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ISIS in Ukraine: Putin to Hire Ex-ISIS 'Liver-Eaters' To Fight 'Neo-Nazis' In Ukraine

The Caliphs of Mosul Will Fight For Kafir Putin In Ukraine

Main Points:

1.    The ex-ISIS fighters will fight in Ukraine for Putin.

2.    Earlier they were hired by Erdogan to fight in Azerbaijan.

3.    The former Caliphs of Mosul have been reduced to becoming hired mercenaries.

4.    This fate of the fighters of so-called caliph Baghdadi will break the hearts of our Islamic scholars and organisations.


By New Age Islam Staff Writer

14 March 2022

As the war in Ukraine prolongs and intensifies, each country is reportedly resorting to desperate means to gain an upper hand on its adversary.

On the one hand, Ukrainian President Zelensky, compelled by shortage of fighters has invited foreign fighters to fight against Russia. More than 16,000 volunteers from the US, UK, Canada and Japan have registered themselves. These volunteers include ex-war veterans with or without combat experience and laymen like cooks and comedians. The war it seems is going to turn into a Theatre of the Absurd.

Many Ukrainian citizens living abroad have also arrived in Ukraine to fight for their country.

On the other hand, Russian President, V. Putin has allegedly sought the services of ex-ISIS fighters to fight what he calls 'Neo- Nazis' and drug addicts.

Russia had formally announced that it would hire the services of the Syrian fighters that fought the ISIS during 2014-2015. But Ukraine has claimed that Russia was going to hire 16,000 ex-ISIS fighters from Syria. If the claim is true, then it will have far reaching ramifications in the region.

During the Arab Spring, the ISIS had hijacked the popular uprising and had the plan to topple the Shia majority country Syria headed by Bashar Al Assad. Though, the US was seemingly fighting the ISIS and helping the Syrian Democratic Forces and Free Syrian Army, it was more interested in toppling Bashar Al Asad than in fighting the ISIS. During 2016, the Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had lamented the fact that the the US government had not trained SDF seriously and effectively to rout the ISIS. She probably hinted at the US government's secret game in Syria. In response, her rival candidate Donald Trump had said that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were co-founders of the ISIS. This was a serious allegation and exposed the covert US political game in the region. Finally, the ISIS had captured Mosul and announced the establishment of their so-called Caliphate.

The US was so eager to topple the Bashar Al Assad regime that it tried to dissuade Putin from bombing the ISIS to stop their advances towards Syrian cities. During a meeting with Obama, Putin had said that he could not ally with 'liver-eaters' alluding to the video in which an ISIS fighter was seen biting at the liver of his dead opponent.

During the war, the Saudi Arabia and Qatar had funded the ISIS with the aim of toppling Bashar Al Assad with their help. This is not based on speculation but on the statement of a minister of Saudi government. When the US finally decided to attack Syria directly on the allegation of use of chemical weapons after its failure in toppling the Assad government with the help of the ISIS or SDF, The Saudi Intelligence Minister Bandar Bin Sultan had met Russian President Putin at his official residence and said to him,"The terrorist groups active in Iraq and Syria are being controlled by us. If you don't interfere in our fight against Syria, we will ensure that these terrorist outfits will not create disturbance in Sochi Olympics ( that were going to be held during that time)."It was an open threat to Russia from Saudi Arabia that if he tried to save Syria from the US attack, they will unleash the ISIS and other terrorist outfits in Sochi. This enraged Putin and he ordered his army to go on 2-minute mode (attack mode). He then warned Saudi Arabia that if the US attacked Syria, Russia would attack Saudi Arabia. This worked as a deterrent and Syria was saved.

However, in 2020, the ISIS was completely routed from Levant. And after that the ISIS revealed its true character. It started carrying out terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Srilanka, Philippines and Bangladesh. But the most surprising event in this series was the hiring of these ISIS fighters by the President of Turkey Erdogan in Azerbaijan-Armenia war in September 2020. According to reports, Turkey had sent 4000 ISIS mercenaries to fight for Azerbaijan against the Christian majority nation Armenia. Earlier Turkey had given covert support to the ISIS because the SDF was headed by Kurds who have been fighting for an independent country for Kurds in Turkey. .

Now, the reports of ex-ISIS fighters joining Russia against Ukraine has exposed the true character of the ISIS. This may be a lesson for the Islamic organisations and scholars who had glorified them as the true flagbearers of Caliphate. They can be hired by any country, Muslim or non-Muslim for money. They have been reduced to a band of mercenaries who have no ideology of their own and their work is only to cause Fasad (bloodshed) on earth. Russia cracked down against them in 2014-15 not because he is a supporter of the Shias and an enemy of the Sunnis but because the ISIS was playing at the hands of the US and Saudi Arabia who did not want Russia's trade and economic ties with Syria to flourish in the region. Now that Putin's purpose is accomplished and his trade interests have been saved in Syria and the ISIS are now only a band of mercenaries, Russia can use them against Ukraine without losing its actual professional soldiers. Since, Ukraine is using unprofessional men to fight Russia, Russia too considers it unfruitful to engage its professional soldiers against novices.

Now it is time for our Nadwi, Qasmi, Nomani and Islahi scholars to ponder over what kind of Caliphate the ISIS established in Azerbaijan or what possibilities of establishment of a Caliphate in Ukraine they foresee.

The ISIS were a group of mercenaries prepared, trained, funded and fielded by the Western powers only to protect and promote their own economic and political interests in the Middle East. They made the civil war look like a Shia-Sunni conflict to win the support of Sunnis of the world though in fact it was a conflict of Russian and European political and economic interests. NATO destroyed the whole region in the name of fighting ISIS but have no courage to save Ukraine because they are confronted by a powerful nation Russia. Instead of sending soldiers and war planes to Ukraine, the NATO countries are sending cooks, comedians and singers to fight against the powerful army of Russia. They don't want to make Ukraine, Georgia and Poland the battlefield as they made the Middle East because they don't want to ravage European countries.


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