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A Mission of Divine Love

By Swami Ramdas

29 august 2018

From the merely human standpoint, the world at present appears to be heading to a major catastrophe. There is, however, no reason to be alarmed. We are subject to fear and pessimism only when we take a superficial view of the world problems, ignoring the fact that an invisible and almighty Controller governs the destinies of mankind from within and without, shaping all events and movements according to His will and plan.

The most crying need of the hour is a dynamic faith in the eternal verities of life. It is only on the basis of the realisation of the all-pervading Supreme Spirit that we can conquer fear and establish true peace and harmony on this earth. We must sink all man-made distinctions and stand up as the children of one Divine Parent. It is only on a plane that transcends all political and ideological controversies that we can resolve our differences and live and move with one another in a spirit of universal brotherhood. Love alone can conquer hate. True love is born of the realisation of the indwelling Divinity in everyone of us. Love should exert a dominating influence in our lives whether it be in the individual, communal, national or international sphere. The Divine should enliven and awaken us to the awareness of our spiritual kinship and the unity of mankind as a whole.

True knowledge and selfless love should guide our deliberations and actions in all fields of life. Love should be our pole-star and service should be the light that radiates from it for the welfare of all human beings. Then alone we can eradicate the evils that spell discord, war and disaster. Lack of understanding and love is the cause of mutual fear, distrust and dissension. Spiritual awakening from within is essential for bringing about a state of real peace and goodwill in the world.

Ramdas feels that the only way to spread the message of love is for him to bathe those, with whom he comes in contact, in the streams of love that spontaneously flow from his heart. With the spiritual experience that his Divine Master has granted him, he is moving among all beings looking upon them as the very embodiments of the Divine. Ramdas’ heart is with all great faiths and religions, as they have been founded by Prophets and Incarnations, and as from all of them he has derived Divine light and inspiration. Ramdas is one with all peace-lovers who strive in whatever way to dissolve differences that make for discord and strife, in order to bring about unity and friendliness among the peoples of the world.

May God’s will fulfil itself through the great souls who are trying in different parts of the world to stem the tide of a devastating war! May they, by their penance and sacrifice, release the Divine power for bringing a reign of peace and goodwill on earth! By the Supreme Master’s grace, may the attempts of all these illumined souls, from whose hearts ever rise waves of compassion for suffering humanity, be completely crowned with success!

(Extracted from the section titled ‘World Unity and Peace’ from Swami Ramdas’ The Divine Life [vol. 2])

Swami Ramdas (1884–1963), lovingly called ‘Papa’, was a Spiritual Master and founder of Anandashram, in Kerala, India. He was leading an ordinary life till God’s grace descended on him in or about the year 1920. In a short while, he could behold God everywhere, both within and without. Having thus attained spiritual liberation and God-vision, he started on his mission to awaken mankind to the awareness of God.

Swami Ramdas wrote many books in English and in 1933 started a monthly called The Vision to carry his message of Universal Love and Service based on cosmic vision.