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Spiritual Meditations ( 3 Sept 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Can We Make Religion Scientific?

By Swami Kriyananda

31 August, 2012

In recent centuries, science has given us a revolutionary and wonderful new approach to reality. Science tells us not to be satisfied with mere blind belief, but to experiment and prove whether what we want to believe is true.

Scientists started with a few simple questions that they could investigate, and then other scientists pushed those answers farther, until science discovered an endless array of marvelous things — a universe of a hundred billion galaxies, each with a hundred billion stars; a universe grander and greater than anyone had believed possible.

Imagine if you could go back in time and describe to the people who lived four centuries ago the wonderful things we have today — airplanes, television, travel to the moon — all the things we take for granted today. They would say you were mad.

Yet, despite all these discoveries, there is a sense of sterility in people's hearts today. They are asking, "But what does it all mean? Am i only a number? What is my reality? What is my place in the world?"

The need today is to translate the scientist's basic principles into spiritual terms. We must replace blind belief by direct, personal experience.

A few centuries ago, no one thought in this way. It was enough to declare that you believed. There were great arguments among the pundits about things that could never be proved. But now, with the example of science, people are asking, "How can we test and prove spiritual truths?"

I have had some wonderful experiences in my life of how God supports you when you live for him. Some years ago, i felt guided to visit India, after i had been away from this country for about ten years. I felt that the Divine Mother wanted me to go. (I always think of God as my Divine Mother.)

I had about $2,000 from classes that i had taught and money that people had given me, and in those days it was enough for a ticket and a stay of two or three months. But two weeks before i was to leave, my car broke down.

I thought, "I really should go to India, but when I come back I'll need a car." I prayed for guidance, but i didn't receive an answer. So i said, "Divine Mother, my common sense tells me i need a car, so i'm going to buy one. If you want me to go to India, you'll have to reimburse me."

On Friday i paid $1,100 for a car, and the following Monday i received a letter from a man i didn't know. He enclosed a cheque for $1,000, with a note that said, "To use as Divine Mother wants you to."

I've seen this happen so many times in my life. If it only worked for me, i might think that i am just lucky. But i've seen that it is true for everyone who follows this principle: live first for God and everything else will be given to you.

There is a longing today for this teaching. And when everyone longs for something divine, God sends a teacher to bring His truth to earth. This change in consciousness comes by meditating and living for God.

If you meditate and give the fruits of your actions to Him, you will find yourself coming into attunement with that higher guidance. The worst criminal can become a saint if he would only wake up to his own higher reality.