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Blasphemy: Indian Muslim Ulema intensify campaign against Diamond Comics

Having got an FIR registered against Delhi publication Diamond pocket books for having published two imaginary images of the Prophet (pbuh), Muslim ulema (religious scholars) are now pressing for the arrest of the publisher Gulshan Rai. His action is seen as part of the “West’s enmity of Islam” and “an anti-Islam conspiracy to inflame Muslim sentiments.” In a typical write-up, published in practically every Delhi Urdu newspaper, Maulana Nadeemul Wajidi of Deoband expresses his regret for not living in a country like Pakistan where somebody would have killed the man by now. He cites with approval the recent killing of Pakistani Punjab’s Governor Salman Taseer for showing sympathy for “the accursed blasphemer Asaia Bibi” and that of the author of Rangeela Rasool in Lahore in undivided India.

A blasphemer can only be punished with death, the Maulana says. Not resident of Pakistan, unfortunately, however, he cannot demand death for Gulshan Rai. “Living in India, as we do, we are merely demanding,” he says, “action according to the laws of the land. But even that is not coming, as Muslims are not united even on an issue of such paramount importance.’ He regrets that even liberal Hindus are completely silent on this issue, though they often support Muslims on several issues of concern to them. Muslims respect all religious personalities and cannot tolerate blasphemy against the Prophet. 

Excerpts from the article follow:


Protect the honour of Prophethood

By Maulana Nademul Wajidi

Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi,

 A Delhi publication Diamond pocket books has published two imaginary images of the Prophet (pbuh). In the name of introducing him it has also published some insulting statements about him. The publisher says that it is an old issue for which a clarification has been given before. If so why is this book still in circulation? In any case it bears April 2011 date and so it is indeed a fresh issue of the magazine.

Clearly this is a deliberate provocation. Publishers knew that this will inflame Muslims. Obviously this is a planned conspiracy. Actually people are encouraged to continue with such provocations because they are not getting adequately punished. If this crime also goes unpunished it will further encourage blasphemers. This is not just a Delhi issue. It is indeed an international conspiracy. If there were no major anti-Muslim power behind Gulshan Rai he would not have dared do something like this. For, he surely knows the consequences. Does he not know that in undivided India a Lahore resident had dared to challenge Muslim’s self-respect having written a  book called Rangeela Rasool (The colourful Prophet). An illiterate young Muslim Ghazi Ilmuddin had answered him with his sword. Having killed him, he had proved that no one can insult our prophet. Muslims will never tolerate that. Recently Pakistani Punjab’s governor Salman Taseer was killed for showing sympathy for the accursed blasphemer Aaasia Bibi. His own bodyguard Mumtaz Hussain Qadri killed him.

The punishment for blasphemy can be nothing less than death. Muslims have always punished blasphemers with death. But we are live here in India. We are merely demanding punishment in accordance with laws of this land. Why should the government have any problems then?

An FIR has been registered in this case now. But when will this man Gulshan Rai be arrested, we have no idea. This is essentially due to lack of unity among Muslims themselves. Had we together demanded action against this man, action would have been taken against him by now.

We want to address our fellow citizens too. Blasphemy is not an ordinary issue. This can even affect communal harmony in the country. Unfortunately even our broadminded liberal brothers who stand up with us on several issues of our concern are completely silent on this issue. They should condemn this openly and demand punishment according to the laws of the land.

Unfortunately the issue of blasphemy is mixed up with that of freedom of expression. What freedom of expression? If the west does not even allow academic research about holocaust of Jews, what freedom of expression exists in the west? It’s it doable standards. Only Muslims are asked to practice freedom of expression. This double standard is merely an expression of West’s enmity of Islam. A multi-religious country like India should not allow such enmity of Islam especially when Muslims never blaspheme; indeed they respect all saints, prophets or avatars or rishis, munis of any religion.