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Spiritual Meditations ( 1 May 2012, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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The Indivisible God

By Manzoorul Haque, New Age Islam
01 May 2012
In the interest of buying peace, man has often tried to accommodate as many gods as possible. But does this approach sustain critical enquiry? Pressed a little more, the multi-god believer shrugs off his shoulders and proceeds to declare himself an atheist. From multi-god to no-god in such a swift motion, gives away the veneer that the man in question was wearing to hide his lack of seriousness about these issues. He turns out to be the bogus ideologue ab initio.
Then he insists that everybody must be equally spurious in matters religious – spuriousness according to him is akin to modernity, by some strange logic.
On the other hand the idea of an indivisible and lone God is the only idea that can exist; if at all the idea of God exists. People who project, that multiplicity of God(s) is an idea, that can satisfy human intelligence - are actually making light of the religious pursuit of mankind.
What is the whole idea of a God? If God is a rare being to be found hidden in some groove so that man should immediately bow down to him on coming to find him, the question does arise, why this funny antic and on what rational grounds? And of course there can be no limit to the number of such Gods, as every rodent living or dead (since God cannot die) can be ascribed that status simply on the whim of a person choosing to do so. This result we are getting by divorcing the the idea of God from the stature of God. But if you try to visualize the stature of God, you will have to concede that He cannot be the one who has created one fourth of this world and left the remaining for other Gods to do.  It is easy to say that the world was created by none (not even one God), because we do not know for sure who created it, but to say that half of it was created by one God and the other half by another God is simply illogical.  If a God can create half, he can as well create full, because obviously He does not create it by manual labor needing additional hands, but by a process. There cannot be two processes working simultaneously to create this world. Indeed science finds the existence of only one set of laws which are part of the same one process. So the possibility of there being more than one God does not exist.
Of course little reflection on the question of God also reveals his absence in the hitherto known parts of the universe. The distance of the outer periphery of the universe is so great that placing God beyond the universe may render him totally inaccessible, and divorced from this world. His control over the subsisting processes of the movement and growth of the universe will become questionable. Perforce we have to conclude that He cannot be a material being or of the likeness of anything in this universe – which allows Him to be all-pervasive.
These logical views of God are accepted and projected in Quran and that is what makes Quran so outstanding – and not because it contains formula for the best antibiotic as some scholars are trying to propagate. Indeed those projecting Quran as the ultimate book of science are doing the ultimate damage to the great philosophical religion of Islam.