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No One Can Question the Terrorist Raj in Pakistan: Growing Frustration among the Few Secular Intellectuals



By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam


9 August 2013


To write on the topic of terrorism is now being considered as 'too risky' and 'a repetition, ' because it is becoming very difficult to bear out the killings as terrorism. Excluding the feeble Shiites and Ahmadis all the other religious parties of the country do have an understanding of protection of their own sectarian interests before making a statement on the topic of this massacre, as this could be disastrous for them or their party’s interest to speak against the powerful terrorists in the current scenario.


On the other side the ruling parties, both in federation and provinces, are sitting quietly with their tails between their legs as they have not yet forgotten the damage done to ANP and PPP by the terrorists. All of them are embarrassed but still they don’t have anything to say to the terrorists busy in killing innocent people in the name of religion.


Mere personal imperilment is not the reason behind this silence but the terrorizing situation which can be found creeping up in every part of the government machinery. Nawaz Sharif and his party know that there are people in their cadres who are now sitting in the legislative institutions but have been active terrorist and sectarians some time ago. They keep their sectarian groups and organizations dearer, as they have come to watch out for the interests of these groups in the legislative institutes, rather the interests of their current political party. The same situation is faced by the military personnel as they are very well aware that countless devotees of these terrorists and sectarians are present there in the law enforcement agencies and they cooperate with their sectarian associates completely.


Whether there are attacks on military installations or the murders of high officials, the serving officials have completely coordinated with the terrorists and now the situation is that the state is about to collapse and nothing can be done. It seems that Pakistan cannot be saved now but just can be ruled, that’s why all the responsible people are just “discharging” their duty to “rule” in silence.


The surprising thing is, neither the law enforcement agencies which are apparently considered as enemies of the terrorists, could establish that the real source of power of the terrorists is not external but internal, nor the reverend intellectuals of media have realised the reality that countless connections and sources linked to terrorism have been internal.


National sentiment is that “no Muslim can kill other Muslims and anti-Islam forces including the Jews, Christians and Hindus are conspiring against Muslims.” The most effective innovation of current century is the term “conspiracy”, the user of which would not be at a loss irrespective of the religions or country. It is observed that most users of this term have tuned up to be wranglers and criminals; they divert attention towards external forces in order to hide their own crimes and whosoever disagrees with them is termed as traitor by them. For example any such Pakistani who says that there is no need of private militias when there is a regular army in service, would be termed as an agent of enemy and traitor. Even though he is pointing to the anti-state elements, yet he would be considered guilty.


I can challenge any one on more than fifty T.V channels of Pakistan to have the courage to say that there is no need for private militias in the country. If somebody does so then he should pray for his own safety. Such a person would have to face the wrath of the militias, their supporters in the government machinery and media as well.  Law enforcement agencies would not be able to save them. Law enforcement agencies would side with the militia, the very existence of which is unlawful in an independent state. Everybody knows how powerful and resourceful these militias have become now. Their members are now in legislative assemblies and in government institutes and there is quiet sympathy for them in public.


That’s why a cloak of sorrow covers the whole country if two or three militants are killed in a drone attack but nobody is moved at all if the terrorists kill dozens of police personnel on the joyful day of Eid. TVs celebrate and anchors of religious programs continuously tell the good news of how divine blessings are descending upon us.


There is continuity in the access of the terrorists to our communication media. Some days ago a documentary was shown even on BBC’s program “Sairbeen” in which sales of newspapers and journals of the terrorists in all big cities of the country could be seen. The journals were “monthly Al-Shariat”, “Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad”, “Hateen”, “Murabetoon”, “Al-Qalam”, “Zarb-e-Momin”, “Al-Hilal”, “Sada-e-Mujahid”, “Jaish-e-Muhammad” and “Rah-e-Wafa” in which it is proved that to attack Pakistani forces is Jihad as they along with the pagans have waged a war against true Muslims.


No Pakistani intellectual sitting in a T.V. studio can utter a word against these terrorist publications but would speak like a parrot while telling the stories of conspiracies of Jews, Christians and Hindus against us and would point the finger towards a few secular people of the country so that his Jihadist fellows can eliminate them. Sometimes it feels as if there is a consensus that all the minorities and non-jihadists people should face genocide so that there should be no confronting voice or even a risk of it.


Quetta has almost fallen to the extremists and Karachi is about to.  D.I Khan is a sufficient example to analyze the situation of Peshawar. However, there is comparatively better situation in Lahore. American consulate has been evacuated, except the emergency staff. In Islamabad 40 security teams have been conducting search operation in Margallas and adjoining areas since last week because of credible information that terrorists can attack with heavy weapons.


Prime minister is eating Eid dishes in his family palace, the President is busy in his last “fruitful” meetings, the government in KPK has left the province at the mercy of terrorists and is busy praying for peace. It seems that in this country the situation would be like the one in Afghanistan during nineties when all the warlords started joining Taliban and there were slogans of welcome wherever they reached. Pakistan has not been able to discover yet how come terrorists “conquered” D.I Khan Prison so easily and there was no one to stop them subsequently, although thousands of law enforcement personnel armed from head to toe were just a few minutes away from the place.

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