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Denialistan: Top 10 Excuses Pakistan Trots Out After Terrorist Attacks On India



By Chidanand Rajghatta

January 12, 2016

Pakistan’s long history of bleeding India with a thousand cuts follows a familiar pattern. Deny, defy, and mollify are the main aspects of its terrorism policy. Here are the top 10 excuses and explanations that Pakistan, also known as Denialistan, wheels out every time it is in the international spotlight for initiating yet another terror strike against India.

1. India has jumped to conclusion too soon: first reaction usually given even as attack is still going on, because the Indian media had already begun to name Pakistan as the place of origin of terrorists. But as the timeline of both Mumbai 26/11 and Pathankot showed, evidence surfaced very early. Ajmal Kasab was caught and squealed like a piglet to the cops while his terrorist friends were still burning down the Taj. In Pathankot, unknown terrorist scum used the phone from a cab driver he killed to tell Ammi in Pakistan he’s going to get his 72 virgins.

2. They are not Pakistanis: next line of defence. Worked very well in the case of the attack on Parliament when all the piglets were killed. They tried it in Mumbai even after Ajmal was captured. Unfortunately for Pakistan, a small, courageous section of Pakistani media outed its own disgusting terrorism backing establishment. In Pathankot, they are trying to throw Kashmiris under the bus, getting PakMil proxies such as United Jihad Council to claim the cannon-fodder were Kashmiri.

3. Where’s the proof? Standard, argumentative line thrown on TV, even when you have slapped them in face with proof (phone records, tapes, transcripts, testimony from captured terrorists, etc). When it gets too uncomfortable, claim the evidence is all fabricated.

4. It is an internal job done by RAW to defame Pakistan: Used when either the truth is blindingly obvious or when the Sloppy Joe Indian side fails to gather enough evidence.

5. They are non-state actors: Invented by the terrorist-in-uniform Pervez Musharraf, darling of India’s chattering classes and conclave society. Fact that he was caught on phone discussing terrorist deployment in Kargil did not stop them from inviting him to their soirees. But why blame them, the great statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee rescued him from international ignominy.

6. Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism: Playing the victim card after nurturing tens and thousands of terrorists and creating an ambient ecosystem for terrorism, including state – and constitutionally-mandated bigotry and systemic slaughter of minorities.

7. Pakistan is a frontline ally in war on terror: line wheeled out to extract rent money from credulous Americans stuck in Afghanistan. Never mind if the US tax $$$ they funnel to Terroristan also kill AMERICAN soldiers in Afghanistan.

8. Islam is a religion of peace: Wheeled out for rest of the world although Pakistan has little to do with Islam, apart from being its worst example.

9. Pakistan will act against terrorism in all its forms: Increasingly used of late because plausible deniability has become very difficult.

10. Pakistan will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with India against terrorism: the latest offered by its civilian establishment, now that the country is swirling into a black hole. From its military establishment, which will lose its lolly and perks if this happens: Yeah, dream on.

Source: The Times of India


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