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Saudi Arabia: Majority is Dirt Poor because Minority is Obscenely Rich


By Rashid Samnakay, New Age Islam

June 8, 2013

Saudi Prince Spends Millions on Closing off Part of Disneyland for Private Party’s-name-changed-to-al-rahmah-to-discourage-shirk-by-shias/d/11892

“Saudi prince spends 15m Euros at Disney”

“... A Saudi prince has spent 15 million Euros (A$20.23 million ... days of fun at

Disneyland near Paris to celebrate ...”

´A Saudi prince is reported to have spent some 15m Euros (US$19.5m) during a private visit to the Disneyland…” BBC News

The above News item although revolting to many yet is not surprising considering how some of the filthy rich of the world squander their ill-gotten wealth!

Those who spend wealth in this manner only to celebrate a token personal achievement have never toiled to earn it even for a day let alone for a week hence, the extravagance and obscene waste, of their undeserved wealth.

An anecdote of rich Father was circulated recently.

A waiter is supposed to have complained to Bill Gates for giving just a small tip as compared to the rich man’s son who gave the waiter a massive tip only a few days ago at the same place.

The rich man replied that his son’s father is one the richest men in the world where as “my father was only a wood cutter”.

The Arab prince’s father and ancestors were equally amongst the richest one per cent people in the world, and absolute rulers of ninety nine per cent of the poor people. Why then there is no “occupy movement” in these parts of the world?

It must have something to do with Fironic power of the rulers?

In this context particularly; such elite class who have given themselves the title of Khadim ul Harmain, custodian of the most holy and religious places of Muslims, are in general, described in Quran as the class of Qaroons- Korahs, Hamans- the temple priests and Firons- Pharaohs, all rolled into one. As they are the richest people on the face of the Earth, the keepers of not one but two houses of worship and the potentates with all the Pharaoh like powers,

Apart from that, sitting on the immense resource of nature of oil wealth, a gift to humanity; and then the uncontested high priesthood of the Muslim world, must be the irony that tops all ironies.

Can it not be asked, as it being an injustice on the part of the very Supreme Being the All Mighty which ordained quite the contrary in the Book of Codes of behaviour for all rulers? He says He has punished numerous such classes in the past, and assures punishment to any who breaks His code?

It says among other things, in many places in the source Book of the Faith of which the rulers are also taken as the custodians:-

That the Supreme Authority “does not love the extravagant 7-31”Hence logically it must hate them.

That, the wealth is a trust for the benefit of the humanity as a whole, and gives a list of those on whom “the wealth must be spent  2-177”. A social welfare State

That not to do so and “horde and sponge on others results in grievous penalty. 9-34”

That the capitalist class-Korah- boasted that this wealth was “bestowed on me as a reward for my endeavours 28-78”; and that they “always maintained it to be so 39-50”. That is haughtiness.

That when they are asked to spend as directed, they ask when that punishment coming36-47 is? That is arrogance.

That the believers are those who obey His commands and “let their wealth flow freely and unrestricted for the benefit of mankind 2-3”

That they will be answerable to the Lord on the extravagance they committed 102-8.

So, may not one question why no wrath has fallen as yet on such nations who squander their wealth for personal grandeur?

But Mankind measures time in its own limited frame work. And God’s time frame is very different to that of mankind!

All in all, the crux of the matter therefore revolves round two important questions to be answered. One is as to whose wealth is it that lay under the feet in the ground of the prince’s kingdom and the whole region as oil wealth and two, how that wealth including the additional wealth that is acquired by the huge religious industry in his domain, is spent?

Not palatable questions at all for many to answer! The question may even be construed by the religious industry as being blasphemous!

Never the less for the nation that is repeatedly extolled by the Book they believe in, giving them liberty to use its thinking, questioning and enquiring capacities even when considering God’s signs25-73; and then it exclaims in amazement at its failing for not using that liberty - “what is the matter with you, how do you judge10-35 etc.?”.

With that given liberty therefore one is free to ask these questions.

They are significant in terms of the numerous edicts on wealth generation and it’s spending for the benefit of mankind that the Book has ordained. Both questions are important as they are based on wealth acquired not by effort and toil of the wealthy but that it is acquired also in the name of Islam. And then to compound the felony, of not acting on that Book’s edicts is therefore even more questionable!

Wealth is not supposed to be circulated among the wealthy class only 59-7. Conversely it is to be circulated amongst all equitably.

It is said that the minority Muslim wealthy people and governments- the 1% collectively are the wealthiest in the world. This assumption must be correct when judged by just one prince’s extravagance in spending that much wealth of his people; for entertaining a hand full of his guests for couple of days, as reported in the media. If that is true, then any wonder that the majority of the Muslim nation the 99%is dirt poor?

Is France not wealthy enough in itself that it fell on an Arab Muslim prince to have to bailout Paris’s Disney Land said to be running at a loss? Is this not circulating wealth amongst the rich only?

Being wealthy and not expending the wealth for the benefit of humanity is NOT piety and a licence for nearness to God34-37. The contribution by the Muslim nation towards the immense additional wealth generated in the name of religion should at least belong to the Muslim nation as a whole and distributed to eradicate poverty in some of the poorest countries.

Why then is it that no Muslim wealthy country is a social welfare State and why is it that Muslims, along with others from third world flock to Western social welfare States? And why is it that the wealthy flock there too to spend their ill-gotten wealth?

The religious business in the prince’s country has been the economic bedrock of the area from pre-Quranic days- liyashtaru   bihi   thamanan   qalilaa One cannot go pass the poets contention that:

Yahi sheikh-e-Haram hain’ jo bech khhataa hai—

Galeem-e-Buzar, dilk-e-Awis aur chaadr-e-Zahra—

 (He is the Sheikh of the holy places that make a trade-off of,

Abu-Dhar’s rug, garment of Awis and Zohra’s cover sheet!)

It is time to take stock of the Muslim Nation’s economic plight and the equitable distribution of wealth, if it believes in the Book of Codes as given. It is not enough for 99% to let the 1% ride rough shot over them. Even the not so poor in the West have occupied the streets to demand fairness in the distribution of wealth, so why don’t the poor of the Muslim world come out on the streets to “occupy”?

Because the poor have no access to websites and News media, and even if they have, they do not have either the time from their daily chores of survival or the inclination due to lack of education, to indulge in contemplating such issues.

So it falls on the one “per cent” of educated and rich elite of the Believers as an obligation to correct the injustices, and thus be the initiators from the top of “occupy movement”. Unlike as it happened in the Western world where it was initiated by the bottom ninety nine per cent.

The elite of the Muslim worlds have lots of free time on their hand, as is evident from the prince’s extravagant life style to bring about a change in themselves, as per the Books teachings.

It is understood from the reports that the prince received his education in a country that was, after all the fountainhead of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”!

A regular contributor to New Age Islam, Rashid Samnakay is An Australian-Indian retired Engineer