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Why the Left Needs to Be Called out for Its Role in Najeeb’s Disappearance
Arshad Alam, New Age Islam

But then Najeeb became the precursor of what was to come later: the system of instant justice; where mobs lynch Muslims merely on the basis of suspicion, without any regret or remorse. In most cases, the police are more than willing to dilute cases against the accused and are reluctant to bring the culprits to book. Something similar happened in Najeeb’s case. The only time they started having some semblance of seriousness was when the courts told them to double their efforts to find the missing student. Random searches were made here and there just for appearance sake....

Saudi Arabia’s Investigation Seemed Determined to Counter a Widespread Suspicion That MbS Was behind the Execution of Jamal Khashoggi
Robin Wright

It offered no explanation of why one of the fifteen men—the same height and girth as Khashoggi—donned the journalist’s clothing after his death and walked around Istanbul, then switched back to his clothing in a public restroom, after which he tossed what appeared to be Khashoggi’s trousers and jacket into a dumpster. And then there is the inconvenient issue of the bone saw revealed in a security X-ray of the Saudis’ luggage....

Ceasefire in Gaza Appears To Be Holding
Daoud Kuttab

This also means that Israel needs to understand that its policy of separating Gaza from the West Bank and demanding that Egypt keeps its borders closed with Gaza cannot go on indefinitely. Hamas might believe that it has come out of the latest cycle of violence as the winner, but a long-term victory will continue eluding if it was unable to find a solution to its internal problems with its brethren in Ramallah....


In the United Kingdom, Islamic scholars at Masjid Ramadan have declared that Muslims can pay Zakat, which is an annual donation subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions, through Bitcoin and Ethereum. Zayd al Khair, an Islamic scholar based at the mosque, has stated that a money or currency is neither permissible nor impermissible. If money or currency is transacted in a lawful manner, it is permissible....


We Love Peace — the Kind Of Honourable Peace Defended by Our Revolution’s Leader, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi
Mohammed Ali al-Houthi

Any observer of the crimes committed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia — a campaign that has been accompanied by disinformation and a blockade of journalists trying to cover the war — can offer an account of the indiscriminate killing thousands of civilians, mostly through airstrikes. Their attacks have led to the greatest humanitarian crisis on earth....


A Genuine Peace Would Restore A Society Where Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze and Kurds Coexist and Thrive
Baria Alamuddin

For decades, Israel has been an inward-looking, defensive state, which sought to expand and prosper through the theft of Arab land, one olive grove and one street at a time. If its blinkered leadership abandoned such petty acts of plunder and looked outwards to the wider region, then the potential for the Jewish people to regain their historic commercial role across the Arab world is immense....


Pakistan’s Law And Its Judicial System Have Chosen To Live In An Alternative Universe That Does Not Accommodate Scientific Facts
Rafia Zakaria

Pakistan runs on power and not the reality. DNA and its ability to exonerate the innocent and implicate the guilty is less about power and more about truth. Eyewitness testimony, facts that are fluid, perceptions and exceptions drawn from human memory are creatures of power, happy to line up in favour of the side that has more of it....


There Is Persistent Discontent among the Ethnic Baloch With Regard To CPEC
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

China and Pakistan are settling Punjabis and Chinese in Gwadar and other areas of Balochistan's coastal belt to turn the Baloch into a minority under their expansionist designs… If the international community fails to fulfil their responsibilities and turns a blind eye to the Pakistani and Chinese colonisation of Balochistan, then the Baloch nation will have no other option but to target all non-Baloch settlers in Balochistan… The BLA will continue to resist against the occupation of Baloch Ocean and coastal belt…..

Hashimpura Killings: High Court Verdict on the Custodial Killings Provides Some Consolation but 30 Years On, Questions Remain
Vibhuti Narain Rai

For three decades, I have been living with the nightmarish visuals of that humid, horrifying night in May 1987. Searching for life among the blood-soaked bodies strewn around a canal and between ravines near village Makanpur on the Delhi-Ghaziabad border, I realised that I have become witness to the worst custodial killings....

The Taliban and the Afghanistan Elections
Ajit Kumar Singh

Elections in Kandhar Province were postponed due to an attack by Taliban terrorists on October 18, 2018, which left the Provincial Police Chief General Abdul Raziq and Provincial Intelligence Chief General Abdul Momin dead. Elections in the Province were subsequently held on October 27. The attackers had also targeted the Commander of the US and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, who escaped unhurt....


Nobody knows why the judges had to rely more on religious texts to protect an innocent Christian minority woman than on the basic tenets of internationally accepted rule of law. But don’t blame Pakistan’s judges for that. The real blame lies with the rise of the religious Right and the support extended to it by successive governments— civilian or military....

Despite its economic successes, Sheikh Hasina government faces political and social challenges as Bangladesh general elections approach
Syed Badrul Ahsan

Meanwhile, the Jamaat-e-Islami has been de-registered as a political party. It should be recalled that the party remains guilty of collaboration with the occupation Pakistan army in 1971 and carrying out large-scale killings of Bengali intellectuals on the eve of liberation. It was rehabilitated in Bangladesh’s politics by General Ziaur Rahman, the country’s first military ruler and founder of the BNP...

Sardar Patel's Legacy of Creating Geography of Unity Continues To Be Relevant In Today's India, Writes PM Modi
Narendra Modi

He worked with astonishing speed to dismantle the history of imperialism and create the geography of unity with the spirit of nationalism. He saved India from Balkanisation and integrated even the weakest of limbs into the national framework. Today, we, the 130 crore Indians are working shoulder to shoulder to build a New India that is strong, prosperous and inclusive.

New India Should Welcome Pluralism or Promote Fear?
Shashi Tharoor

Instead, we must look forward to a New India that celebrates and welcomes pluralism, an idea vindicated by history itself. To me, this New India must be fundamentally rooted in the idea of India that our founding fathers believed in...

Thirteen years after the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation, even if there are children who have been granted legal recognition, hundreds of others still have no legal existence, no education and no future in a society that seems to have forgotten them...


THE MeToo movement Is Still Missing In Pakistan
Arifa Noor

THE #MeToo movement is resonating across the world and has even taken over next door. But in Pakistan, the silence in comparison is intriguing. A celebrity who made her story public and was sued for defamation is the only high-profile case to come to mind.


The state government’s claim that by restoring Allahabad’s original name Prayag, it is simply setting right a historic wrong committed by the Mughal emperor is not supported by history. There is no doubt that Prayag (Payag or Jhusi-Payag, according to Mughal chroniclers), meaning “the place of offering”, situated at the confluence of the sacred rivers, Ganga and Yamuna.....


Does Name-Changing Also Mean Game-Changing? Prayag Vs. Allahabad
Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

To seize an existing entity and rename it — for whatever purpose, malice, spite, assertion of small mindedness, denial of history — is obnoxious and not something that befits a sovereign, self-confident national government......


Religious and Feminist Perspective In Pakistan
Ishtiaq Ahmed

Islamic alternatives to democracy, sovereignty, equality, freedom, human rights and minority rights – when subjected to systematic and rigorous analysis invariably impede the incorporation of universal norms and values in the normative discourse on them in Pakistan.

Racism, religious discrimination and biases based on sexuality must stop. Governmental and non-governmental action plans that are launched every so often fall short of ridding society of such crimes, which impact the vulnerable and weak and drown them in feelings of severe injustice.

Is There Any Chance For Peace In Syria?
Serkan Demirtas

The uncertainty, however, is to what extent this summit will bring about a new solution to resolving the seven-year-long Syrian civil war. Diplomatic sources are not very optimistic that the summit could produce a concrete road map or a series of new ideas to the problem.


Is Reconciling Two Provisions - Unavoidable Religiosity and Desirable Secularity- A Tough Task for The Judiciary?
Tahir Mahmood

Should the courts in a professedly secular state entertain and decide religious disputes? The answer depends on the concept of state secularity, which is by no means uniform. The US and France, with their doctrines of state wall of separation and laïcité, may answer this question in one way; India in another. India remains a deeply religious society and a stronghold of faith-based customs.


Under Bhutto then and Imran Khan now, Pakistan’s problems were imagined over as soon as the speeches promising just that concluded
Rafia Zakaria

Again and again, Prime Minister Imran Khan promised that he would not go with a begging bowl to the overlords at the IMF. A self-sufficient Pakistan was promised to millions of star-struck and newly resurrected patriotic Pakistanis, who for their own part quickly imagined such a Pakistan, austere but proud, to be just around the corner....


Saudi Arabia admits Jamal Khashoggi is dead
The Economist

Prince Muhammad is 33 and hopes to rule for decades. Despite other ruinous policies, such as the war in Yemen and the blockade of Qatar, he built a reputation as a forward-looking reformer. Mr Khashoggi’s death seems to have shattered that image. Instead his defenders are falling back on a more traditional defence. “The wider region is on a knife’s edge,”...


Pakistan and Afghanistan: Contentious Border
Tushar Ranjan Mohanty

The problem, however, is far more acute in Afghanistan, with Pakistan-based terrorist formations dominating vast regions and continuously executing a barrage of terrorist and militant attacks on Afghan soil, both against SFs and civilians. According to the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA) Mid Year Report released on July 15, 2018, for instance, the number of civilians killed in Afghanistan hit a record high in the first half of 2018...

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