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Modern man has turned blinkered and dogmatic. He is malicious, cruel, unforgiving. Can Islam heal our deformed soul?

By Talib Bhat

June 1, 2019

Present day society, we all know, is facing a new but extreme face of ignorance, arrogance and what not e. The social enlightenment processes have got long dormancies and hardly flourishing anywhere under the religious shades. We, especially the Muslim community are experiencing arid peninsula of chaos, conflict, war, bloodshed, and miseries as the darkest ever period of human history. This is the serious concern for all of us that people of this contemporary era immersed with levels of materialism and lust have fell flat in finding an eternally adamant panacea for this nuisance. Concepts like common wealth, mutualism and brotherhood are hardly flourishing in our societies. The evil elements of materialistic world have adversely affected the mankind in general and Muslims in particular.

The Irony is that instead of caring for degrading state of our society, our so called responsible well educated section tends to ignore it in a way as if there is no relation between the two. Although education is escalating at much faster rate, but at the same time obscenity, pride, nakedness, corruption, anarchy, lobbyism, duality, pornography, atheism, and what not else, is spreading at an alarming rate. Hereby admitting, such occurrences aren’t a blow to me, on a personal level because we are guilty of not only depriving our children from moral education and the teachings of Islam but also making the lives of pro practicing Muslims around us burdensome. This is our mutually contributed evil approach towards real intellectuals and future builders.

The western ruthless civilization has adversely affected our life style, opinions, and thoughts. Co meeting of these pondering moments has sexed up the faith and humility in shame, crying disgrace and doubt. It has eradicated our humanity, respect, belief and the reminiscences of Almighty and filled our generosity with curse. Now coming to young minds, we can see a completely different approach despite they are guarded more or less by their parents and responsible men. Youth have become voluptuous and comply with the self linked toxic interests or doing it because benefits their interests, makes them happy without taking into consideration its consequences. Youth is dwindling from insanity and indulging in cravings being extremely reckless from their moral, religious, social responsibilities to the needy, suffering, and poor, thereby bringing the crying disgrace to humanity and making us to hang our dazzled beautiful heads in shame.

It is very traumatic to see that our wrong deeds have lead to internal serious deformations of our souls, voice, ways of thinking, powers of feeling the injustice deeply, and has snatched our peace. Modern man continuously gravitates to the things that cause a lot of pain and sufferings. The man was made sensitive to immense love and peace but unfortunately he is exposed to infliction and catastrophe, he is forgetting his actual identity and searching for a new identity which is an irrelevant one. He is investing millions along with his blood on strengthening military power but contributes little or negligible to the goals of peace, security, love, cooperation and humanity. He is reached a place where no moral, religious, spiritual values are observed.

He is dark blinded by his ego and is continuing the Hitlerism, Stalinism and cruel attitudes in his daily life causing sufferings to thousands of innocents. He is continuing the shocking and horrific crimes of violence. He is continuing the disgracing the wild beast jobs with the sacred women class. Modern man thus is the combination of prejudice, racism, aggression, injustice, intolerance, hatred, and grievance. He is ruling and living the dark world of murder, drug and alcohol addiction, human trafficking, slavery, molestations, violence, infidelity, depression and suicide.

Modern man is turned blinkered and dogmatic. He is now malicious, cruel, unforgiving and close minded. Bishop Fulton Sheen writes about the passivity of modern man as: ‘’modern man has become passive in the face of evil. He has so long preached a doctrine of false tolerance; has so long believed that right and wrong were only differences in a point of view, that now when evil works itself out in practice he is paralyzed to do anything against it.’’ Modern man is greedy, and greets his fellow men with fake smile. He is not forgiving others and has no compassion. He has no empathy and laughs cowardly at others mistakes. He talks more but listens very less. He has no emotional intelligence. He is not honest and has no self respect. He uses self deprecating humour to make others laugh.

Our religion teaches us to be good and warm hearted. Almighty mentions in Qur’an,

“indeed. Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others; and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency, and manifest evil, and wrongful transgression. He admonished you that you may take heed.’’[Al Qur’an 19:91]

 Be the reason for someone’s smile and happiness. Promote the teachings of humanity and peace. Make the humanity as our race and love as our fundamental ideological element of daily life.

We must develop the sense of responsibility and thus can profoundly bring the big changes. We should kill our greed and work for the betterment of mankind. Stand with every society. Let’s have an end to race prejudices, colour prejudices and creed prejudices. We humans are of common origin, let’s promote mutual love. It is time to change so rise above the narrow confines of individualistic and materialistic concerns to the broader concerns of mankind. We may have different ideologies and skin colours but we share a common ancestral background and the blood flowing inside our bodies is same. Let’s make the world a good place for all of us to live in.

Forgive those who made you cry at times and live your life as a model for others. Be a good and fundamental human by your actions, works for others, love people, be the reason for smiles of others, do help unknown people, save the lives, and promote security. These are indeed the qualities that define us as human beings. Those who wish to live a happy, religious and moral age, will succeed only if they are kind to the common public. For such beautiful heated creatures Almighty mentions:

“Indeed, Allah is with those who are righteous and those who do good.’’[Al Qur’an: 16:129]

Source:  The Kashmir Reader