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What was the Big Deal, Had the Muftis Also been One

By Khaleel Ahmad Khalish

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

18th May 2012

Even before agitation against Right to Education and compulsory registration of marriages in courts could conclude, a new debate on nikah (marriage) among Deobandis and Bareilvi has started.

An Islamic institution has issued a fatwa that “a Bareilvi girl cannot boy marry Deobandi boy, as it is haram (religiously prohibited), and that the people attending such nikah ceremonies will have to renew their own nikah and their Imaan (faith in Islam).”

It means all those thousands and Lakhs of nikahs, already performed have become haram and millions of people attending these ceremonies have been deprived of their Muslim faith. Now all these will need to renew their faith and Nikah to continue their married life as a Muslim.

Going through this news I got a hearty smile on my lips after a lapse of many years. I thanked God I am not married. Had I been married, I may have got deprived of my faith too.

In a scenario where it is an open secret that both Deobandi and Bareilvi mullahs solemnise nikah, whom should we call communal and fascist? Will anybody, please answer this question of mine?

There are thousands of such examples where Deobandi Quazi has performed Nikah of a Deobandi groom with a Bareilvi bride and vice-versa. In such a case have all these Nikahs become Haram and have the people who performed Nikah and those who attended the ceremonies gone out of the fold of Islamic faith?

According to Islamic rites, all recites of Kalima and believers in Quran are Muslims. If there is any difference in ideologies and faith, it can be solved through discussions. These fatwas are strengthening the hands of the enemies of Islam.

I think Islam does not have as much danger from fascist and communal forces as it has from its own ‘half-baked’ Mullahs and Muftis. In the present age Millat-e-Islamia is on a cross road. But these ‘half-baked Mullahs and Muftis’ are concerned with their own profit only. Unity among Muslims, Ittehad-ul-Muslemin, (now unity among Ulama, Ittehad-ul-Aalemin) has become an old and forgotten story.

We, the Muslims are being hated everywhere because of differences among Ummah and Ulama. Ulama of every sect needed to sit together, to try to understand the objectives of the international conspiracies against the Muslims and Islamic world. They should have had discussions among themselves and thought of solutions of the unholy schemes being formulated by the people spreading Islamophobia and its horrific results. This is Islamophobia through which hate for Muslims is being spread. It is the result of America and Europe’s strategic steps that a man having a beard, donning a cap and wearing a ‘kurta’ is under the lens of suspicion. These people are treated either as a terrorist or a potential terrorist. Communal media has also assisted this strategy against Muslims with its full might. It is because of this Islamophobic environment that Muslims have totally lost their credibility. The reason of Islamophobism is clear; they are in awe of Muslims, their increasing population and Islam’s popularity. They are afraid of Muslims becoming politically and socially powerful enough to govern the whole world. In fact Islamophobics are trying not to let it happen, in the name of fight against terrorism.

Among all these ruins our Ulama-e-Keram and great Muftis are unconsciously engaged in strengthening the hands of the conspirators. Even in the face of such big tragedies they did not come together to solve the problems being faced by the Muslims and the Islamic world. They are unable to understand that the enemies of Islam do not see Shia, Sunni, Deobandi and Bareilvi, Sunnis and Wahhabis, when they kill; their only target is Muslims. They just wish to see Muslims destroyed and helpless, in every sphere of life. Every day there are stories of anti-Muslim massacres and Islamophobia.

Two news in the newspapers of 12th May caught my attention. First, American Airlines took an 18 months old baby as a terrorist and deplaned her along with her parents. According to ‘Terrorist Screening Centre’, an American secret agency, more than half a million Muslims are not allowed to enter America. This fact came to light when the parents of 18 months old were deplaned. They were travelling by Jet Blue Airlines from Fort Lawderwell to their house. As they took their seats in the plane, officers came and informed them that their daughter’s name “Rehana” is in the ‘No Flight List”. Names of some 5, 50,000 Muslims has been circulated in all the Airlines agencies all over the world and they have been directed not to allow them to enter America. Let it be mentioned here that after 9/11 America has established an institution namely ‘Transportation Security Administration’ which stops suspects and interrogates them for hours.

Second news is, “American scheme of destroying Harmain Sharifain Exposed”. Army officers were being trained that America’s enemy is Islam not terrorists. They were also being trained that one day Mecca and Medina will need to be destroyed like ‘Hiroshima’. The said course has now been stopped after it came to light. Course instructor Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley during his training to the army personnel was teaching that, “they (Muslims) hate all your values and that they can never work on the principle of mutual understanding”. American army were being taught in this course that “There is nothing like being moderate in Islam; hence they should take this religion as their enemy”. They were being taught that America is engaged in a war with the whole of world and it will possibly need to destroy Muslim holy places like Mecca and Medina with the help of nuclear weapons (Nauzobillah). Although American Defence Institution, Pentagon, has confirmed whatever was being taught is against American values and is totally irresponsible. Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Martin Dipsy says, ‘everything is being investigated’.

Muslims have still not awakened from their deep slumber. Their holy places are being targeted. Their Quran is being burnt. Blasphemy against Muhammad (pbuh) has also become an everyday affair. But our Ulama are busy making Nikahs invalid. Common Muslims also do not seem affected by such news. Muslims are still busy enjoying Quorma, Biryani and Kebab. Protest meetings, agitations and religious statements have become a fashion of the day. I am sorry to say, but how many people and how many religious leaders join these agitations with their pure heart? I have felt and seen that their only objective is to gain political and social mileage by giving statements and joining agitations.

They talk of brotherhood, unity, guidance and “Dawah” sitting in mosques but none of these objectives are found in their everyday life. Coming out of the mosque no brother takes any brother as a brother and if he does so, he makes sure everything is being captured on the reel. Islamic leaders and scholars are no different.

Does our responsibility end by raising voices against all these unholy happenings? Should we be at ease because God has taken the responsibility of safeguarding Harmain Sharifain and that angels themselves will guard it? Do we not need to be practical and pious? We talk of American collapse but do we also not need to see our own collapse? Is it not bad to differentiate with Muslims in the name of sects? Will our enemies not take advantage of it? Is there no necessity of getting united even after so many resurrections? Do we not need to unite forgetting our small differences for the sake of big gains? Are we not going to face another disaster by making Nikahs invalid? Marriages are for making houses or breaking it? It is for unity of disunity? Where will this meanness take us?

Today Muslims need unity more than sects. Unity of all the sects could have been an answer to all the unholy wishes of our enemies. Betterment of Ummah could have brought better days for us but, alas, we are going towards our doom. Allama Iqbal is coming to mind in this desperate situation.

Haram Pak bhi ek, Allah bhi ek Quran bhi ek

Ek hi sab ka Nabi, Deen bhi Quran bhi ek

Kya bari baat thi, Hote jo Musalma bhi ek

(There is one Haram, one God, one Quran

One Prophet, one Deen and one Quran

What was the big deal, had the Muslims also been one?)

I pay my respect to Allama Iqbal’s soul, and with his forgiveness wish to change the last line as….. “What was the big deal, had the Muftis also been one”

May God bestow wisdom and make us do good work, Ameen.

Source: Hamara Samaj, New Delhi