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Preserving Heritage Means Securing the Future, Says Princess Haifa, Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative To UNESCO

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5 Jul 2020

• Preserving Heritage Means Securing the Future, Says Princess Haifa, Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative To UNESCO

• Saudi Arabia Names Woman, Dr Jinan Al Omran, Head of Drug Logistics, In Yet Another First

• Women to The Fore as CFA Society Saudi Arabia Votes in New Board

• Egyptian Women’s Council to Investigate Sexual Predator Case

• Egypt Arrests Alleged Serial Sexual Predator

• Protests Held Across Israel As Violence Against Women Continues

• Minister Stands Up for Saudi Woman Inventor — A Victim of Cyberbullying

• Pandemic Affecting Women's Earning In Pakistan

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Preserving Heritage Means Securing the Future, Says Princess Haifa, Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative To UNESCO

July 05, 2020

Princess Haifa bint Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin, the Kingdom’s permanent representative to UNESCO said there was a shared belief that education was a ‘right for everyone, that preserving heritage means securing the future.’ (Supplied)


PARIS: Princess Haifa bint Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin, the Kingdom’s permanent representative to UNESCO, said that changes can only be faced with global efforts to achieve the common goals of promoting peace, building cultural bridges between nations, and empowering societies to guarantee a better future.

Saudi Arabia recently participated in the 209th session of the UNESCO Executive Council at the agency’s Paris headquarters. The Kingdom was represented at the session by Princess Haifa and a team of 26 Saudi experts from different sectors that have activities related to the scope of UNESCO’s work, such as education, culture, energy, environment, and training.

Princess Haifa said: “Despite our different cultures and languages, we share our belief that education is a right for everyone, that preserving heritage means securing the future, and that innovation and science are the bridge that will pull us out of this pandemic the world today is living.”

She said that the Kingdom supported African countries and was ready to share its experiences in various UNESCO fields, in addition to supporting action plans related to developing islands as one of its priorities in exchanging experiences, especially since the Kingdom is one of the most advanced countries in the world in the field of water desalination.

Reference was made to the Kingdom’s support for international growth and stability through the G20 presidency, specifically with regard to ensuring the continuity of education in crises, the continuation of efforts to achieve climate adaptation worldwide, and solidarity with the members of the G20 in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a member state of the UNESCO Executive Council, Saudi Arabia is at the 209th session to discuss international issues related to the fields of education, science and culture. These will be evaluated and decided upon, and the executive decisions assigned to them will be voted on, in cooperation with the council’s member states.

The Kingdom’s participation in the meetings of the UNESCO Executive Council also comes as part of its permanent presence in the international cultural and educational organization since its foundation in 1946.


Saudi Arabia Names Woman, Dr Jinan Al Omran, Head of Drug Logistics, In Yet Another First

July 05, 2020

Samir Salama

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Arabia has appointed Dr Jinan Al Omran as director of Supply and Logistics in Prince Sultan Military Medical City, becoming the first woman appointed to lead logistics in the vertical.

Dr Jinan Al Omran, expressed her pride in her appointment as the first Saudi woman on this site, and told Okaz the state has overcome all difficulties for women to assume responsibilities in all areas of construction, stressing its intention to work with colleagues in the Supply and Logistics Department to achieve the aspirations of the leadership.

Al Omran revealed a package of short and long-term plans to improve the supply chain of medicines, medical and surgical materials, and non-medical materials, whether in transportation, storage, packaging, distribution, reverse transport and all logistical services, and raise their efficiency, developing the services provided to the facility, ensuring the supply chain localisation and focusing on supporting digital transformation.

“These goals will only be achieved with team spirit, development of all skills, and strengthening mechanisms for developing the performance of management that I aspire to be the perfect model among the catering and logistics departments in all sectors,” Al Omran said.

On the growth of logistics services in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Al Omran said that the logistics industry is the backbone of global trade, and according to economic studies, the value of the logistics industry exceeds 750 billion dollars annually in the world, as it is one of the most developed areas during the last decade by up to 40%. It also employs between 15% and 20% of the workforce in developed countries, hence the interest in it within the Vision 2030 strategy.

Al Omran added that the logistical sector was able to withstand economic shocks, as the country attached great importance to developing the sector within its vision.

The Director of Supply and Logistics in Prince Sultan Medical Military City called for appointing women leaders in catering, supply chains and logistics services, as it is a promising field that accommodates every diligent and ambitious talents of both sexes without exception.

She added, “The aspirations of the Saudi citizen have no limits. We, as women, are part of the ambitious nation. We have a passion to work together, to keep pace with aspirations to achieve the best.”

On her most important project, she said, it is continuous development and benefiting from abroad to achieve the desired goals, whether through training courses or access to experiences, expertise or partnerships.


Women to The Fore as CFA Society Saudi Arabia Votes in New Board

July 1, 2020

RIYADH — The CFA Society Saudi Arabia, a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute global network of societies, elected a new board with three women joining the ranks of the nine-member board.

The 2020 elections saw women CFAs to the fore with a record number of 28 nominees and another record number of 164 members voting.

The voting was conducted online, due to COVID-19 social restrictions, and proxy voting was not considered for 2020 elections. Voting closed at 5 p.m. KSA time on Sunday (June 28). The voters had to pick 9 out of 28 nominees. — SG


Egyptian women’s council to investigate sexual predator case

July 4, 2020

Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) announced Saturday that it had filed a report with the Public Prosecution to investigate allegations from an Instagram page by women claiming that a young man from a rich family had harassed, assaulted and even raped them.


Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) announced Saturday that it had filed a report with the Public Prosecution to investigate allegations from an Instagram page by women claiming that a young man from a rich family had harassed, assaulted and even raped them.

The page was started earlier this month to compile evidence against the suspect, 22-year-old Ahmed Bassem Zaki, with his victims listing their testimonies of the violations he committed against them.

The NCW said that the page has thousands of followers and features the messages Zaki sent out in order to threaten his victims.

The allegations began in 2018, according to the Instagram group, when a student from the American University in Cairo reported that Zaki was harassing her and her friends.

The case ballooned when over 50 other people admitted they had uncomfortable encounters with him, eventually leading to the formation of the group which lists Zaki as having harassed and assaulted around 150 girls, including minors.

The NCW said it had received numerous calls from the victims about their experiences with Zaki, who blackmailed them with messages, images and video clips to prevent them from reporting him to the authorities.

The victims urged the authorities to protect their privacy so that they can safely cooperate with the police and the public prosecutor.

The NCW stated that it is competent by law to examine all complaints regarding violations of women’s rights, and refer them to the relevant authorities.

It appealed to all victims to file a case against Zaki so that he can receive judgement, and serve as an example to those who would seek to harm women.

The NCW also announced the readiness of the Women’s Complaints Bureau to provide the necessary legal and psychological support to Zaki’s victims, ensuring the confidentiality of any complaints and information received by the office.

The American University in Cairo said earlier this month that the accused is no longer an AUC student, and that he left in 2018. The university stressed that its policies do not tolerate sexual harassment and that it is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all members of the university’s community.

The Instagram page urged victims to report their testimonies, stressing that their identities will remain anonymous.


Egypt Arrests Alleged Serial Sexual Predator

July 04, 2020

CAIRO: Egyptian authorities on Saturday arrested a man who allegedly sexually abused dozens of girls and women, in a case that has sparked outrage online, a security source said.

Allegations have been widely circulating on social media since Wednesday detailing horrific sexual abuse and related blackmail suffered by women at the hands of the same man.

One allegation claimed that he attempted to abuse a 14-year-old girl.

“The person accused of harassing the girls has been arrested and will be facing the prosecution following the allegations carried on social media,” the security source said.

“Those affected should submit formal reports of the harm they endured,” the source added.

The source did not identify the suspect.

According to the social media reports, the first of which was published on an Instagram account, the abuse had been going on since at least 2018.

Trending hashtags carrying the alleged abuser’s name widely circulated on Twitter and Facebook, urging government action.

Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) lodged an official complaint with the public prosecutor to investigate the allegations on Saturday.

“The NCW has followed the social media account on Instagram, which was launched by girls and women complaining that a man raped some of them and sexually assaulted and harassed others,” it said on Facebook.

It also said that several victims, who reached out to the council, recounted that the man “blackmailed and threatened to defame them using photos and clips documenting his heinous crimes.”

The council urged the women to submit official complaints to the prosecutor.

Some online reports suggested the perpetrator was a university student.

The American University in Cairo acknowledged the suspect had studied there but said he left the university in 2018.

He “is not a current student at the American University in Cairo,” a statement said.

Sexual harassment is highly prevalent in Egypt.

United Nations surveys have found that most Egyptian women have been subject to harassment, ranging from catcalling to pinching and groping.

Egyptian authorities have criminalized sexual harassment since 2014, but many women complain that the problem remains rampant.


Protests held across Israel as violence against women continues

JULY 5, 2020

Rallies took place in 13 cities across Israel on Saturday to protest against the murders of a number of women this year, after a women was murdered last week in a domestic violence incident, becoming the 13th woman murdered this year in Israel.

One of the rallies took place in Taibe, where WafaMasarwa was murdered last week.

"WafaMasarwa was the 13th woman murdered since the beginning of the year," tweeted Joint List MK Aida Touma-Sliman. "The coronavirus crisis is intensifying social hardships - and together with them, violence against women. The government must immediatly increase social services, finally fund the plan to fight violence and do everything in order to prevent the next murder."

"The murder of women is just the tip of the iceberg, and beneath the surface are thousands of cases of violence against women that aren't handled by the police and welfare," said Joint List MK OferCassif, according to Walla news. "For every woman murdered there are thousands who suffer from abuse and violence."

"While the social workers are on the brink of a justified strike to save the welfare system, this is the moment for the disconnected government to connect to reality and to fund the plan to prevent abuse and violence against women," added Cassif. "The guilty are the abusers, the beaters and the murderers, but the responsibility is on the Israeli government.

Joint List MKs Ahmad Tibi, Sondos Saleh and Osama Saadi were present at the rally in Taibe as well.

Masarwa, 40, was stabbed to death on Thursday by her husband during an argument between the two, according to Walla. She tried to run away from him and collapsed in the stairwell. Their five year old daughter witnessed the murder and called the neighbors to the scene.

The husband admitted to the murder before the Magistrates Court in Petah Tikva, saying "We have nothing. There was a little money and look what I did. I don't know what happened, I didn't do it on purpose. I'm not escaping, I need compassion," according to Walla.

In the past four months, three women have been murdered in Taibe. The budget for the plan to fight violence against women has been held back since the plan was approved in 2017.

Last week, the Abraham Initiatives organization released the Personal Security Index report, analyzing crime and violence in Arab-Israeli society. 65% of people killed in Israel in 2019 were Arab citizens.

“Our understanding is that violence and crime is the outcome, the manifestation, of a systematic neglect and discrimination and underdevelopment of the Arab community and Arab citizens in Israel for many decades,” Abraham Initiatives co-CEO Amnon Be’eri-Sulitzeanu told The Jerusalem Post.

After more than a year of requesting that an interministerial committee be formed to address the violence and crime in Arab-Israeli communities, the findings of the Personal Security Index were presented on Monday for the first time at the Committee Tackling Crime in Arab Society, headed by Joint List MK Mansour Abbas.

Last year, Arab-Israelis conducted a series of protests and strikes against government and police failure to deal with violence in Arab communities.


Minister stands up for Saudi woman inventor — a victim of cyberbullying

July 04, 2020

Samir Salama

Abu Dhabi: Standing up for a victim of bullying, Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah Al Sawah, phoned Aisha Al Saqqaf after she was bullied on social media following publication of information about a new vending machine for masks and gloves. “We are proud of you, creative,” Al Sawah told Al Saqqaf.

Al Saqqaf said: “I faced bullying from some trolls, and received criticism about a Saudi-made project that I invented.”

Al Saqqaf said she was a sponsored student in Malaysia with her husband, and developed a number of customised self-service and vending devices. “I created many self-service devices to sell single-use batteries for mobile phones, masks and gloves, and prayer rugs,” Al Saqqaf added.

Danger at the click of a button

On her exposure to bullying, Al Saqqaf said, “In the age of the internet, the opportunity to bully others has become easier, whereby harassment can take place at the click of a button and reach a wider audience.

“It was a difficult day for me as I watched my effort over the past three years collapse before me, until one of the followers alerted me that most bullies were from fake accounts, some of them from outside Saudi Arabia, and their goal was to thwart projects and aspirations of Saudi youth.”

She thanked the minister of communications for his support, “which has proven to everyone that there is no country like Saudi Arabia in its support for creative persons”.

Well-being of young people

Cyberbullying or harassing someone on the internet is a faceless evil, which is fast becoming a growing threat for teenagers and can do irreparable damage to the mental health and well-being of young people.

It involves using technology through cell phones and the internet to harass, bully or shame another person. It can take the form of sending threats and negative messages to a person’s email account or cell phone, spreading rumours online, sending sexually explicit messages or visuals or circulating sexually suggestive material about a person without his or her consent.

Al Saqqaf expressed her ambition to establish a Saudi factory that exports smart services to the world, develop the financial technology sector and create an attractive platform for investment.

Al Saqqaf affirmed: “Saudi women are capable innovators and inventors. They only need support and encouragement so that they can be an effective building block in society, as they are no less talented than anyone.”


Pandemic affecting women's earning in Pakistan

July 05, 2020

PESHAWAR: The Aurat Foundation, a non-governmental organisation working for women's rights in Pakistan, has said that the coronavirus has severely affected women in the country, both in labour and domestic businesses.

"Incidents of violence rose unprecedentedly," said Yasmeen Mughal, the project officer of 'Jazba' programme, while addressing the closing ceremony of a two-day training workshop on women's participation in the political process and local government system in Quetta jointly organised by the Aurat Foundation and the South Asia Partnership.

Mughal said that the coronavirus has severely affected women involved in economic activities in Pakistan and significant steps were needed to rehabilitate them at the government and non-governmental levels, otherwise millions of middle-class families in the country would be at an economic disadvantage.

“They will be forced to live below the poverty line and the monster of poverty in the country will further increase,” she said, adding that the Aurat's Foundation and the South Asia Partnership have all available resources for the welfare and development of women in Pakistan.

"The two organisations will take joint steps for effective participation of women in the economic and political process at the district level under the Jazba project, while special attention will be paid to legislation for women's individual and constitutional rights," she added.

On the occasion, Allauddin Khilji, the regional director of Aurat Foundation, Quetta, said that a society free from violence can guarantee sustainable development.




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