroys us.' Of that they have no knowledge; they merely conjecture.

173.”Shall We Feed Those Whom God did Not Will to Feed?”

36|47|And when it is said to them, 'Expend of that God has provided you,' the unbelievers say to the believers, 'What, shall we feed such a one whom, if God willed, He would feed? You are only in manifest error!'

174. Persecutors of The Faithful

85|10|Those who persecute the believers, men and women, and then have not repented, there awaits them the chastisement of Gehenna, and there awaits them the chastisement of the burning.

175. Some Say That “We have No Duty to Keep Faith With The Ignorant

3|75|And of the People of the Book is he who, if thou trust him with a hundredweight, will restore it thee; and of them is he who, if thou trust him with one pound, will not restore it thee, unless ever thou standest over him. That, because they say, 'There is no way over us as to the common people.' They speak falsehood against God and that wittingly.

37. Futile Activities of The Infidel

176. Their Works Become Ashes

14|18|The likeness of those who disbelieve in their Lord: their works are as ashes, whereon the wind blows strong upon a tempestuous day; they have no power over that they have earned - that is the far error!

177. Hewed out Dwellings from Hills Proved Useless

15|80|The dwellers in El-Hijr cried lies to the Envoys.

15|84|that they earned did not avail them.

178. Those Who Wrought Futility

18|103|Say: 'Shall We tell you who will be the greatest losers in their works?

18|105|Those are they that disbelieve in the signs of their Lord and the encounter with Him; their works have failed, and on the Day of Resurrection We shall not assign to them any weight.

179. The Simile of An Ass Carrying A Load

62|5|The likeness of those who have been loaded with the Torah then they have not carried it, is as the likeness of an ass carrying books. Evil is the likeness of the people who have cried lies to God's signs. God guides never the people of the evildoers.

38. The Path of Perdition

180. Falling from Heights

22|31|being men pure of faith unto God, not associating with Him anything; for whosoever associates with God anything, it is as though he has fallen from heaven and the birds snatch him away, or the wind sweeps him headlong into a place far away.

181. Saran Becomes His Comrade

43|36|Whoso blinds himself to the Remembrance of the All-merciful, to him We assign a Satan for comrade;

43|38|till, when he comes to Us, he says, 'Would there had been between me and thee the distance of the two Easts!' An evil comrade!

182. Whom The Devil Engulfs

26|221|Shall I tell you on whom the Satans come down?

26|226|and how they say that which they do not?

183. Out Tresspasses

74|42|'What thrusted you into Sakar?'

74|47|till the Certain came to us.' --

184. Woe to TheUnbelievers

77|15|Woe that day unto those who cry it lies!

77|19|Woe that day unto those who cry it lies!

185. Would That I Were Dust

78|40|Lo, We have warned you of a nigh chastisement, upon the day when a man shall behold what his hands have forwarded, and the unbeliever shall say, 'O would that I were dust!'