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Spiritual Meditations ( 4 Jul 2018, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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True Religion Stands For Unity and Peace

By Swami Ramdas

04 July 2018

 Everywhere we find unrest, strife and dissension. In all fields and situations of life, there is clamour for power and wealth. Acute differences about religious beliefs have also been responsible for discord and trouble. At this critical juncture of world history there is only one way, one hope, one remedy by which humanity can be saved from another catastrophe.

The words of the great sages and teachers of the world must be heard. God has spoken and is speaking through them. All religions, therefore, proclaim the same message, namely, the message of mutual love and affection. Mankind has to recognise the supremacy of the Divine over the lower human nature – find a spiritual basis, the discovery of which alone can unite man with man and produce harmony and peace in the world. True religion stands for unity and peace.

The essentials of all religions and teachings of saints and sages are same. It is adherence to non-essentials, to which man ignorantly clings, that has been breeding quarrels. God is one. He is the Divine parent of all peoples of the world. He is the God of all faiths and religions. In whatever form or manner He is worshipped, He accepts such allegiance and adoration. When all the members of the human race turn to Him as the common Originator and Protector, they can stand united in His name and thereby shed all differences that make for discord and war. It is now alone that mutual love and respect would prevail among peoples inhabiting different countries of the world.

O beloved, turn Godward and realise supreme unity and harmony of all life. Give up lust for material things by striving for which you trample upon the rights of your fellow-men and exploit them, spreading thereby pain, misery and death. The true way to peace and blessedness is the way of love. Love is Divine. It is the attribute of the supreme Lord of the universe. In fact, love itself is He. Bear Him in your bosom. Let His radiance dispel the darkness which clouds the soul. Walk in the light of God. Be guided by His counsel and inspiration. Look to Him for real freedom and joy.

World-renowned empires and kingdoms have perished. Potentates, kings and prominent leaders have left the earth leaving no trace behind. The realisation of their ambitions has done neither good to themselves nor to humanity at large. On the other hand, every fulfilment of their selfish aims has embittered their lives and of those who follow them, as also of those who opposed them. So O beloved, get thoroughly awakened to the inner life which is the real life. By seeking and attaining contact with God, sanctify your life and be an illumined instrument for bringing about peace and goodwill on earth. Each one of you is a potential spiritual dynamo.

Release the inherent Divine force dwelling within you. Give up all superstitions, false doctrines and other dogmas that create the sense of division and separation. Break down every kind of barrier that stands between you and your brethren. Realise that humanity as a whole is one world family. Let your vision be universal. Let your life flow along the channel of universal beneficence. Let your love embrace all beings as members of one universal brotherhood. Do not be influenced by man-made distinctions of class, creed, colour, race and nationality. Merge all these in the one all-inclusive and all-enveloping consciousness of the Godhead. This is the path and the only path that would steer the struggling humanity clear of the present state of chaos and guide it to the haven of lasting harmony, happiness and peace.

(Extracted from the section titled ‘World Unity and Peace’ from Swami Ramdas’ The Divine Life [vol. 2])

Swami Ramdas (1884–1963), lovingly called ‘Papa’, was a Spiritual Master and founder of Anandashram, in Kerala, India. He was leading an ordinary life till God’s grace descended on him in or about the year 1920. In a short while, he could behold God everywhere, both within and without. Having thus attained spiritual liberation and God-vision, he started on his mission to awaken mankind to the awareness of God.

Swami Ramdas wrote many books in English and in 1933 started a monthly called The Vision to carry his message of Universal Love and Service based on cosmic vision.