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Muslims and Islamophobia ( 30 Jun 2020, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Islamophobia in India: Indian Muslims Are Utterly Faithful and Love Indian Culture and Traditions

New Delhi Times Bureau

June 29, 2020

The Holy Quran has delineated, “Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity” (Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:32).

The transitional life has been drifted by some convinced ideologies and intricate notions for years. A person is deeply dogmatized with the comprehension and inner-most belief that have been growing over the past life. Many believe that a sense of Islamophobia (Unreasonable dislikes or fear against Islam or Muslims) has broadened in the recent past years in India although merits of this claim is questionable in the light of Quran, Hadith and the Constitution of India.

There is no doubt that some anti-Islamic propagandists have tried to overlay existence of Islamophobia for their selfish-gain and political dominance. However, nobody can deny that Islam means peace and harmony that inculcates the most realistic and rational principles to expound brotherhood and love; it teaches to be consistent and optimist, to earn money in sanctified way, serve needy people to procure the most splendid Heaven, donate money to the poor, give tax to the government, purify oneself from sin, bias, prejudice and covetousness as the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW) said, “Do not hate each other, do not envy each other, do not turn away from each other, but rather be servants of Allah as brothers.

It is not lawful for a Muslim to boycott his brother for more than three days” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 57:18). It is an explicit message for all Muslims to live in the country with love and brotherhood.

In the context of India, it can be safely said that all Muslims are utterly faithful and optimist for their own country India. They love Indian culture and traditions; they do not only comply with the Indian Constitution but are exceedingly eager to defend India by their lives and wealth.

The history is filled with the sacrifices of the likes of Havaldar Abdul Hamid, etc., who protected their motherland against an army comprising of Muslims. Some people (those with vested interests or belonging to the enemy country like Pakistan) always try to create an atmosphere of Islamophobia in India for elevating Indian Muslim’s dilemma and anguish at the time of intense crisis like the Delhi riots or tense situation at the Indo-China Border.

However, the followers of Mohammad (SAW) must keep his example in mind when he had gone to the city of Taif where none-believer had pelted stones on him and wounded him lethally; he was quite able to take revenge but he did not do that for giving an example to all the Muslims to tolerate resentful conditions. Therefore, one of the essential ways for Muslims is to investigate the real situation.

They should not believe in hue and cry because they must find out authenticity for any news. Contrary to the popular belief, all the Indian Muslims pray to Allah without restraint, recite Adan five times and can offer Namaz without any hindrance. India is the only country where traffic is diverted to other roads so that Muslims can pray on road during Friday prayers.

In comparison to the Western world, there is no restriction on sporting beard or donning a Burqa in India. Muslims can earn money by different professions like government and private jobs. All the Muslims are absolutely independent to carry out their agriculture and livelihood happily. Unfortunately, some anti-Muslim activities have been carried out by few extremists but they had been sentenced to prison by the Indian courts. But it must be kept in mind that black sheep are always present in any society but they never represent the majority.

Misinterpretation and distorted presentation by media and other sources fabricate sense of antagonism among believers that instigate them for creating bloodshed and lynching innocent people. In fact, Islam never propagates to kill any one, torture any person. Even it prohibits everyone to torment others by words and acts. If any one does not follow Islamic guidelines, he commits sin that leads to the Hell. A true Muslim never wishes to go to the Hell after committing unforgettable mistakes.

The almighty Allah rebukes all those people who kill any innocent person because killing any person is the biggest sin. Consequently, a true believer never carries out such heinous crime in the entire life. The Holy Quran has delineated, “Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity” (Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:32). The verse signifies that murder of any person is the biggest sin and a flawless Muslim cannot kill, torture or taunt any person physically or psychologically.

It is a solemn decree to all human beings to respect each other and protect all lives from decay. They should serve all needy persons and they should not commit anything for their self-interest. They should sacrifice their comfort and rest for elevating their neighbours’ circumstances and surroundings.

To sum up, Islam motivates the believers to serve all human beings as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Frustration and impatience are sins, a true Muslim can never be pessimist and egoist as it is said “do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful” (Quran 39:53).

There might be momentary trouble but it must be dealt with patience. It must be kept in mind that an average Indian Muslim is much happier than majority of Muslims residing in States ruled by Muslim rulers-Syria, Iraq, Yemen etc. are best examples.

The Indian Muslims must introspect, explore the truth, have trust in Indian courts for justice and be loyal and faithful to their nation (which they already are) and must not fall to the narratives like ‘Islamophobia in India’.

Original Headline: Narratives against Islamophobia in the Indian context

Source: The New Delhi Times


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