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ISI Killed Sabeen Mahmud




Sabeen Mahmud




By Ali Afzal Sahi

April 30, 2015

The brutal murder of Sabeen Mahmud has prompted even the most apolitical person to comment on the prevailing political scenario. What outrages me the most are the baseless allegations leveled against the ISI by people who are remotely cognizant of those political circumstances.  The vilification of this agency is clearly the work of pseudo intellectuals professing to have political know how. For all those who are still in the slumber of their apathy, Sabeen Mahmud was a prominent social and human rights activist, a woman with exceptional courage and valor. She was killed Friday night while coming back from a talk that she had organized on the topic of“missing persons”. News of her death went viral; BBC and Al-Jazeera also gave it mainstream coverage. Sabeen’s death has opened the floodgates of all sorts of accusations defaming the ISI, these accusations being as shallow as the people who have made them. My apologies to all you self-professed political analysts, for I am about to burst this bubble of ignorance.

Pseudo-intellectuals once again started bashing intelligence agency and accused it of killing Sabeen. The claims on social media ranged from “We will not tolerate this anymore” to “ISI will have to pay the price”. Such comments and military bashing made my IQ plummet seventy leagues under the sea. I am amazed how such people can function logically in life. Let’s not even get started on their basic intellect level. To me the claim of ISI killing her is simply ridiculous and absurd for quite a few reasons.

Firstly, a fundamental rule underlying criminal law is that the primary suspect is that who benefits most from the murder. Treading along this line of thought, what can be clearly ascertained is that ISI has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Any sane person would have guessed that if she is hurt, ISI will be blamed. The real beneficiaries of this incident are those who wanted to highlight the Baluchistan issue, while attempting to weaken and demoralize the security enforcement agencies. Reducing an intelligence agency that is otherwise ranked as number one in the entire world, and that too on the basis of flimsy evidence, leaves me utterly flabbergasted.

I have a simple question for people who accuse the intelligence agency of Sabeen’s murder (this hopefully won’t pressure their neurons too much). If the ISI were to kill someone in order to curb the missing person issue, wouldn’t it have made more sense to kill someone who is directly involved with the missing person cause, for instance Mama Qadeer? After all he is creating a greater mess for the intelligence agency and is also actively participating and talking against the agencies. If you have answered in the affirmative, good news, your brain cells still haven’t exhausted to the core.

And even if they were hell bent to kill this lady, who was fairly unknown before she was murdered, couldn’t they just have come up with a better plan? Maybe by a road accident, or by showing a natural death, by a suicide, or even by a mugger who could have killed her after she retaliated and refused to hand over her belongings? Hundreds of possible ways that an ordinary mind could think of in a few seconds. If you seriously believe that it was not possible for the premium intelligence agency in the world to cover up their tracks, you got to be kidding me.

Moreover, the timing of this murder should also be taken into discussion. It was done just three days after the historical visit of the Chinese president where he announced investment projects of around 46 million dollars. A major chunk of this investment will be done in Baluchistan (Gwadar). Does this ring any bell? Who wants to deprive Pakistan of this investment and economic prosperity? Maybe this too is the work of the “notorious agency” that has worked up yet another devious, diabolical plan.

While I was writing this blog, I came across the most absurd argument ever. So one of my batch-mates was of the view that either Taliban or the Intelligence agency was behind this heinous crime. He continued by contending that Taliban have refused to accept the responsibility so it’s definitely the intelligence agency. How could anyone believe those barbarians who have no respect for humanity and who don’t even know the meaning of the word morality; who don’t even blink an eye before killing innocent children or before blowing up places of worship? The ISI is vested with the power to protect and safeguard the country, if this is too difficult a fact for us to grapple with, then I am sure it is us who are at fault. When people with the intellect level of a chipmunk come up with such absurdities, it makes me throw a fit of hysteria. However, if blaming those, who are appointed to protect us, of killing within their own creed makes you sleep better; I have just one thing to say: enjoy these fleeting moments and don't make an effort to critically comprehend the consequences of what just happened.

In my view, this trend of military bashing has to stop. We need to realize that it’s the most important and sensitive state institution that is guarding our lives at the cost of their own; a task that needs utmost commitment and super human patriotism. An ordinary person, like me or you, could never partake in such courageous acts. D.G. ISPR has promised to investigate into Sabeen Mahmud’s murder. I am hopeful that this investigation will actually unveil the real culprits and the conspiracy surrounding it and in doing so, I hope that it will emancipate you from those self imposed chains of apathy and ignorance. At this time, I stand by my intelligence agencies, do you?