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The War Within Islam ( 19 Nov 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Gaza & the Hypocrisy of the Muslim World


By Omer Malik

19, Nov 2012

As I jumped from one social media to another, I was shocked at what I found circulating through my news feed. People were busy talking about new Bollywood releases. Some amazing soccer goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovich or the usual Pakistani political banter; what shocked me was how everybody on my network had completely ignored the Palestinian massacre the night before, it wasn’t something extra-ordinary for anyone to share and most of the folks have taken massacre in Palestine as norm.

 It wasn’t only our social media friends that gave this event the silent treatment; larger Arab/Muslim countries across the globe ignored it as well. The rich strip of the gulf wasn’t interested in sharing their opinion; they don’t want to strain their relationships with their oil-buying customers. For all they care these people can hardly be called ones with the true spirituality,  perhaps it is the outcome of coming from another school of thought – hence not their responsibility. The Sunni – Shiite issue has held many Muslim countries from working together in the past as well but one would expect that in such hard times such trivial issues were to be ignored for the love of the Muslim brotherhood or as our local Sabri brothers quote in their famous Quawwali Shikwa:

 “Yun tau Syed bhee ho, Mirza bhee ho, Afghan bhee ho -

Tum sabhee kuch ho – batao Musalmaan bhee ho?”


 “To say you’re a Syed, Mirza and an Afghan

You are everything but for starters are you even a true Muslim? ”

 Pakistan, the only nuclear Muslim country to which many Muslims look towards as a beacon of hope had an inaudible response to the whole situation. They had already paid the price when they voted for Palestine’s statehood at the UN council meeting earlier this year, certainly our government couldn’t annoy the US by taking a second stand. Any political statement could result in a substantial loss in aid. Nobody wants any more cuts in the dollars as the Pakistani’s had become so dependent on the funding by the US.

 Sadly, it wasn’t long ago that these countries protested severely over a Youtube video to prove their love for their religion. The government blocked the website and demanded a public apology from the filmmakers. Factually speaking, now the same religion is under threat and thirty-two fellow Muslims have lost their lives but nobody has anything to say. While the mockery of the Prophet was regarded as a huge issue, His people under siege and oppression, counts for nothing.

 All is not dark and gloom though, Egypt the one country with a failing economy, internal conflicts and a more substantial foreign pressure has come to the aid of the people In Gaza. It has disregarded its own worries to help support their neighbors in need. Along with some Iranian backing, the Hamas government seems to take a stand against the bullies on the other side of the wall. Sending rockets to bigger settlements such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem signals that there is plenty of fight left in these people and they refuse to be bullied any more. The Egyptian prime ministers’ visit to Gaza and the recall of their ambassador from Israel are two reality checks for the oppressors on the other side but sadly Egypt’s political actions also seem to be the only strong statements coming from this side.