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Spiritual Meditations ( 3 Aug 2015, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Acknowledge Divine Blessings: Add Faith to Your Faith

By Qazi Wadud Nawaz, New Age Islam

03 August, 2015

 In the Name of Allah: The Most Beneficent and Merciful.

“No just estimate have they made of Allah, such as is due to Him:  on the Day of Judgment the whole of earth will be but His handful, and the skies will be rolled up in his right hand: Glory to Him! High is He above the partners they attribute to Him!”[Verse -39:67, Ref: Tafseer by Abdulla Yusuf Ali]

“For to Allah belong the forces of skies and the earth and Allah is exalted in power, full of wisdom” [verse-48:7 Ref: Tafseer by Abdulla Yusuf Ali]

 The very first Chapter of the Holy Quran, Sura ‘Al-Faatihah’ starts with the proclamation of all praises and glorification to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. The Holy Quran has made it binding on the part of mankind to acknowledge the absolute sovereignty of Allah as Creator and Sustainer of The Universe.

Mankind by nature is complacent and conceited  - very much eloquent in self-praise and hungry for credit and recognition by others, no matter  if  he deserves it or not. But at the same time very much ungrateful and close-fisted in praising and recognizing others. It is a natural tendency of mankind to hesitate to acknowledge his debts and try to underestimate the person to whom he is greatly indebted. And such has been the attitude of mankind even towards his Creator!  

“No just estimate have they made of Allah, such as is due to Him” -   says the Holy Quran [verse- 39:67].  Just estimate of Divine attributes is a vital component of Faith of a Believer. The Holy Quran from beginning to end has described and explained in details the depth and intensity of divine blessings and mercy on mankind to convince him of Allah’s greatness as the Creator.

  All Qur'anic Verses without exception in course of argumentation have adequately laid bare the logical basis of Allah’s Sovereign authority that demands acknowledgement and recognition of Divine Blessings from   mankind on the stand-point of faith and morality.   

Every moment, at every step of life, mankind feels and observes infinite manifestations of divine attributes in worldly life. Still humans are reluctant to recognize this Truth. Such is the extent of Audacity and ungratefulness on the part of mankind! The unbelievers and the people belonging to the materialist school of thoughts take resort to science as an instrument to under-estimate the authority, powers and sovereignty of the Ultimate Reality.

The Holy Qur’an has provided mankind  with a divine tool for evaluating and understanding the Attributes of Allah manifested in worldly life  in its ‘True (Haq)’ perspective. And Science in course of its advancement gradually reveals glories of Allah’s creation unravelling underlying Laws of Universal Governance. The whole process no-doubt will add Faith to the Faith of Believers.

 It is our duty as Allah’s representative on earth to praise and glorify Him for blessings and mercy He bestowed on us.  He is the Eternal Truth and Ultimate Reality Who created mankind and universe and everything seen and unseen existing between the heavens and the earth. He is the Sustainer and protector of life and all physical and spiritual processes running in the universe. He is the Sole Authority of Universal Dominion and Governance based on Truth and Justice. He bestowed on Mankind unique Status of His Representative on Earth. He created Life and Death, and made provision of Decay and Destruction as an integral part of Divine Creation. He gave mankind guidance through Messengers and Divine Books of Revelation – the Holy Quran and other Books. He has introduced Natural Laws as “Instrument of Divine Governance” and put all physical and Spiritual processes under Divine Control to maintain order and Balance of Justice (Meezan).  He Bestowed on Mankind faculty of Speech, Intelligence, Consciousness and Organs of Sense perception. He Bestowed on Mankind a Sense of Judgement – Good and Evils.  He created biological process of reproduction in Animal and Plant Kingdom to maintain continuity of creation up to an appointed time. He has created Day and Night- Light and Shade. He revives dead earth with showers from the heaven as a symbol of Resurrection as on the Final Day of Judgment.  He is the Original Source of Light and Knowledge. He is the Owner and regulator of all Forces between the Heaven and the earth. [Verse-48:7]. He is the supreme Judge in the Final Day of Judgment. He has made provision for reward and punishment, but proclaimed   Mercy and Forgiveness as the Principal Strategy of divine Justice. [Verses:  39: 53-54, 48:14]

 Amidst all these Blessings why should we hesitate to believe in Him and His commandments?   Why should we be reluctant to worship Him and prostrate before Him as a Symbol of Surrender to His Majestic Entity?  What hinders us to praise and glorify Him, Whom the entire universe prostrates in profound gratitude?

 The Holy Quran appeals again and again to our conscience to realize this   truth and acknowledge with profound gratitude the divine blessings and mercy bestowed on us by Allah.

In this context let us recall a famous quotation from Albert Einstein that says:

“Everything is determined…by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect as well as for the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust—we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.”

—Albert Einstein --- Quoted in interview by G.S. Viereck, October 26,1929. Reprinted in “Glimpses of the Great”, 1930

Determining forces of the universe is of course beyond human control and not visible to the naked eye, but of course can be perceived through spiritual prism of the Holy Quran.  The holy Quran Says:

“For to Allah belong the forces of skies and the earth and Allah is exalted in power, full of wisdom” [verse-48:7].

The forces which are beyond control of human being are under absolute dominion and control of Allah, the “ Invisible piper” Who makes the whole Universe ‘dance to a Mysterious  Tune' that echoes in the  Quranic verses.

Engineer by profession Kazi Wadud Nawaz is a Development Consultant in Khulna, Bangladesh.