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Suicide Is Not a Viable Answer to Problems of Life, Such As Difficulties, Pains or Sorrows

By Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi, New Age Islam

28 September 2021

Is Committing Suicide The Answer To Our Problems?

Main Points

1.    It is our duty to protect this life, which is one of God's most valuable gifts.

2.    All that is required is that we put up an effort to succeed and advance in our careers while also strengthening our faith and trust in God Almighty.

3.    Suicide is a bigger sin, and those who commit it will be punished in hell.

4.    How can a person who can't handle even the tiniest amount of sadness in this life bear the horrors of the grave, let alone these shards of hell?


This life is one of the most valuable gifts from God Almighty. Even if we thank God a thousand times for His blessings, it will not be enough. Allah Almighty created men and women, bringing them into this mortal world. He lavished inexhaustible blessings on each and every human being. He gave some people less money, others more, some people more beauty, and others less beauty, but he gave everything its strengths and flaws. Some people have one virtue while others have another. Now it is our obligation to protect this life and steer it in the right direction, and the one who follows Allah Almighty's path and perseveres in his afflictions is the most cherished in Allah Almighty's eyes.

Allah Almighty exceedingly loves His servants, which is why He puts them through so many tribulations. From the time of Hazrat Adam and Eve, there has been a series of trials. It was a test for them when they were given paradise. Each Prophet was put to the test in the same way as Adam and Eve (peace be upon them) were put to the test in Paradise. And as a result of their perseverance, they became Allah Almighty's favoured servants. Similarly, studying the Prophet's life exposes the numerous tribulations that our beloved Prophet [peace be upon him] endured.

Trials occur in everyone's life, sometimes in the form of wealth, sometimes in the form of health, and occasionally in the shape of something else entirely. Allah Almighty continues to put His slaves to the test, not because they are weak and want to give up life and accept death, but because their faith grows stronger and they become more and more Allah Almighty's cherished servants. Those who are patient and grateful during these trials will succeed in both worlds, while those who are impatient and ungrateful will fail in both.

Life is full of problems, difficulties, pains, and sufferings, but they do not define it.  Suicide is not a viable answer to problems of life, such as difficulties, pains, or sorrows. All of these things are simply transient and do not last forever. If today is challenging, tomorrow will be simple. Allah creates ease after hardships, just as day follows night. Allah is the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious, and bestows everything on His servant in proportion to his or her level of happiness or sorrow. Everything has a time and place, and it changes with time. Life does not always have challenges, just as the sky does not always have clouds.

We need to find answers to the questions that pop into our thoughts, just as we need to find solutions to the questions that arise in our heads. It does not follow that if we are unable to discover an answer to a question, it should be deleted. The only way to solve the problem is to locate the solution, which is not the same as removing the question. Similarly, rather than ending our life by killing ourselves, we should try to find a way to solve our difficulties. Suicide isn't an option for dealing with our difficulties.

Take a look around today's world and you'll notice that everyone is worried about his or her future. Our young people, in particular, have grown psychologically unwell as a result of their anxiety about the future. But have we ever considered who has power over the future and what we could gain from worrying about something we can't change? Whatever our future holds, we won't be able to see it in advance, and we won't be able to change it. It belongs to Allah Almighty, and He is the best judge. All that is required is that we put up an effort to succeed and advance in our careers while also strengthening our faith, hope and trust in God Almighty.

How many people have given up life and welcomed death only because they are terrified of the future, resulting in a dreary future and perpetual darkness? Perhaps Allah Almighty had something written in his future that would have greatly improved his life. We shall always do our best and never lose hope in life if we work hard and believe that the future is in Allah Almighty's hands and that He shall provide us with what we deserve.

We must realise that this life is entrusted to God Almighty, and He has sole authority over it. Suicide is a greater sin, and those who commit it will be punished into hell. If a suicidal person believes that the suffering of this world is more excruciating than the sin of this world, he will never die if he remembers the torment of the grave, the torment of Hell. Regrettably, suicide has become a game in today's society. Some want to die, but they do not want to know what happens to them after they die.

How can a person who can't handle even the tiniest amount of sadness in this life bear the horrors of the grave, let alone these shards of hell? How can there be survival if there is no alternative to death and no way to flee?

We must also remember that Allah Almighty created us as marvellous creatures capable of thinking and understanding and that our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded us to help one another in times of need. As a result, rather than producing problems for others, we must try to help them. Today, man has become his own worst enemy. If one man commits suicide as a result of the actions of another, the latter is a co-conspirator in his sin. We should work to better the lives of others because we care about them, not because they care about us.

These days, we hear about suicide on a daily basis, and those who commit suicide are not illiterate people, but educated ones. What, after all, is missing in our society? We have left behind a dearth of moral education as well as a lack of understanding of the Qur'an and Sunnahs. Parents should not disregard their children’s moral education in order for them to have a strong faith in God Almighty and avoid serious sins like suicide.

May Allah solve our troubles; strengthen our faith, trust and hope. Aameen


 A regular Columnist with, Ghulam Ghaus Siddiqi Dehlvi is a Classical Islamic scholar and English-Arabic-Urdu Translator.


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