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India Was Blessed with The Coronation Of World Leader Because Of Its Rich Cultural Values And Teachings

By Shyam Sudan 

May 09, 2020 

India is one of the most ancient civilizations of the world. It is known for its rich composite culture and heritage. No doubt it was one of the most advanced and culturally rich places on this planet. At one time in history we were blessed with the coronation of world leader (vishvaguru) due to our rich cultural values and teachings. This is a land of great Sufis, saints, sages and philosophers. People of different religions had been living here since time immemorial. This is the land of great Aryans, the most visionary and intellectual humans on this planet. In our historical engraving and other monumental records there is glimpse of such incredible things. This is also a place of most religious minded people in the world. There was a great impact of these visionary people on the culture of our country. Also, we can see an impact of different cultures on our society. We can say that our culture is an amalgamation of different cultures of the world. Due to various invasions and inundation in history we have got this composite and blended cultural heritage. 

Within a short range of distance, we have seen a different picture of our cultural identity. Lot of languages, customs, traditions and different mode of living can be seen everywhere in this region. There are lot of historical monuments, religious places, shrines, mausoleum, tombs etc which give the testimony of our rich culture of past. These historical structures and buildings justify our assertion towards our rich and composite glory. 

But due to various invasions, natural calamities, physical forces and other reasons these historical places got a major setback. Now these heritages are gradually losing their glory and prosperous status. There are lot of reasons responsible for their extinction and destruction. Sometime our ignorant approach is also responsible for this destruction of our culturally rich heritage places and structure. We are not serious towards their preservation and conservation. As a result, we have seen a ruined and dilapidated structures of our past in our surroundings which have a great cultural value. There are various places and historical structures which now comes in the list of world heritage places and famous for their past glory and prestige. 

No doubt it is responsibility of every ruling government to protect and conserve such places of historical importance and glory. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of the government to give protection to every custom, language and traditional system of every community. But, being a civilized citizen of our native place, it is also the responsibility of we people to think and act on this. It is only possible when every citizen is well aware about such things. We frequently visit these places for our recreation and amusement. But we are totally unaware about the historic value and importance of such places. In our ignorance and carelessness, we are destroying these places of beauty and historical importance. There are lot of historical monuments, temples, mosques, epitomes, forts, parks, pilgrimage places and other small world recognize places in Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, there are lot of regional languages, customs and traditions. 

In order to give protection to these things there is need of proper guidance and coordination by all sections of society. We can impart the information and awareness for preservation of such things in the mind of an individual at the beginning of their life. And this is only possible if an awareness campaign is launched at school level.

  At the very beginning of an individual we can give a very positive information and guidance for the protection and preservation of our rich culture. In the name of advancement and under the influence of western culture we are losing our past glory and culturally rich social structure of life. We are gradually losing our customs, languages and mode of traditional living. During our visit to various historical and monumental places we generally ignore the idea of their care and protection. Many ignorant people are generally habitual of engraving, scrapping and scribbling on such monumental places. Such wrong habits at the part of we people are gradually destroying our own places of historical importance. 

Original Headline: Preserve rich heritage of India’s composite culture 

Source: News State Times