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What Is 'Islamo-Fascism'? Can Iran Be Called Islamo-Fascist? Or Islamic-Marxist?


By Bahman Aghai Diba

13 Oct, 2014

Islamo-fascism is a new name but the concept has a long history. It is clearly a combination between the ways of looking at Islam, with the policies of the fascist regimes of the twentieth century in Europe. (1) Although there are serious discussions about the exact meaning and extent of fascism (2), and the roots of the term (3) most of the sources agree that some characteristics are common in all fascist regimes such as:

1- Love of war and the acute need of the foreign enemies that can be accused of all shortcomings

2- Military rule

3- Lack of tolerance and respect to other ideologies

4- Disrespect of human rights

5- Authoritarian or totalitarian regime

6- Demagogic tactics to rally the support of people

7- Using zealots and paid lackeys for putting pressure and even elimination of opponents.

8- Feeling of having a divine mission

9- The arrogance of believing in the superiority of one particular ideology (their own) over all others.

We can find all of these characteristics in the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

1- Love of war: There is no limit in fighting against the infidels in the ideology of the ruling regime in Iran. There is no distinction between the military and civilian population. Every person of the un-Islamic world is enemy.

 The people are divided to those of us and those of the others. The Muslims that do not cooperate with the regime of Iran are from the others. Mullah Khomeini, the so-called founder of the Islamic republic in Iran, always called the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) that resulted in killing of millions of people in Iran and Iraq and devastation of the two countries a God given blessing.

2- Military rule. The regime of Iran has been heavily relying on the military elements who are indoctrinated by the ruling Mullahs. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards used to have many sensitive posts in Iran and in the last years, they have taken many civilian posts.

3- Lack of tolerance and respect to other ideologies- the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been promoting the religious intolerance. The freedom of expression for all groups has been violated and the mass media are under the strict control of the regime.

4- Disrespect of human rights- The principles of the Human Rights as mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Civil and Political; and the Convention on the Social and Economic Rights are all considered as tools of expansion of the Western cultures and they are rejected as such. The women are not equal with men. Democracy is void. The population of the states, even in the Islamic states is not entitled to decide about their fate. The religious leaders decide what is good for the people. Arts, educational institutions, cultural activities, music, literature, painting, sculpturing, and so on must only are in the service of the Islamic tenets as defined by the religious authorities. There is no freedom of assembly, press and expression, the people rally in the streets when the officials say so and they demand whatever the religious leaders have defined. Religious and other minorities are not supported and there is clear contradiction between Islam and the universal standards of the human rights. Almost all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights are seriously violated by the Islamic regime of Iran. The most important cases are: the violation of women's rights (the regime of Iran is not ready to accept the equality of men and women and as such it has refused to adhere to the UN International Convention of the Elimination of all kind of Discrimination against women), violation of the fundamental freedoms for the minorities in Iran (including the Sunnis, and Baha'is), violation of the fundamental freedoms of the Iranian people, mistreatment of the political prisoners, and denying the rule of law.

5- Authoritarian or totalitarian regime- the regime of Iran is openly enemy of democracy. The Mullahs of Iran have made it clear time and again that they do not believe in the role of people in determining their own destiny. Ayatollah Khazali, a prominent member of the Iranian Constitutional Assembly (called Majles Khobreghan or Council of Islamic Experts) has said: "...what is the meaning of the people's demands? Who are the people to demand something? The people should only implement the rules of Allah." (4) Also, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, the Head of Imam Khomeini's Educational and Research Institute, has said: "...the legitimacy of the Supreme Leader comes from the infallible Imams, not from the people." (5) Khomeini had said: " not listen to those who speak about democracy. These are enemies of Islam. Anyone who wants a republic is our enemy. Did you create this revolution to become like Swiss? We break the poisonous pens of those who talk about nationalism, democracy and similar things..." Also, Dr. Ali Shariati, the great demagogue and fabricator of the Islamic hallucinations, and at the same time, the biggest ideological backbone of the Islamic revolution in Iran has said: "leadership can't be the result of common people's votes. It can't come out of the corrupt masses of the people. Imam is the directly responsible for the policy of the society and he has direct leadership in economy, army, and culture, foreign and domestic policies..." He adds in another source (Shiitism, a comprehensive party) : "It is necessary to have blind obedience. This is the real meaning of emulation in Shiitism. The same applies to the deputy of the Imam...a person that does not know his Imam, is like a sheep that has lost its Shepard."

6- Demagogic tactics to rally the support of people- the street demonstrations have become the standard method of the Iranian Islamic regime to show the will and demands of the people. However, it is clear that no rally or demonstration is held in Iran unless all of its arrangements (including the slogans and the resolutions) are defined by the government. The staged demonstrations are manned by the groups that get special privileges from the regime and in many cases the demonstrators do not know the subject of demonstration before they get to the pre-determined places.

7- Using zealots and paid lackeys for putting pressure and even elimination of opponents- the zealots that are trained to attack the opponents are an active part of the governmental apparatus of the Islamic regime in Iran. The religious thugs attack the gathering of the people, enter the houses and places of business and bother the people. They attack the speakers in the places that are not approved by the regime and the women that have not observed the Islamic code of dress.

8- Feeling of having a divine mission- it is one of the most important features of the Islamic regime in Iran that it thinks it has a divine mission to change the world order. The followers of the Hidden Imam in Iran think that he is going to appear and conquer the whole world and they should make themselves ready for the war in the army of the Hidden Imam The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that it has a divine mission to fight the Western culture and impose policies that it considers to be Islamic.

9- The arrogance of believing in the superiority of one particular ideology (their own) over all others- the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran believes in the supremacy of the version of Islam practiced by the Iranian Mullahs as the best arrangement for the whole world. The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the Western way of life is corrupt. The regime of Iran is seriously thinking that the Western democracies are going to fall, as the USSR fell, and one of these days the Islamic regime will get a chance to introduce its role in the global level. It does not believe in validity of any arrangement with the "Western" infidels and all of the agreements with the West are temporary and subject to abrogation as soon as the Islamic power gets the possibility to do so.

 look at the regime of Iran reveals that all of these elements are clearly present in those government and politics of the present regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it very much deserves to be included under the title of Islamofacist regimes.

 Notes and references

(1) It is mentioned in this source that: "Islamofascism is neologism and political epithet used to induce an association of the ideological or operational characteristics of certain modern Islamist movements with European fascist movements of the early 20th century, neo-fascist movements, or totalitarianism. Organizations that have been labeled "Islamofascist" include Al-Qaeda, the current government of Iran, the Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah..."

(2), dated 27 Sept. 1992. In this source, Chip Berlet describes: "...fascism and Nazism as ideologies, involve, to varying degrees, some of the following hallmarks:

1- Nationalism and super-patriotism with a sense of historic mission.

2- Aggressive militarism even to the extent of glorifying war as good for the national or individual spirit.

3- Use of violence or threats of violence to impose views on others (fascism and Nazism both employed street violence and state violence at different moments in their development).

4- Authoritarian reliance on a leader or elite not constitutionally responsible to an electorate.

5- Cult of personality around charismatic leader.

6- Reaction against the values of modernism, usually with emotional attacks against both liberalism and communism.

7- Exhortations for the homogeneous masses of common folk...

8- Dehumanization and scapegoating of the enemy...

9-the self image of being superior form of social organization beyond socialism, capitalism, and democracy..."

(3), dated 20 August 2006. in this source, Roger Scruton has mentioned: "...the term Islamofascism was in introduced by the French writer Maxine Rodinson (1915-2004) to describe the Iranian revolution of 1978.the word has therefore caught on, not least because it provides a convenient way of announcing that you are not against Islam, but only against its perversion by the terrorists...."

(4), speaking for the congregational prayer.



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Ripple Effect

Anyone who asks foreigners to attack her motherland is a coward and a traitor. Regardless of whether or not I lose this account because what I tell you, I say it loud and clear: Shame on you.

1 0   ReplyOctober 13, 2014


P_J.– An Iranian!

Could NOT agree more!!! And I would add the word treason to those words.

0 0   ReplyOctober 14, 2014


Bavafa–   Free copy of all e-mails, posts and voice conversation at NSA depository, no sign up is required and it won't cost you a dime only your freedom. Mehrdad

Aghaye Aghai Diba,

In relation to you list of characteristics that are sign for a fascist regime , which I don’t disagree with, I wonder what you think of the USA foreign policy and its relation visa e vise other nations in the world, in particular weaker nations such as those in Middle East, or South America? And in fact would you characterize the US as a fascist regime since;

-        by far, it has been and instigator and involved in more war than perhaps most other nations combined.

-        It spends more $$$ on war machine than most other nations combined.

-        It disrespect human rights in other nation simply by the act of war and killing those human beings

-        That is the supporter/enabler of most authoritarian regimes around the world.

-        It has used thugs/military to over throw many democratic regimes

Ba sepas


1 0   ReplyOctober 13, 2014


Behrouz Bahmani– We're just trying to [change] the system / But it's hard from a distance / So it's time for a new better way

I would not call Iran Islamo-Fascist becasue Iran after the revolution has not started a single war.

I would however call Iran Islamic-Marxist. Marxism takes the main production traditionally the industrial output of a country and then using Councils to manage the process, confiscates the bourgeoisie's wealth, and proceeds to share everything with the workers. This very quickly fails as an ideology because of corruption of the Councils running the show, and worker apathy.

The Capitalist argument is that without the profit motive Marxism always fails.

Iran has no industrial production or output to speak of, and the Bourgeoisie fled Iran after the revolution leaving their investments and factories behind. Iran has the same corrupt Councils who dole out a very nice annual $80k per working age member of every household as the social welfare program. In return for political loyalty and showing up to yell out a few "Marg Bars", every Friday.

So why has Iran's version of Marxism not failed according to the tradition of Marxism failing and the predictions of Capitalism? Simple. Iran's only "Industrial Output" is OIL.

And the price of oil has only gone up since 1979, far out pacing even Iran's adjusted for reality high inflation rate.

When you can keep paying off your people, and buy their silence. With just a bit of oppressive brutal force and tyranny you end up with a docile and complicit population that you can control and make them do any trick you want them to do.

Iran is so efficient at this, that Iran can make an election look real, and even seem to slip out of control and then catch it at the very last second before it shatters on the ground.

Iran is so smart at this, it has effectively silenced over 52% of it;s population and has them thinking they are really and truly a worthless gender. And that this is all just God's will and proof of his mystery, and nothing that you did, and just your bad luck for being born a woman.

Long Live Islamic Marxism! Or at least it will continue to live long, as long as Iranians can be bought and are afraid of God, or the oil runs out.