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How Many Veils Must Be lifted; till I am embraced by You, The Veiled One!

By Aadil Farook, New Age Islam

25 December 2021

How many veils must be lifted

till your glimpse is gifted

How much pride must be sacrificed

till your grandeur is recognized

How much tribulation must be undergone

till a purified self is born

How many desires must be forsaken

till I let my soul awaken

How much heartbreak must be felt

till I allow my ego to melt

How many wishes must be blown away

till my only wish is your say

How many tears must be shed

till my spirit is truly fed

How much knowledge must be unlearned

till your gnosis is to be earned

How many books must be burned

till your message is fully learned

How many reasons must bear negation

till your love is granted affirmation

How many temptations must be fought

till the distance between us is naught

How many wines must be untasted

till your vision turns me intoxicated

How many petals of 'I' must wither

till I am able to pluck your flower

How many colors of me must fade

till your rainbow is displayed

How many songs must be unheard

till by your melody, I am stirred

How many peers must abandon me

till I am granted your proximity

How much jealousy must harm me

till I rely on only your sincerity

How many fears must be conquered

till your path is wholly travelled

How much self must be lost

till this journey is crossed

How many wars with myself I must win

till your disclosure will finally begin

How many words must be written

till silence becomes my expression

How many people must be forgiven

till I make my days enliven

How many memories must I erase

till my nights are for your praise

How many whys must be understood

till I experience what is selfhood

How many hows must be explored

till your divine wisdom is poured

How many theories must be rejected

till your concept is perfected

How much of philosophy must I replace

till your discourse rules my time-space

How much Science must be unendorsed

till the power of faith is the greatest force 

How many illusions must be denied

till the devil's tricks are defied

How many steps must I walk

till your exaltation is my talk

How many delusions must be addressed

till with your revelation, I am blessed

How much should I strive for bliss

till prostration is like a bride's kiss

How much repentance must accompany sin

till I witness a revolution within

How much from vanity I must flee    

till you acknowledge my humility

How much caprice must be suppressed

till you say, "I am highly impressed"

How much inner purity should I seek

till feminine beauty can't make me weak

How much worldly glitter must I shun

till your rays are emitted from the sun

How much should I serve your creation

till I fulfill the definition of a human

How much should I revere your glorious name

till the key to your treasures, I can claim

How much remembrance do I owe your beloved

till I'm mentioned in the prayers of the prophet

How much self-worship must be undone

till I'm embraced by you, the Veiled One!


(Photo courtesy: Jesus@ 2AM, for Representative purpose only)


Aadil Farook, Winner/Nominee of 2 International Awards (US & UK), is a Lahore-based blogger.


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