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Spiritual Meditations ( 2 Jun 2016, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Formula for a Harmonious Marriage

By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan for New Age Islam

02 June 2016

A young married man once asked me the formula for harmonious marital relations. I replied saying that there was just one, simple formula. The husband should learn to adjust with his wife’s emotional nature and the wife should learn to adjust with her husband’s stubborn nature. After this, if God wills, the couple will enjoy harmonious relations for the rest of their lives.

Woman and man are not two opposed genders. Rather, they are each other’s counterparts. On this basis, each of them has been blessed with certain additional qualities. If women are generally more emotional, this is an added quality of theirs. It is not something that lowers or reduces them. It is not a sign of any lack. Likewise, if men are generally more stubborn, it is not their weakness but, rather, an added quality. Both of these additional qualities are necessary in life. Men and women should see these differences as part of God’s Creation Plan. If they realise this, they will better acknowledge and appreciate each other, instead of complaining and clashing.

In line with their emotional nature, most women are more soft. They are able to solve problems using this softness that they have been blessed with. The good that lies in men’s stubbornness is that where needed, they can deal with issues in a stronger way. In this way, both women and men are able to play their respective roles, through which the family and the wider society can function harmoniously.