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Putting Animals and Birds In Confinement Not Approved By Islam

By S. Arshad, New Age Islam

5 July 2021

Good Treatment Of Animals Is The Characteristic Of A Civilised Society

Main Points:

1. A woman was cursed because of showing cruelty to a cat

2. A corrupt woman was forgiven and sent to heaven for showing mercy on a thirsty dog


Man has always depended on animals for their services and for their meat and milk. He makes many thing from their skin and hair. He domesticates some animals like goat, sheep, cow, camel, horse, ass and dog for various purposes. He uses some animals as means of transport. God has allowed domestic use of these animals with the condition of providing them good food and shelter and good treatment.

On the other hand God disapproves of torturing or killing even an ant without reason. Similarly, God also disapproves of putting animals or birds in chains or in cages only for fun and entertainment or as a piece of decoration.

Many people have a liking for keeping beautiful birds or parrots in cages in their homes. Similarly, some people called Madari keep monkeys in chains and use them for providing entertainment to people by making them dance and do various hilarious stunts in the streets for a livelihood. The hapless monkeys do what their master dictates to them to as they cannot escape. These come under cruelty to animals and not supported by Islam. There is a hadith on this topic. Hadhrat Abdullah bin Umar r.a. narrated: The holy Prophet pbuh said that a woman was put in Hell after her death because she had confined a cat and did not give it food or water till it died.(Kitab Bad-il-Khalq; Sahih Bukhari; Vol 2; Chapter 14; ;700)

God enjoins on man to show mercy and compassion not only to human beings but also to animals. Those being kind to animals are praised rewarded by God. Another hadith speaks of a corrupt woman who was forgiven by God because she had provided water to a thirsty dog.

The two hadiths make it clear that even good or bad treatment to animals can decide the fate of a human being in the Hereafter.


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