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Correct Understanding Of Quranic Sawm صوم With Reference To The Verses 2:185 And 2:187 Of The Quran

By Dr. Kashif Khan

20 April 2020

Salaam to Everyone,

 I hope my following reply to one of my reader, who is a researcher in Canadian education department, will also help others to understand the SAWM  صوم from Quranic prospect.

Dear Readers, Salaam, Nice to hear from you and I am very thankful for your kind words. You're absolutely right Islam is really a beautiful way of life and we need nothing except the Quran to follow Allah's Deen.

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed is good but as you have said he could not explain the true spirit of the Quran. He used to work in Saudi Arabia and was very much impressed with the Arabs, especially the Royals. This could be one of the reasons why he could not leave the tradition completely.

 In my opinion if you follow the Arabic text of the Quran word by word and pay your attention to the grammar and the articles used before and after the verbs, nouns and pronouns you don't go wrong and reach the true interpretation.

  Dr Shabbir has also opposed fasting in Ramadan but he could not grasp the true understanding of the word SAWM (صوم) and diverted it towards the penalty and sentence to justify his interpretation of fasting. However, he understood that the traditional "hunger fasting" is not mentioned in the Quran but he could not get what Allah is urging us to do in Ramadan by the imperative verb انزل (ANZAL), i.e. an order to convey Allah's message to others and determination to accommodate/convey the guidance mentioned in the Quran is the SAWM صوم. There is no "negation" for eating or drinking was revealed in the verses of SAWM  صوم however our scholars deliberately used the preposition "حتى" to negate the clear orders to carry on eating and drinking " وَكُلُوا وَاشْرَبُوا"

Also in the same verse 2:187 the definite noun “الْأَبْيَضُ means "brilliant white", "clear white", "pure white" and as white as an egg but to bring the forbidden pagan fasting in Islam our scholars have translated this word “الْأَبْيَض to mean "Dawn time" and "Twilight timing". Everyone knows that it is still dark at that time which is clearly against the definition of the word “الْخَيْطُ الْأَبْيَضُ, the brilliant white. Likewise, the definite noun of the same verse (2:187) “الأسود gives meaning of the complete darkness, fully black and antonym of the above stated meaning of the brilliant white “الأبيض but they translated it to mean "Dusk", which is not black and you can still observe whiteness of the day at the time of opening the fast. They are also confused with the word “الفجر that is revealed in the same clause of the verse 2:187 and they mix up “الْأَبْيَضُ with “الأبيض. Whereas, “الأبيض is a sign of the "clear appearance" or " become quite visible", which for sure refers to “الأسود the black and “الْأَبْيَضُ the white.

In the said verse 2:187 Allah has revealed the clauses of His laws in same legal format as we observe the clauses and sections of regulation by legislative authority of our countries. Therefore, the next clause of the same verse 2:187 begins with the adverb and pronoun "ثم" meaning to "then" or " another", which clearly indicates "another" clause of the same regulation that is being imposed but again to justify the non Quranic "hunger fasting" our scholars have ignored this word "ثم" and muddled up the statement of the preceding clause with the succeeding clause, and wrongly translated the words “وأتموا الصيام إلى الليل to mean "fast till night". Lie is always a lie that is not covered by fabricated fake tactics and the truth has to be revealed. Thus, if “الليل is night then what is “الأسود the pure black?.It is not possible to take two words for one thing. When we make a fast timing calendar to open our fast which word do we take to mean "Dusk" out of  الأسود (Pure Black) and الليل (The dark night)? 

These Are the Drawbacks in The Misleading Translation of This Verse. 

According to this clause "ْ  ْ ْمُث َْ ْوا ُّ ت مَأ ىَ ْ ام َيِّ الص ْ ْ إ ل ال ي ل " of the verse 2:187, the SAWON  صوم which is prescribed by Allah does not end even at night. You have to fulfill the obligations/achieve the goal of SAWM  صوم even at night to work in the places of prostration " َْ ْْ ون ُ اك ف َع ْ ْ في اج د َسَ ال م ". These places of prostration were not our mosques but the temples of the pagans because Muslims had no mosque when this verse was revealed. So, rushing to the temples to preach the Quran is one of the obligations of the SAWOM صوم, which is perfectly consistent with the word "ََلِ نزُ أ " of the verse 2:185 in which Allah actually orders us " َْ ْ ْ نز ل ُأ ُْ ْ ف يه ر آن ُ "ال ق to convey the Quran instead of the wrong translation “the Quran was revealed" and the whole purpose of keeping the Quranic Sawomصوم was " ْ ْْوا ُ ك م ل ُ ل ت َو َْ ال ْ ْ ع د ة َِّْ ْوا ُرِّ بَكُ ل ت َو الل " to fulfill the prescribed commitment to promote Allah (2:185) 

Furthermore, if the SAWOM  صوم prescribed by Allah does not end at night " ْ  ْ ْمُث َْ ْوا ُّ ت مَأ ىَ ْ امَيِّ الص ْ ْ إ ل ال ي ل " (the clause of verse 2:187), how can the practitioners of "hunger fasting" and "abstaining from going to women" during the fast eat and drink and go to women at night? These are the lies that were employed to bring into Islam hunger fasting and abstaining from going to women for the pagan deity Moon god. The words نُ وه ُ اش ر َب" and " ْ نُ وه ُ اش ر َبُت" were misused to insert in the Quran the pagan concept of not having sex with women during the SAWON  صوم and in the mosques (temples). To understand the actual meaning of "َُرِ اش َب"just turn on your TV and find any live broadcast from any Arab TV channel and you will see a slide "مباشر"(Mubashir) on the screen, which means live involvement in a real time.  مباشر (Mubashir) is an adjective of the root word "بشر" (Bashar) that itself reveals its true meaning of "real time activist" that is also known as "human being". So, the Quranic words "ْنُ وه ُ اش ر َب" and " ْ نُ وه ُ اش ر َبُت" are combination of the verb forms of the root word "بشر" and third person plural objective pronoun of females, i.e. ُْ اش ر َ ب (verb)+ْنُ  ه Likewise,  ُْ ُْ ت اش ر َ ب is a plural verb and  ْ نُ ه is the 3rd person female pronoun. Therefore the correct meaning of the clause " َْ ن ْ ْ الْ َف ْ ْنُ وه ُ اش ر َب اَ ْوا ُغَ اب ت َو ْم َْ ُِّْ ْبَتَك الل " of the verse 2:187 will be "Now involve them (women) and seek what Allah has prescribed". Likewise, the clause " َْ ْ ْلَو ْ ْنُ وه ُ اش ر َبُت َْ ْمُ نتَأَو ي ْ ون ُ اك ف َع ْ ف ْ اج د َسَ ال م " of the same verse 2:187 is actually saying " Do not involve them (women) while you are immersed in the temples of prostration. This is 100% true translation of the above clauses of the verse 2:187, in which women should be involved in the activities of conveying the message of the Quran in the SAWOM  صوم but they are not involved in the same activity of conveying the Quran at night to the temples of idol prostration because women's safety is kept in view to keep women away from unexpected opposition and glitch of mess from those who were prostrating idols in the places of pagan worship, when you go to convey the message of the Quran.  

How shameful is the interpretation of their dirty minds who have twisted the above most valuable words of the Quran to having or not having sex with women. Till last Ramadan I was also told the same misleading interpretation in the so called "Dars-e-Quran" held by the group of the Quranists in London.

I don't know how many innocent people were misguided by them in the name of "Pure Quranic Education". Oh, before I go further I must tell you that the translation of the clause " ْ اس َ ل ب ْْ  ْ ْمُ ل ك ْ ْمُ نتَأَو ْ اسَ ل ب ْ نُ ل ه " of the same verse 2:187 is also not only wrong but quite misleading as well. They use the meaning of the Persian word "ْاسَ ل ب " (Libas) to mean "garment" or "dress". However, I believe that the Quran was revealed in pure Arabic therefore, the meaning of the Arabic word "ْاسَ ل ب" should be taken to translate this clause of the verse we are discussing. In Arabic language "garments" are called "ملابس" you can see this word written on the boards of all garment shops in Saudi Arabia and the same word is used in the advertisement and publicity of "garments". Whereas the word of the above verse "ْاس َ ل ب" means "cover" or covering something" So, " ْ اس َ ل ب ْْ  ْ ْمُ ل ك ْمُ نتَأَو ْ  ْ ْ اس َ ل ب نُ ل ه " You cover them (women) and they (women) cover you/ they facilitate or provide you with the cover and you facilitate or provide them necessary cover ( ْ َْْمُ نتَأ ْ ل ب اس ). This cover is not the dress but a technical term of discussing the secrets (ُْثَ الر ف ) of enemy to plan a strategy. The same term of "cover" and "under cover" is used in the departments of intelligent, Special Forces and secret agencies. So, " ْ اسَ ل ب ْْ  ْ ْمُ ل ك ْ ْمُ نتَأَو ْ ْ اسَ ل ب نُ ل ه "they (women) are under your cover and you are under their cover. Technically "ُْثَ الر ف " means exchange of secrets and secret talk but the vulgar scholars translated this word towards having dirty sexual relations and dirty contacts. Do you now see how they have destroyed Allah's message in the name of teaching the true education of the Quran? 

They must revert to Islam and immediately stop their infidel activities of misleading people in the name of the Quran. 

Seeing your interest in the Quran and your understanding about my recent articles on SAWM  صوم I have explained to you the true understanding of the above verses 2:185 and 2:187.  Being a professional researcher of education of Canada, I hope you can develop the above translation further, using your analytical skills.



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