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Why No One Conspires Against The British?

 By Afzal Ahmad

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

23rd May 2012

It’s long since I have been asking this question: “Do the British too face any conspiracies or is it only us Muslims who are always conspired against?”

 I swear, no one ever replied satisfactorily. No British has ever talked of any conspiracy against them, ever in history. When nobody answered my query, I tried to know the answer by using it, just, as a passing reference. But to no avail. No British is ready to go into the dark pages of history or complain of past occurrences. No one ever boasts of their long history of ruling the world. Or remind you that ‘sun never used to set in our empire’. No scholar, or journalist or student or a common man among the British ever says ‘once upon a time the world was under our rule and that a certain country conspired against us and snatched the reins of power from us or that we were the rulers of hundreds of thousands of sq. miles and today we have a country only as large as Pakistan’s state of Punjab’.

On the other hand, Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular, are always in a state of depression over once upon a time having been the undisputed rulers of the world,  from the deserts of Arabia to the forests of Africa and from the fields of India to Spain in Europe. They rue their fate that anti Islam groups conspired and snatched their Empire from them. This ridiculous feeling of deprivation is a personality trait of the Muslims only. The reality is that the Muslims of South Asia have always been inviting the rulers of other countries to come and take India under their occupation and liberate them.

Memogates are not a new phenomenon. It is our habit and tradition. Characters like Hussain Haqqani are not new; they have been an integral part of our stories. These Haqqanis have been writing Memos to Afghans, Iranians and to Arabs, every now and then.

Have you ever thought, why we think that ‘the world is against us’? It is very important to analyse whether it is a reality or we have been schizophrenic since time immemorial and are making the disease hierarchic. People, who know, what schizophrenia is, also know that whenever its patient sees two people talking and laughing, he takes it as a conspiracy against him.  Is it that we, as a community, are schizophrenic and constantly suffer from paranoid delusions?

We should not forget to dream big, as an individual or a community but we must also know it needs lots to struggle to achieve it.   Success does not come by getting exhausted quickly and talking of conspiracies. It has been our bane since the very beginning that we dream of our rule over the world but lack the vigour, the struggle, the consistency and the continuity required to achieve what we have lost. There is no management, no patience, no courage, no struggle nor even the burning desire. We just wish to get up one fine morning and see the world stooped in front of us. Neither has it ever happened before nor will it ever. It is the law of God, the Almighty that one has to prove oneself worthy of his desires to achieve success.

Thanks to the half baked scholars of Islam (Kath Mullahs) who have engaged the Muslims of the world in this Arabian Nights’ dream and are themselves busy singing the songs of their glorious past.  The world has witnessed humongous changes in the method of governance but we are still in the age of Jahiliya when rulers used to rule riding the back of their horses. This is the reason that after getting unsuccessful in making the world take notice of ourselves we fall prey to schizophrenic attacks of our conspiracy theories. We are not ready to accept the faults within and are busy in blaming others.

Take Pakistan as an example. Will anybody believe that there has been a loot of Rs. 8,500 billion in the last four years of the present government because of the international conspiracies?  Just mention the word ‘corruption’ and you will get the word ‘conspiracy’ in answer. Just tell anyone, it is your responsibility to look after your affairs, he will think ‘a conspiracy is being hatched’ against him.

People have crossed ‘below poverty line’ and the rulers ‘above surplus line’. A common man is dying of hunger and the expenses incurred on maintaining the stable of the President come to millions of rupees a month. If somebody raises his voice against corruption he is ‘conspiring against the government’.

Take this into account. The law of nature is that germs attack on the weak parts of the body and the limbs with lesser resistance get the disease. Things will get right on paying attention to the problems and not shouting, “Conspiracy, conspiracy” in religious congregations.


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