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Accept Death to Prepare For Life

By Paulo Coelho


Become aware of your mission in this incarnation on Earth. Thinking about death will help you lead a more enhanced life.

I believe that this article will be read in about three minutes. Well, according to statistics, in those three minutes 300 people will die and other 620 will be born.

Maybe it took me half an hour to write it: I am focused on my computer, with books by my side, ideas in mind, cars passing by outside. Everything seems perfectly normal around me, however, during these 30 minutes, 3,000 people died and 6,200 have just seen light for the first time, the light of the world.

Where are these thousands of families who have just begun to mourn the loss of someone, or begun to laugh and smile at the arrival of a son, grandson, or brother? I stop and reflect for a moment; perhaps many of these deaths are occurring near the end of a long and painful illness, and some people are relieved to see that the Angel came to fetch them.

Moreover, without a doubt, hundreds of these children who have just been born will be abandoned at any moment and move into the statistics of death before I finish this text.

A simple statistic, which I just happened to look up — and suddenly I'm feeling these losses and these gains, these smiles and these tears.

How many are leaving this life alone in their rooms, while no one realises what is happening? How many will be born hidden, and will be abandoned at the doors of asylums or convents? I feel myself reflecting; I have been a part of the birth statistics, and one day I will be included in the number of the dead.

I am glad that I am fully aware that I will die. Ever since I walked the Road to Santiago, I realised that — as long a life continues, and we are all eternal — there will be an end one day.

Even if you believe in other lives, what we were given to live is this moment right now.

People think very little about death.

They spend their lives preoccupied with real absurdities, postponing things, leaving the important moments aside.

They don’t risk, because they think it is dangerous. They complain a lot, but cower in the times it is necessary to take action.

They want everything to change, but they themselves refuse to change.

If they would think a little more about death, they would not leave until tomorrow the phone call that needs to be made today. They would be a little crazier. They would not be afraid of the end of this incarnation — because you cannot fear something that will happen anyway.

The Indians say, “ Today is as good a day as any to leave this world.” And a witch once remarked, “ that death is always sitting next to you. So, when you need to do important things, it will give you the strength and courage.” I hope you, my reader, have come to be aware not only of statistics, but of your mission on this earth. Yes, all of us will die sooner or later. But accepting it is the best way to be prepared for life.


© Translated by Michelle Artimez


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