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Integration of Religion to Fiction: Religion Is A Sacred Spiritual Experience Which Cannot Be Sold After Making It Commercialized At Any Cost

By Noman Nayyir Kulachvi

October 8, 2019

Urdu Literature of the subcontinent is highly complicated and progressively harmed as well. Almost every prominent writer followed English literature and inculcated the shadows of religion while writing his literary work. There is an ample difference between preaching and fiction writing. You can choose different topics for the purpose of preaching a religion whereas it is not necessary that you start preaching in fictional work and novel writing. The practices that have been following by our renowned writers/ authors, the same still persists. Religion is a sacred spiritual experience which cannot be sold after making it commercialized at any cost.

 In our Urdu Literature, agonizing and heartbreaking additions are some old and many novels from contemporary society which were based on commercialization of religious beliefs. The relation of God with human beings is not of absurd nature which is to be abased. The greatness and importance of religion is mandatory but novelist & writer has no direct interaction with these sensitive and individual matters.

I feel remorse while reading the novels from writers of our young generation that how bravely they are selling the belief running in our blood by wrapping into the sheet of fiction and commercializing it. Devotion or love is not a commercial thing to gain economic interest and solve problems related to economy. Often I advise my intelligent students that if you want to earn then work hard with full honesty howsoever the life may be difficult; a hard worker finds a work for which he endeavours and carries the day. Every ideology and deed has a specific place, when you fall it from its place then it becomes extinct. In past, our renowned writers sold religious belief and earned fame & money as well but this fame is worthless which is acquired after exploiting religious approach or act.

In our society people have no strong relationship with literature however the knowledge seekers exist everywhere but when the quality of literature is compromised it become extinct, very soon

The simple meaning of fiction is that image or literary work which is not based on recognized reality. Fiction is defined in this way in the field of literature. For example metaphors of fairies and their world which come from a fantasy world and have not existence in reality are regarded as the basis of fiction or story, and it is the limit of fiction as well. If we go beyond this limitation then it will surely come out of the circle of fiction and could not be regarded as a part of fiction. Everything is swimming / moving in its respective circles hence every aspect of literature keeps its own circle. We call the verse which acts upon the weight and perception if it is only perception then it would be considered as a piece of prose writing.

The representation of character has a basic place in novel writing like fantasy has in fiction. Every quality of literature has its own limits if that were followed then the quality exists. While describing an event or a thought in an ode, there are necessary elements of following weight____ otherwise it will not be considered the ode from start to its end. There is no restraint in writing but when you present your writings in shape of a specific form of literature then it is compulsory that you follow every rule of that form of literature otherwise the readers would find it a piece of waste and throw into the bin. In our society people have no strong relationship with literature however the knowledge seekers exist everywhere but when the quality of literature is compromised it become extinct, very soon.

Basically, literature is a very responsible and innocuous field. You can use your pen for war and consolation as well and it can also be used for love and consciousness. It depends on you that in which direction of your pen goes. You cannot expect from a sincere and true novelist to play with thoughts & emotions of public and exploit them for the sake of his own goals. For instance, he succeeds in his mission but the knowledge seekers find motives behind his literary work. Novel, Story or Poem whatever you write, you must be aware of the basic rules for specified genre and also have a sense of responsibility to abide by the defined rules. You cannot adopt the principles and rules of arithmetic in novel-writing, similarly in purely religious writings the stories of birds and fantasy world cannot be quoted.

 In fiction you cannot describe sensitive issues. These are some basic responsibilities which must be fulfilled by the novelist otherwise fiction, religion, psychology, history and philosophy will be mixed up and reader would get nothing but confusion in reading that literary work. If you are a writer and want to persuade people and bring them towards religion then it a very noble cause and for this you should not adopt the method of novel or story writing but to write direct and clear religions writings so that readers could understand without any complication or obscurity and reach the final point that what you want to convey them.

This is the rule and principle of literature and in this way no any sort of violation in literary work is experienced and occurred. Readers would also understand an explicit message of the writer that what he wants and demands. Here I remember a famed and beautiful phrase of Joun Elia:“Mostly the people who should read are writing”.

Original Headline: ‘The integration of religion to fiction’

Source: The Daily Times