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Dimensions of Psychic Longing

The Times of India

Dec 30, 2011,

Human longings are expressed through waves, aspirations, hopes and longings. These micro-psychic longings are many. But they may be brought within the range of four broad categories.

One category is psycho-physical longing for physical pabulum - that is, the longings concerning inborn instinct. All living beings are prompted by this primordial psycho-physical longing for physical pabulum. We say it is a natural instinct for each and every object, animate and inanimate. In each and every physical and psychic structure there remain certain self-controlling faculties. In the case of this inborn instinct, there are self-controlling faculties also. But these faculties cannot move against the characteristics of the vital force. Otherwise, disintegration and dissociation start both within and without the framework.

In the case of collective structures, regarding these psycho-physical longings, when the collective body of a particular nature of living being or expression does not like it, then the controlling faculty creates a sort of change and metamorphosis in the physical structure. As a result the nature of longings also changes.

The second category is psycho-physical longing, in this case also for physical pabulum. But this longing is not of inborn nature. These longings are created after the development of changes in the nature and structure of hormones secreted from those newly-created or newly-developed plexi.

The difference between the first category and the second is that the first one is inborn and the second one is not inborn; it is created later on. Both the pabula are of physical nature. However, in the second case the inherent controlling faculty can move a bit forward. But when this movement goes against the fundamental principles of physical structure, the structure cannot remain as before; that is, it starts disintegrating.

The third category is psychic longing for psychic pabulum. It occurs when one wants one's psychic emanations to progress from crude to subtle and cover all spheres of exis-tence and non-existence. In this case an aspirant may move forward till the psychic body maintains close cooperation or parallelism with waves of physical existence. Those who do not follow the propriety of psychology may face such a future. In our collective body, as a result of this type of constant endeavour - constant longing for all-round expression of micro-psychic potentialities - will create a sort of balanced world, ensuring a bright future not only for all but for the entire animate and inanimate world.

The fourth category is to encourage apexed psychology or pinnacled psychology where mental faculties along with controlling faculties will move upwards and finally get pointed, and that point is lost in the Supra-cognitive Entity. This is the goal of all living beings.

In the course of this endeavour, there comes hardly any obstacle from within, but there may come hindrances and obstacles from without in the shape of ideological clashes. The sources of such clashes are the degenerating forces working in the realm of the manifested Cosmos. In the case of the collective body, if such a practice is encouraged, the entire physical structure of the universe will slowly be metamorphosed into the psychic world and the psychic world will be metamorphosed into spirituality.

The Times of India, New Delhi