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Smiling: The Simplest Approach to Create A Pleasant Community, An Excellent Strategy To Overcome Depression

Smiling Enlightens Man's Heart with Hope, Helping Him Overcome Fears and Phobias


1.    Your smile in front of your brother, according to the Holy Prophet, is charity.

2.    A smile is a sign of humility, respect, and good manner, whereas laughter can be a sign of arrogance.

3.    According to a recent study, a pleasant smile offers numerous advantages.

4.    Despite the various benefits of smiling, we have no idea why we don't do so.


By Kaniz Fatma, New Age Islam

15 November 2021

Have you ever felt at ease approaching someone you're angry with only to be greeted with a smile? Do you find that smiling in front of your brothers and friends makes you feel better? Did you feel a wave of health rush through your body if you were unwell and went to the doctor for a check-up and the doctor greeted you with a smile? Did you know that a smile has a wonderful influence on the mind and brain of a person? Smiles are taught and implanted on a regular basis to strengthen social connections and bring economic and diplomatic issues to the forefront.

In the early twentieth century, smiles were formally recognised as an art and knowledge in educational institutions, and they were termed "mental knowledge of smiles." A loving smile, believe me, is priceless. The quickest method to connect hearts is with a smile. A healthy smile is an indicator of good health. Muslims were encouraged to smile by the Prophet (peace be upon him). "Do not scorn any good, even if it means meeting your brother with a smile on your face" (Sahih Muslim)

Your smile in front of your brother, according to the Holy Prophet, is charity. (Tirmidhi) The Holy Prophet taught that you can never win the hearts of the people with your wealth; instead, you must display humour and excellent manners in order to win their hearts. (Bayhaqi) It was the Holy Prophet's tradition to constantly have a smile on his face. According to Abdullah al-Harith ibn Hazm, no one smiled more than the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). (Tirmidhi)

When meeting someone, a smile on one's face indicates that the individual is decent and respectable. A person who possesses this attribute causes his other brother to experience a wave of happiness. In Islam, greeting someone with a smile is a valued trait. Although it has no special meaning in the perspective of the general public, it is an act of reciprocal affection from a moral standpoint. A Chinese proverb states that a person who does not know how to smile properly should not open a store.

This demonstrates that a genuine smile comes from the heart. This smile has a magical quality to it, and it attracts the recipient like a magnet. A genuine smile lights the entire face. The shadow of deception lurks behind the fake smile. Experts believe that in moments of dread, grief, anxiety, or distress, specific chemicals within each of us are produced by our body's organs. Small amounts of chemicals are released when the person you're gazing at smiles at you. Why is this case?

A smile, on the other hand, removes any thoughts or anxieties that may develop in your mind. As a result, it becomes engraved in your mind that the person approaching you is safe; it demonstrates that a smile is required to make life successful. It is sufficient to know that when a person smiles, 5 to 13 muscles of his face move, yet when a person is angry, frustrated, or anxious, 43 muscles of his face move.

What Is The Difference Between A Laugh And A Smile?

A smile is a long-term condition (sometimes known as a gentle laugh), whereas laughter is a temporary occurrence. A smile is another name for the natural reaction to joy, but laughter is occasionally the outcome of a sad accident. A smile represents inner enjoyment and calm, but laughter is a reaction to a crisis. A smile has a long-lasting effect, whereas laughter has a short-term effect. A smile is a sign of humility, respect, and good manner, whereas laughter can be a sign of arrogance.

According to a recent study, a pleasant smile offers numerous advantages. This benefits a person's mental, physical, and emotional health by lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow, strengthening the body's immune system against mental and social stress, and improving heart, mind, and body performance. The pulse of the smiling individual moves in a balanced manner. The human mind experiences serenity and pleasure when they smile. A smile brightens and beautifies your face. This helps to prevent anxiety and sadness, as well as being a pain reliever. A healthy smile can help prevent heart attacks, heart disease, and diabetes. Obesity and mental illnesses are warded off by the feeling of happiness.

Who among us would not like to be rewarded with financial generosity every day without having to provide anything in return? The loving Prophet has taught us how to get financial generosity as a reward without having to pay anything out of pocket. According to doctors, it is not only the simplest and most successful technique to succeed and acquire others' trust, but it is also a great treatment for depression.

The Holy Prophet defined charity as smiling in front of your brother. The art of smiling has been imparted to us by the Holy Prophet's instruction. The Prophet (peace be upon him) and sociologists both advise people to smile, yet there is a significant difference between these two strategies. Sociologists are instilling the value of smiling just for the sake of worldly gain. This expediency can be used to achieve fame, health, or money. In terms of the Holy Prophet, he has stated the true purpose of smiling in order for us to be closer to Allah. This goal is distinct from worldly objectives. Its effects are long-lasting.

The Prophet's admonition means that if you smile at your brother or friend, you will be rewarded with a reward similar to charity. This is a charity in which no dinars or dirhams are spent and no money is taken from your pocket. You may win the hearts of people all over the world if you know how to smile, and then encourage them to change the map of the universe by preaching the lesson of smile and happiness, bringing them to the path of peace. A smile has the power to transform people. It enlightens man's heart with hope. This enables one to remove fear and phobia. Despite the various benefits of smiling, we have no idea why we don't do so.


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