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The Self-Dramatising Judges
Khaled Ahmed

But what he did to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was not always liked. Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, archrival of the dismissed prime minister, told a TV channel February 18 that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had delivered “a weak verdict” by pinning Sharif’s dismissal on Iqama, a residential visa to the UAE. He thus delivered a boost to Sharif’s political campaign against the Supreme Court for leaning on a frivolous pretext to oust him from power in 2017....

Ecuador Endangered
John Seed, New Age Islam

Ecuador Endangered
John Seed, New Age Islam

The tropical Andes of Ecuador are at the top of the world list of biodiversity hotspots in terms of vertebrate species, endemic vertebrates, and endemic plants. Ecuador has more orchid and hummingbird species than Brazil, which is 32 times larger, and more diversity than the entire USA...


Imran Khan Started It All, Now Pakistani Leaders Are Facing Shoe and Ink Attacks
Reham Khan

My friends from across the border always say they find Urdu very classy and romantic. It is the language of the Nawabs, oozing formality, decorum and timeless elegance. But the leaders of present-day Pakistan are far from being classy or promoters of decorum. Their language is full of hate and the rhetoric incites violence….


Plodding Reforms: On Saudi Arabia's Journey In Liberalisation
Stanly Johny

Some have bought into this narrative, including The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who called Prince Mohammed’s power grab “Saudi Arabia’s Arab Spring”. The changes introduced by Prince Mohammed are indeed a big deal by Saudi Arabia’s standards. Lifting the ban on women driving has been a long-standing demand by women activists in the kingdom and abroad....


Before and after Javed Abidi: India’s Disability Movement Will Not Be the Same Again
Javed Abidi

Javed was king and unconscious king-maker. He honed his chosen people’s natural skills and passions, turned them into globally respected experts, while functioning like a benevolent autocrat. No doubt his authoritarian side achieved a lot more than a more democratic process. They say nature abhors a vacuum, and while Javed’s presence will be missed, he has set the stage for a group of people who are more than equipped to see the disability movement in India through its reclamation of civil rights on an aggressive anti-discrimination footing....


Sri Lanka Declares State of Emergency after Mob Attacks on Muslims
Mujib Mashal

In an audio message sent to his uncle, Mr. Basith described the scene as the mob could be heard outside. The audio was circulating in Kandy after his death and as a sign of its authenticity, a cabinet minister who had visited the scene referred to the message in Parliament on Tuesday. “They have broken all the doors in our house, large stones are falling inside,” Mr. Basith said in the message. “Hello, yes I am inside our house and they are burning something. There are flames coming inside.”...


Disappearing in Egypt: From Giulio to Zubaida
Mohamad Elmasry

This individual allegation of forced disappearance aside, there is little debate that the Sisi regime now represents the most repressive in Egypt's modern history. None of Sisi's dictatorial predecessors - Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat, and Hosni Mubarak - amassed such an inexhaustible record of human rights violations....


Maldives Turbulence Impacts India’s Strategic Space
Jayadeva Ranade

An additional concern is the rapid radicalisation taking place in Maldives despite its prosperity. More than 200 Maldives citizens are estimated to have joined the Islamic State (ISIS), which, in terms of percentage of population is possibly the highest in the world. India does not want neighbouring Maldives to become a haven for Islamic terrorists....


A Crime of Hate, A Journey Of Love
Harsh Mander

For me it was fitting but emotionally wrenching to start this year’s Karwan with a visit to the home of Afrazul Khan, the migrant worker whose life had ended last year in a particularly brutal hate killing. I had gone days after he was bludgeoned, hacked and then burnt alive, assiduously filmed by a teenager...


Embarrassments and Isolations for Pakistan
Ashraf Jehangir Qazi

We have a mantra. Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism. Pakistan has sacrificed more than any country in the war against terror. Pakistan has lost thousands of precious civilian and military lives and financially lost over a hundred billion dollars in this war — which is not even our war! Millions of people in Fata have been displaced. Pakistan has taken out several terrorist organisations especially the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, the militant Islamic State group and Al Qaeda….


Pakistan’s Paris Debacle
Kamran Yousaf

Any loophole in our system that gives the impression that we are still backing certain militant outfits will only help the Indian cause. Hence, patronising certain militant outfits is not something that serves our interests. If our policymakers realise and understand this, half of our problems will be solved even without taking a single step. After all determining the right direction is the most difficult task....


The Abject Ineffectiveness of the Eastern Ghouta Ceasefire
Chris Doyle

The pressure remains massively short of what is needed to end the conflict, to re-impose the norms of international law in Syria and across the Middle East, and above all to allow the Syrian people to reacquaint themselves with what passes for normal, peaceful existence. Never has this Chinese saying seemed truer: “It is better to be a dog in peacetime than a human being in war.”...


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s Visit: Adopting A ‘Wait And Watch’ Approach
Rakesh Sood

It is clear, therefore, that both countries approached the visit with modest expectations. The near-term developments in its neighbourhood are a priority for Tehran even as Mr. Modi tries to find a balance with his stated preference to develop closer ties with both the U.S. and Israel. The uncertainties surrounding the JCPOA provide the justification for adopting a ‘wait and watch’ approach....


'The World According to Netanyahu'
Mazal Mualem

Netanyahu looks to be gearing up for a long, drawn-out battle. This is his default setting. He will only relinquish his seat in the event of an all-out political war. This does not stem merely from stubbornness or a do-or-die attitude. Rather, it reflects Netanyahu’s internal essence as a person who lives with never-ending conflict and constant struggles against real and imaginary opponents....


Three countries — China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — joined hands in a concerted bid to block a US-led move to place Pakistan on an international terror-financing watch list on Tuesday, but Washington was reported to be engaged in behind-the-scenes efforts to have its way in a fresh vote on Thursday....

Police Closing In On Netanyahu
Ben Caspit

The answers to all the questions will begin to emerge in the coming weeks. And yet, Netanyahu will still remain an enigma. No one will ever really understand how Israel’s most talented politician could have the most sophisticated self-destructive urges in the country’s history....


As Pakistan’s Provocation Changes, India’s Response Must Be Different Too
Syed Ata Hasnain

Lest all this should sound defensive and paint a grim picture of India at hybrid war, let it not be forgotten by the government that attack remains the best form of defence. It should hold nothing back in its quest to hurt the adversary, whether at the border or deep inside his territory. Two can surely play this game....


Mr. Bhutto was 6 years old when his father, Murtaza, was killed in a chaotic gunfight with the police outside the family home in Karachi; the exact circumstances of his death remain mysterious. Although Mr. Bhutto said that his immediate family has never pushed him to enter politics, he is considered by many Pakistanis to be the successor to the family’s turbulent dynasty....


Peace Recipe: ‘India Is In, Pakistan Is Out’?
Dr Huma Baqai

The crux of President Trump’s South Asia Policy is “India is in” and “Pakistan is out.” This turnaround is embedded in the shift in Washington focus from being Asia specific to Indo specific to counter the new power dynamics of South Asia, where US now views China more than just a latent adversary. China’s rise has changed the regional balance, making it imperative for US to sustain its supremacy....


Jihad Factory Back In Business: Pakistan Is Working Overtime to Reignite the Fires of Jihad in Kashmir
Sushant Sareen

At a time when international jihadist organisations like Al Qaeda and ISIS have started focussing on J&K, Islamist radicalism has found many adherents, and the Pakistanis are working overtime to reignite the fires of jihad in the state, for the government to talk tall but not demolish the bureaucratic obstacles to provide the security forces with what they require to fight and defend themselves is nothing short of a compromise with national security....


Superpower to Test Rival’s Stamina with Endless War
Saeed Naqvi

Turkish intelligence has an interesting take on ISIS being transferred to Afghanistan — these are “upgraded” Taliban after a stint of “jihad” in Syria. The wide disparity in the wages of the regular Afghan Taliban and those trained in Syria has provoked the home-grown Taliban to teach Americans and their “lackeys” a lesson — hence the spike in violence. Also note, therefore, the American isolation in Kabul....


What Does Iran President Hassan Rouhani’s Visit Mean for India?
Vivek Katju

On the regional front, Modi may use the opportunity to assess Rouhani’s thinking, inter-alia, on the Afghan situation where a complete shift of alignments has taken place. Iran and Russia along with Pakistan are now supporting the Taliban. This has added to the group’s intransigence and violent opposition to the Ghani/Abdullah government, apart from encouraging Pakistan to continue with its support to anti-India and anti-Afghan terrorist groups....


Netanyahu’s Shamelessness Is Corrupting Israel

Being caught in the most egregious of untruths is no impediment to a continued career in high political office. Perhaps even the opposite. But Netanyahu and Trump have taken shamelessness to its absurd conclusion: that everything can be denied if everything is a plot by the liberal deep state and enemies within....


Asma Jahangir: The Poster Person for Democrats and Human Rights Defenders
Asma Jahangir

Many detractors who have supported the forces of repression and have worked against her when in power have reached for her in their hour of vulnerability and fragility. She defended Hussain Haqqani, ex-ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, against the state of Pakistan on treason charges. She agreed to defend Altaf Hussain, once among her most famous detractors, against the state for his right to freedom of speech....

Ironies of FATA
Najam Sethi

Ironies of FATA
Najam Sethi

The irony is that the military fought a war to save Pakistan from the cancer of Talibanism; it has been urging the civilians to spend more money on rehabilitating displaced persons; and it is desperately seeking FATA’s merger with KP to stabilize the region and consolidate the hard victories won there….

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