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The War Within Islam ( 1 Dec 2016, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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The Iran and Saudi Tussle and Its Impact on Muslim Ummah

By Shahabuddin Yaqub Khushbaani

December 1, 2016

When the Arab spring erupted, it was presented in such a way that it looked like people’s desire who wanted their destiny to be written in a new way according to their wishes but soon it was realised that it was plotted by western powers to fulfil their ulterior motives and execute their hidden agenda. Unfortunately, till the Muslim Ummah understands the plot, the flam has been blown across the Middle East and the rest of the Muslim countries.

It was a great failure for Muslim Ummah because we, Muslims, could not sense the hidden agenda behind it. Muslim countries were trapped and used against each other and still they are being used, the most painful part of this plot is that some of the Muslim countries are still not realising the threat that is posed against them and being misused whereas it is obvious to the rest of the world but not to them.

Libya was destroyed, Syria is being ruined and Yemen has been put on fire. Today it seems that lives of Muslims have lost the sanctity in eyes of those determined destroyers of human civilisation who seem eager to build their dream palace on the debris of Muslim lives.  This critical situation demands Muslim Nations, specially Iran and Saudi Arabia, to get united and put their differences aside. They should not choose this fateful occasion to strengthen their position over one another.

Iran and Saudi Arabia both are Muslim countries but both are grossly divided over several issues. As a country each has right to defend itself and safeguard its interests but what the whole world is observing that these two Muslim countries are not just busy in infighting against each other but they have also been caught by a situation in which they are killing none but only Muslims and destroying their countries inthe name of defending themselves and their countries. Because of trust deficit between Iran and Saudi Arabia, whole Muslim Ummah is paying huge price. The question is how long it will continue?

It is known to every one of us that Saudi Arabia and Iran has a long history of differences and hate towards each other nevertheless they were progressing and moving ahead. Despite of all differences they had diplomatic relations and people to people connection but over the years the bitterness in their relationship is increasing which is leading them to the great amount of loss in terms of many things.

 It is time for them to understand and realise the fact that they can only prosper and survive till they avoid confrontation, repeal differences and develop mutual respect for each other as well as they do not interfere in each others’ national affairs. They must realise that because of their tussle, many Muslims across the globe are forced to live miserable life. As an example, we see that thousands of Indian Muslims who were working in Middle East are now returning back to India. Their families are suffering. Their children have been stopped from going to school. Seemingly people from other countries who were working in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria have been left with no choice except returning to their home.

I knowingly do not want to go into the details of what Iran should not do and what Saudi Arabia should avoid, it is left to them to decide. I would simply say that Iran and Saudi Arabia must understand that they could also be a source of strength for each other rather being a threat. Both can prosper together. If they agree to sit down and resume dialogue, conflict and bloody turmoil in Middle East would stop; peace and prosperity would start returning to the Muslim world.  They ought to return to dialogue. This is the only way left for them to reach to a final destination and attain a blissful relationship. If one wins and other loses in the current scenario of Middle East, in a long run both will be considered looser and time will reveal this hard reality to them if they do not understand today.