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Muslims were Successful When They Were Open-Minded and Devoted to Disciplines and Knowledge, Taking the Religion and World Together

By Mubarak Kapdi, Tr. New Age Islam 

(Translated from Urdu, By New Age Islam) 

20 April 2020 

There are many subjects in the curriculum of life to lead a successful life, such as good manners, humility, seriousness, sympathy and patience. Despite some shortcomings, our community holds prominent status in many of these subjects. However, I do not know why the performance of our community in the two main subjects of life is almost zero and they are science and economics. Some would say that developing countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, which have been flagging over these two fronts, have become infected with the Coronavirus. They must realize that these countries have destroyed about half a dozen Muslim countries in the last three decades by throwing several million tons of ammunition, and sometimes by imposing economic sanctions. None of the 65 Muslim countries has access to its defense system. Therefore, no Muslim country has protested against this cruelty and brutality, and the wrath of the US and UK failing today over the issue of Coronavirus will also target Muslim countries with oil wells. It will be threatened that if the Muslim countries want their safety, they must sell their oil and natural gas as per the wishes of these global powers. 

Dear Young people! From the First World War in 1914 to the present, that is, in more than a century, the global powers have destructed the Muslim countries, and our community calls it a 'conspiracy'. Well, that was a conspiracy, but why did we become the target of this conspiracy? It was an open conspiracy and a clear plan to keep Muslims away from the pursuit of modern education, science and technology. But why did the 57 Muslim countries on this planet accept this decree of three or four global powers, and that too, with complete obedience? It should be noted that today the number of universities in Japan which is a small island is more than those of all Muslim countries. In Japan today there are 96 national universities, 95 public universities and 603 private universities. Among Muslims barely 4% individuals tend towards higher educational institutes, while over 52% of Japan's population is favored by higher education institutions. 

Taking a closer look at history, we see Muslim scientists made thousands of inventions to benefit mankind. They left a deep mark on human lives and their ways of thinking, thanks to their ideas, experiences, experiments, observations and inventions. In fact, we could not even make the new generation aware of our heritage, high value capital and its luminous aspects. The multiple pages of history flowed from west to east like a storm. The new generation considered them reliable, even though they were not history, but only fraud. For instance, none of the writers from among them ever said that Roger Bacon who is called Father of Science in England was originally a disciple of the Arabs and used to tell his disciples that if they want to go to the depth of true knowledge, they should read the Arabic language. These historians never and nowhere mentioned that Galileo, Kepler, Bruno and Deacon etc used to imitate the Arabs. Nobody told the new generation that Europe's breakthroughs in the discovery of naval routes were based on the maps that the Arabs had used for almost two centuries during the travels of the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. 

Now, the question arises as to what kind of clay was the Muslim made of, that a Muslim operated the eyes when there was no electricity in the world. Science had not made any progress when another Muslim prepared a periodic table, combining all the elements of the universe. There was no calculation machine, but a Muslim mathematician discovered a well-known triangle of today's mathematics. The main reason for this was that the Muslims of that era were mature, open-minded and devoted to disciplines and knowledge. There was no compulsion for them. The pursuit of knowledge was the objective of their life. Their lives were so colorful and beautiful that in addition to science, they were passionate about arts as well. They left a wide range of poetry and literature on stories, sermons and other topics. In the eighteenth century, they were so well-known in arts and literature that the twelve volumes of Alif Laila (One Thousand and One Nights) were translated with great arrangements in Europe. In the nineteenth century, the Arabic stories were translated into 13 volumes. This series went so far that the famous English poets started saying, “The entire world, in the past, was Greek and is now Arabic” 

Then we took over the throne. In such a situation, the academic progress should have accelerated its pace, but it came to a halt instead. The drunk of the authority first came to dozing and then to sleeping and we are still in the same condition today, otherwise we would tell our new generation that the tide, attraction of the moon and Gravity were not merely a coincidence but rather a creation of power. Then Einstein's theory came to be in place of Newton's. Bannerberg rejected Laplace's theories. The theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory compelled scientists to say it is not possible in Science to separate observer from observation. From this scientific point of view the importance of religion was accepted. Meanwhile Newton's theory of light failed. After the publication of Maxwell's experiments, it became clear that light is an electromagnetic phenomenon. During this period, we should have prepared a team of our youth for research in science. With this process, we would have the right over all the rest of the investigations, and secondly, in the same period, our youth would have come out of the life-confusion. Surprisingly, others got the light by studying Islam. 

(1)          An example of this is that of Martin Luther. The biggest inspiration that Luther took was from the Farewell sermon (Hajjatul Wida) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in which equalities among humans were encouraged that “All mankind is from Adam, and an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white, except by the piety and good actions.” Then Martin Luther learnt realism, rationalism and notion of liberty from the Islamic studies. In his Ninety-Five Theses, Martin Luther encouraged the priests to marry and that it was against the Sunnah of the Prophets (Abraham, Isaac and David- peace be upon all of them) not to marry.  

 (2) Another example in this regard is that of a great thinker of our country, Swami Vivekananda. Today, our youth get offended at the tweets and whatsapp posts of communal parties of this country but Swami Vivekananda, while addressing a large Hindu summit in Banaras, said that the religion of Islam can never end up because there has been no alteration in the heavenly book of Islam, the holy Quran. 

Today why are we unable to seek guidance from our religion? During outbreaks such as the Corona virus, if anyone raises a finger on our role, why don't we study how five years out of twelve years of Hazrat Umar Farooq’s reign as a caliph passed through the plague. The way he then dealt with this issue, without harming any single human being is a lesson for us. For that we should also take guidance from the Quranic verse “And whoever saves one person - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” (5:32) 

Urdu Article:  We were Successful When We Took Religion and World Together دین و دُنیا ساتھ ساتھ لےکرچلے،تب ہم کامیاب تھے 


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