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Depression as Blessing in disguise

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

 May 24, 2011

A recent research study found that traits like sadness and defeatism define depression but they have their positive side, too. The research conducted by the University of Basel, Switzerland, says depressive individuals perform better than their normal peers in decision-making tasks.

What is depression? Depression is a sign of mental disturbance. Such disturbance leads to intellectual upheaval and, finally, to brainstorming.

Why depression? Depression is a symptom of deprivation. When you think that you are seriously lacking in something that you earnestly desire, this thought is bound to lead to depression. Depression is not a physical phenomenon: it is psychological in nature. If you feel that you have gained what you wanted to gain, that will give you a sense of satisfaction. But when you feel that you have failed to achieve your goal, it leads to depression. In the first case, your life very soon comes to a full stop, but in the second case, your life goes on, punctuated by commas.

Unpleasant experiences are painful but they make a necessary contribution to advanced intellectual development. Without undergoing this kind of experience, no one can be a super achiever.

A survey undertaken earlier entailed studying the lives of one hundred super achievers in order to discover their common features. It observed that one common trait of all these super achievers was discontent.

Discontent not only leads to an unending passion to achieve some prospective goal but it also engenders an unremitting urge to achieve more and more. Thus it becomes the master key for a high degree of success, whatever the field of action. Where contentment puts a full stop to everything, discontent pushes you on a non-stop journey. This is the greatest advantage of depression.

History has always shown that those living in carefree comfort, and not therefore a prey to despair, have generally failed to achieve any notable success; in contrast to those who, beset by adversity, have fallen into depression only to emerge subsequently as super achievers.

You may feel that depression is something that you do not want to experience, but this phenomenon is produced by the law of nature and, when it comes to the law of nature, you have no option but to accept it as it is. If, according to the law of nature, the journey of super achievement pursues a painful course, you are bound to keep to that course. In this case, you have only two options: either achieve super success by paying its natural price, or die without ever knowing super achievement.

Nature has demonstrated this fact in several ways. For example, if you want a glass of apple juice, you have to crush an apple. Without crushing the apple, you cannot have the desired fruit juice. This applies to anyone who wants to be a super achiever. He is obliged to tread the thorny path prescribed by nature because, without fulfilling this condition, no one can reach his desired goal.

It is a fact of life that one who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth is fated to live out his life as an average person, whereas those who are born without this silver spoon contrive to achieve great success.

In the beginning, depression seems to be a curse but, in the end, depression turns out to be a blessing. In fact, depression is only a temporary phase of life. It is in no way permanent. Depression is like a tedious journey. During this journey, you may be tired or bored, but when you reach your destination, you experience total happiness and satisfaction.

Source: The Times of India