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You could become the centre of the universe


Feb 11, 2010

Whether i say 'yes' or 'no,' it does not get you any closer to reality.

You believe there is God or you believe there is no God, you just believe something that you do not know. The problem is just this - you are unwilling to see that you actually do not know. Belief essentially means that you are assuming something that you do not know.

If you do not even know where Creation begins and where it ends, how do you know where the Creator is? If you do not even know the nature of yourself, how do you know the nature of the Creator? You just believe something that you have been culturally conditioned to believe. Believing and disbelieving are fundamentally not different; it is just believing in a positive way or believing in a negative way. This will not get us any closer to reality.

Belief systems started because you do not have any logical explanation for the nature of Creation, its extent, magnitude and magnificence. So, a simple child-like answer is, somebody is sitting up there and doing it. Because you are human, you think God is a big man.

We have assumed unnecessary significance about our existence here. Certain belief systems hold that the human being is created in the image of God. Such ideas have made humans show disregard for every other life form.

Until the Middle Ages, people were made to believe that the Earth was the centre of the universe, the most important place in existence. Later, scientists found that the Earth is not the centre of the universe, it is not even the centre of the solar system. Now we know that the solar system might eventually cease to exist. Compared to the cosmos, it will just be a tiny empty space; nothing will be missed. So we should not assume too much importance to our existence. Existence is not human-centric - life and Creation is happening in more dimensions and ways than you can imagine. If you are experiencing only the physicality of Creation, you will not know the significance of life.

The very source of physical creation is also within you. Your body is created from inside, so is your mind. If you begin to experience yourself as the Creator, the very source of Creation, you will live your life magically. And then you are the centre of the universe. You can either exist here as just a piece of Creation, as just a bundle of flesh and bones, or you can exist here as the very Creator. This is the choice every human being has. The choice is yours because Creation and Creator both are right here, within you.

There is Creation; obviously something created it - you as a person did not create it. Since your experience is always from the context of who you are, accordingly, you try to create images of the Creator. If you see these images as stepping stones for a higher possibility, it is perfectly OK.

You are a piece of Creation. You clearly know this Creation is happening from within, not from outside. So, the source of Creation is within you.

You are alive, you are conscious. If you long to know and experience, now is the best time, not upon your deathbed. If you strive to transcend the limitations of the physical, the maker of the physical cannot be missed.

If your experience of life remains on the surface, you exist as a piece of Creation. Move to the core and you become the very source of Creation.

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