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Military, Mullah and Self Seeking Individuals


By Dr Farid A Malik

June 10, 2015

Pakistan was achieved through political struggle led by an able, honest and upright individual called Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The military, mullah and mufad parast (self seeking individuals) had no role in the creation of the first Islamic democracy of the world (followed by Iran in 1951 when Dr. Muhammed Musaddegh was elected Prime Minister).

Historically people’s mandate has always been hijacked either through the military or mullah who then team up with vested interests to deny nation building. In 1958 the Khakis with the help of right wing took control of the country and changed its direction from nation to empire building. During the renaissance in Europe the rule of clergy was contained with the separation of religion and state. In Turkey the military under Mustafa Kamal Atta Turk got rid of the mullahs and the Sultans to build a modern republic a century ago. Recently there was 100 years remembrance of the Galipoli war in which Ata Turk was victorious, the last battle victory for a Muslim General. Elections were regularly held but the Khakis had an upper hand. Finally a popular leader Tayyib Erdogan emerged on the scene. First he was elected major of Istanbul and then the Prime Minister. He was able to establish peoples mandate and sent the Khakis back to the barracks where they belong. Today Turkey is the fastest growing economy of Europe.

When Ayub and the Mullah Empire crashed in 1969, the first free and fair elections under adult franchise were held in 1970. In East Pakistan the Awami League won 160 out of 162 seats while Peoples Party was successful on 81 positions out of 138 while the Right Wing parties could only manage 4. When bullets were used to suppress the ballot, civil war started and Bangladesh emerged on the world map. The Khakis were made to surrender and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) took oath as President of what remained of Quaid’s Pakistan.

Constitution making has been a major challenge in Pakistan. It took nine years to frame the first constitution in 1956 which was abrogated in 1958. Instead of seeking people’s mandate, the military and mullah conspired to impose martial law. The 1973 unanimous document was a gift of the first freely elected assembly. In 1977 again the military and mullah got together and reversed all the democratic gains and disfigured the constitution. Recently, Raza Rabbani the Chairman senate has written to the PM and the five Chief Ministers to include constitution making in the curriculum as rule of law has been a major challenge in the country.

The disrespect for the constitution continues till today. Somehow the rulers remain uncomfortable in meeting the laid down human requirements. It is a basic document that contains an agreement between the rulers and the ruled. Naturally the military, mullah and the mufad parast have to behave as they are regulated by the clauses of the constitution. According to article 25-A, literacy is a right of the citizen that was to be provided within ten years. Zia-ul-Haq replaced the ten year clause by reasonable time, which meant never. Now that most Zia amendments have been removed every child should have been in school by September 2013 but it did not happen. Building flyovers and Jangla Bus is not a constitutional requirement but it is being religiously pursued at the cost of an established right why?

The founding fathers of Pakistan were honest and upright individuals. ‘Mufad’ or personal interest was never on their agenda. The father of the nation did not build personal empires. His direct descendants do not even live in the country. His daughter was married into the Wadia family of Bombay and she lives in New York with her two sons. Pakistani government is trying to regain control of his personal property. The Jinnah house in Bombay has been claimed, whereas the one in Lahore is with the Corps Commander, while the Karachi properties have been turned into Museums. Giving not taking was their way of life.

Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan the first PM also left no empire for his heirs. He led a simple and honest life totally dedicated to his nation. Abdur Rab Nishtar as governor paid for his personal telephone calls. There was hardly any misuse or abuse of authority and power. Hussain Shaheed Suharwady was exonerated by the military tribunal set up under Elected Bodies Disqualification Ordinance (EBDO). Till 1958 corruption was well contained.

Military courts have been established to deal with external terror. Talibanisation is an extension of ‘Militant Mullahs’ who have now become a national menace and have to be dealt with. The internal economic terrorism has also to be contained as it is also an outcome of unholy alliance of the military, mullah and mufad. In 2015 there is a dire need of political cleansing. An EBDO can be very effective to knock out the vested interests from politics.

Now that the Khakis have decided to break up the unholy alliance with the mullah and vested interests, hope has been re-kindled. Pakistan deserves clean political leadership elected through an honest ballot to initiate the process of human development. Selections in 1958, 1977, 1985, and 1999 have been very poor and have been disastrous for the nation. A new beginning has to be made the sooner the better. After the report of the Judicial Commission (JC) an interim government can be installed to hold an honest and credible ballot together with political cleansing through EBDO. Only those individuals who are cleared by the military tribunals for their past deeds should be allowed to contest others disqualified. The year 1985 should be the cutting point when the first party less election was held after the fake referendum by the master terminator Zia-ul-Haq and his Mullah supporters. The derailment of Pakistan through the military, mullah and selfish self-interest must end for new Pakistan to emerge.