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India is not helping Baloch struggle, but its help will be welcome! - - Brahmdagh Bugti

By Brahamdagh Bugti


RP chief Brahamdagh Bugti appeals to the United States and India to help Baloch people against Pakistan

Military operation being carried out only in Baloch-dominated areas - Brahamdagh Bugti

LAHORE Baloch Republican Party chief Brahamdagh Bugti has appealed to the United States and India to help Baloch people against Pakistan, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.

Talking to the channel, Bugti said, "We will welcome India's help for the Baloch people." Bugti told the channel that the military operation was being carried out only in those parts of Balochistan where the Baloch live while the areas where the Punjabis resided were "exempted".

He said the Baloch were fighting for their rights, adding that the cruelties perpetrated on them were never highlighted by the media, the channel said.

"We do not recognise the Constitution of 1973. We only want freedom," he added.  

he channel quoted him as saying that Balochistan had never been considered a part of the country and "the Baloch people have always been considered as slaves". He said they had been 'forced' to put up resistance against the usurpation of their rights.

"Isn't it a wrong that the people of the very district from where gas is being explored have to use wood for fire while the facility of gas is available in every house in Punjab," he said. He said no one had ever protested against the killing of the Baloch leaders and the wrong being done to the Baloch. He said the rulers wanted to take control of the resources of Balochistan by suppressing the Baloch people.




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