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The Unprecedented Dominance Of Mullahism In Islam: Have Muslims Gone Insane?


By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

June 28, 2013

The religion of Islam has never been such a lucrative business than it is today. The Maulvis of Islam have never earned so much money which they are making today. The need of the Fatwas of the Maulvis was not as great as it is today. This can be understood from the fact that the Jamia Al Azhar has set up a hotline for delivering Fatwas. The number of Fatwas that are delivered today was never so high. The spread of religious madrasas was not so comprehensive before as it is today. The number of people doing MA and PhD in Islamic studies from the universities of Islamic countries is manifold today as compared to the past. Tableegh (proselytising) is also at its peak. In the entire history, the secular and pseudo secular forces of Islamic countries were not so afraid of the section of mullahs before. The number of pages and hours devoted to religious teachings by print and electronic media respectively have no precedence. And the way the section of the mullahs is supporting terrorism and rather preparing terrorists openly, this organised global terrorism also has no precedence in history.

On the contrary, such people carrying out this kind of jihad are conferred the titles like Sheikh ul Islam, Mujahid-e-Akbar (the greatest warrior) and Sheikh ul Mujahideen and people pray for them in public because they are those who have shed the blood of thousands of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all the innocent people of the followers of other religions of the world or other sects of Islam. This religious shamelessness has also no precedence in history.

In such a situation, will we be wrong if we say that the Muslims have gone insane?

In today’s Islam, the Maulvi has attained the status of the ‘first man’. He has a high place. His sayings are final. And his sermon and his pulpit have the key position. A road is blocked or opened at the word of a Maulvi; a newspaper is closed and an editor is fired; the books of a writer or poet are burned or someone is exiled; someone is pushed towards an unknown fate on the pretext of blasphemy. Today the Maulvi issues threats, declares jihad and issues Fatwas of Kufr from the TV studio but no one has the courage to speak a word against him.

The Maulvi interferes in all the affairs of the private life of people. He enters the houses forcefully, can carry out search operation, and forcefully sends the owner of the house to jail. He can issue the fatwa of Kufr on him, can spit on the face of women and can even put the accusation of vulgarity and nudity against her. And he does not need any permission for all this.

Due to the intellectual immaturity and illiteracy of Muslims, these Maulvis have attained the status of the ‘first politician’ because the moment the Quran is raised high; all the other books are thrown on the ground and trampled under the feet. The moment the slogan of ‘Islam is the solution’ is raised, all the other academic, political, economic, social and cultural slogans are throttled.

When the religions came thousands of years ago, man was in search of answers to his millions of questions due to his ignorance and lack of understanding but could not find answers. Therefore, he used to turn the controller of events towards some invisible power.

Thanks to the progress of knowledge and the evolution of human intellect through centuries, the number of questions was reduced from millions to thousands. The natural phenomenon whose rational explanation man could not find in the past is also less in number today. The evolution of knowledge and human intellect still continues and we will hopefully get the answers to the remaining questions.

In the modern age, the human intellect, particularly the western intellect, has not given much importance to metaphysics but focussed on thinking, research, invention and all such things that make the life of man easy and remove his hardships.

For example, the great human mind did not bother about the number of heavens as to whether they were seven, eight or six. Instead, it focussed on the technology of flying (aeronautics) and made more secure and voluminous ships and airplanes.

The great human mind did not attach much importance to the Djinns as to whether they exist or don’t. Or whether one could marry their men or women? How the property should be divided? In short, they skipped all the absurd discussions that produce no results and are a waste of time and energy. The great minds focussed on making life easy for man and left no stone unturned to achieve this goal. These great minds did not engage in the absurd and fruitless discussion on the physical attributes and traits of women as to what they should wear or not wear or which part of her body should be exposed or not exposed or how she should talk to men and what she should abstain from.

Moreover, it did not try to impose centuries old social and moral values on women which have changed 180 degrees today. Instead of engaging themselves on such absurdities, the great minds thought about the upbringing and development of women so that she could attain a high place in society. They gave her freedom of both body and affairs as the two are her property and only she can decide in their favour in a better way. No one has the right to dictate to her in the matters that are purely her personal affairs.

 On the contrary, the Maulvis of Islam have pitched themselves against this strange, condemned and rejected, unclean creature called woman and are dying to find a way through which they could make women extinct in the society. Sometimes they demand that she be covered in a Hijab or Niqab and sometimes they try to confine her to the home. Sometimes they say that the woman should suckle a Ghair Mahram (man from outside) to escape illegitimate sex. In short, fatwas are issued almost daily in this regard in response to a Muslim woman’s question herself due to her ignorance, the issues that are related to the unnecessary details of her life.

It becomes evident from all this that the Muslim man and woman are still ignorant and need the guidance and the Fatwas of the Maulvis to lead their lives. Religious Fatwas have become a need in Muslim societies without which the society will disintegrate and life will become difficult leading to destruction. That is why, issues like menstruation, Hijab, make-up, clothes, Nikah, Khatna etc dominate the various long religious programmes on TV. Maulvis make money by delivering absurd Fatwas. The issue of genital mutilation remained the topic of debate for the jurists of Islam and even today it appears that there is not a greater issue than genital mutilation.

Thus, a disease called womanophobia came into existence in Islamic societies not because she is a carnivorous animal who will tear any man into pieces who comes near her but because according to the Maulvis of Islam she is surrounded by a number of prohibitions and taboos patronised by Maulvis and so they advise men to keep away from women. The Maulvi calls her unclean and so forbids men from going near here and talk to her. Her personality, her intellect and her role in the society are negated. As a result, Muslim men were gripped by a psychological complex, and sexual obsession and sex deprivation, barring particular societal frame, became such a disease that has infected every Muslim man because if man and woman come together, the woman can be nothing else than an immediate target of sex. This happens because a third (Satan) comes between them.

In this way, after so much sex deprivation, whenever he looks at a woman, he thinks about his private parts only, whether it is a school, a university, a factory, an office, a field, a train or a road. A Muslim man sees only genitalia in a woman and he cannot think beyond that. He keeps chasing women from the east to the west and from the south to the north. Most of his life is spent in this chase. This sex deprivation gave birth to this sexual intensity among the Muslim men. That’s why; the incidents of rape and sexual harassment appear skyrocketing in Muslim countries.  Various surveys also reveal that most of the Muslims keep searching for blondes and topics on sexual content and sex deprivation on the internet. Pakistan tops the list of countries searching for porn on the internet whereas there is no comparison to the Gulf countries and Egypt in terms of sexual harassment. The reason behind all this moral degradation is the dominance of religion in matters of sex.