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The War Within Islam ( 30 Apr 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Pakistan’s all round Crisis: Democracy under Attack from Jihadis, Politicians, Army, Judiciary and Media

By Mujahid Hussain, New Age Islam

(Translated from Urdu by Arman Neyazi, New Age Islam)

Pakistan is in the grip of an all-pervading crisis. An atmosphere of uncertainly looms large. The country is facing dire consequences of this uncertainly in almost every walk of life. Legislature, judiciary and administration, all wish to prove their superiority. Army has always shown great alacrity in staging a coup taking advantage of such a situation. But it is not doing so now. The reason is not far to seek. Regardless of other divisions, Pakistan is united in struggling for its democracy more than ever before.

 Terrorists are ruling the roost in a bigger portion of the country than before. Political confrontations are acquiring the dimension of a civil war. Tribal areas are almost out of the government’s reach and a large chunk of people wishes to get free of the control of Islamabad.

Religious class of the country is getting ready to fight with the entire world wishing to see the country engulfed in an endless war. The most shocking is that even though everybody knows the country is not militarily strong and its economic situation is at its lowest ebb, they are getting ready to wage wars.

There is a section which is of the opinion that as and when American army and NATO leave Afghanistan; Pakistan will kneel down in front of the militants. Another section of the society thinks that America, India and Israel wish to trap atomic Pakistan in a whirlpool so that its atomic power could be brought to a naught. There is yet another ‘intelligent’ section in the society with quite a lot of followers which is of the opinion that if Pakistan mends its relations with Al-Qaeda and Taliban they can guarantee its bright future and that the unholy schemes of Pakistan’s enemies - India, America and Israel - can go to waste.

In the meantime a new problem raised its head. Pakistan’ Supreme Court which declares its sovereignty, sentenced Pakistan’s Prime Minister in a contempt of court case. Everyone along with the judiciary knows that Yousuf Reza Gilani’s nomination and presence as Primes Minister is thanks to the President Asif Ali Zardari. Yusuf Reza Gilani is not the Prime Minister of Pakistan because of his own personal or political charisma but it is only thanks to the President. In such a situation how can he act as per the orders of Judiciary against a person, because of whom he is on the PM’s chair? No one could have done this. Even if anybody else is appointed as the PM today, with an advance resignation letter to the President, will also not write to Swiss courts against him.

Military may have supported the judiciary which has always been cooperating with military rulers in the past. But the problem here is that it is not happy with judiciary which is entertaining cases of kidnappings of Pakistani citizens undertaken by secret services. It is also not happy that judiciary is hearing infamous “Asghar Khan Case” related to ISI’s economic corruption. A third case is that of the former ambassador Husain Haqqani and ISI chief Ahmad Shuja Pasha’s correspondence and meeting on sensitive issues with an American citizen. This relates to the ISI’s willingness to stage a coup against a democratically elected government.

Main opposition party Muslim League (N) has gone wild and is trying its best to make the government fall after the Supreme Court verdict against the PM. On the other hand Imran Khan’s party which has created a kind of political tsunami is also warning  that in case of Court’s orders not being implemented he will take its ‘tsunami’ on to the roads.

On the other hand, the ‘holy alliance’ of Pakistan’s mullahs, former military officers and unsuccessful politicians “Difa-e-Pakistan Council” is also doing all it can to take over the country. They are using their entire armoury including blood splitting slogans against the NATO supply in their “Jihad” to conquer Islamabad.

There is a section which believes that Pakistan’s secret agencies are behind Difa-e-Pakistan Council and Imran Khan’s political tsunami that wish to keep Nawaz Sharif and PPP out of power at any cost.  The Army thinks that if Nawaz Sharif came to power he will not allow the army to interfere in any administrative decision-making. As for PPP, they think it will be dangerous to have faith in its leadership again. This is such a ‘puzzle’ which military is neither able to solve nor does it see any end to it in the near future.

In the above mentioned circumstances it is just not possible to think either about the country or its people. This is the reason that the leadership of a big chunk of Pakistan citizens has come in the hands of Pakistan media. This is dangerous in itself as different sections of media does not only owe its allegiance to different political parties but has a big number of people within it who are themselves hungry for power.  There are some who see Supreme Court getting them rid of the present government and some others hope GHQ to come in action which it normally does in such a situation and guides Pakistan to a new path.

Mujahid Hussain writes a regular weekly column for New Age Islam