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The War Within Islam ( 2 Apr 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Is The West Not At War With Islam?




By Shakir Mumtaz

April 2, 2015

President Barak H. Obama jaw boned the incredulous participants at the White House Summit. Although every Muslim and non-Muslim, with a little acumen, equally and sincerely would wish such were the case, but unfortunately the statement was flat out unbelievable.

Mr. President you continued fighting a war waged against Muslims by a group of neo con extremists, on a contrived, as widely believed, pretext of 9/11. Bush & Co. destroyed one of the oldest cradles of Muslim learning – rich in history – Iraq on yet another contrived pretext of WMD. The same group of maniacs then destroyed another medieval styled rustic Muslim country – Afghanistan. A country which had never been a threat to anyone, except for the fact that its people have been fierce defender of their freedom encroached upon by invaders.

If the West is not at war with Islam, one may wonder why then the Iranian president Mussadaq was toppled by CIA?  Why was Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia assassinated? Why was Pakistani president Zia-ul-Haq taken out in a plane crash?

Why the Algerian elections won by an Islamic Party were rejected?   Why Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime needs to be changed? Why was Libya disintegrated, Gaddafi eliminated and the country pushed into civil war? Why was the Arab Spring hijacked, duly elected President of Egypt Mursi removed and an army general implanted? Why is General Sisi being supported by us against the popular sentiments? Why are we meddling in the affairs of Yemen and Sudan? Why were two Christian states—East Timor and South Sudan –carved out of sovereign Muslim Countries?

Why have the Palestinian Muslims been destined to world’s biggest concentration camp (Gaza) for decades with our tacit approval? Why was Israel planted in the heart of the Muslim Middle East? Why is Israel guaranteed blanket impunity against all crimes committed? Why are Kashmiri Muslims being enslaved by a brute force of 500,000 soldiers, raped and killed at will, by our (the US’) second biggest trading partner, India?

Why are we supporting the kings and despots in the Middle East? Is our championing of democracy and human rights a ploy? Why is every single Muslim country being micromanaged by us?

Mr. President you lack credibility even with your own people because, you reneged on many of your campaign promises. I seriously wonder what makes you think that with all these blatant infractions Muslims should believe your words that the West is not at war with Islam.  Well they might not be the Einsteins of the first world but that does not mean they are stupid or naive to the extent that they would accept your insipid oratory.

Mr. President it would not need a brainiac to understand that for any tangible result, we have to come up with an honest and practically visible counter-narrative, not by Mullahs or Imams, but by us – the West. We must also stop contributing to the oppression of the deprived, on the edge Muslim youth; disgruntled by the orgies of the ruling elites – the real inferno of extremism.

As things stand, the Muslim majority condemns the barbaric killing of innocent people by Isis or anyone else. The West must therefore seize it right here and actuate the reversal back to normalcy and coexistence with wisdom instead of conceit, ingenuity, hubris or jingoism.

Shakir Mumtaz has been writing for national and international media since 2000. He is a political analyst and commentator