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Each Expression of Beauty Is an Act of Love; Every Manifestation of Love Is an Act of Beauty

By David Sparenberg

August 27, 2019

To make a warrior’s choice in the clarity of human evolution is to invite the flowering of beauty.  To make a warrior’s choice within the possibilities of wisdom is to work intimately in the garden of love.

A person does not need to define mystery to be transported to ecstasy.  A person does not need to be a logician to join the poetry of dance.

Those with gnosis (and they are often spoken of plainly as Sufi) know these two, beauty and love, as one.  In times like these they are those who make a warrior’s choice; they chose the warrior’s path. Fierce and tender is their love; of fire and water’s glamour of their beauty.

Love’s heroes delight to travel in the colors of the cosmic rainbow.  The beautiful delight sharing the communion of radiance, as ordinary as the sharing of figs and bread, with friends and strangers alike.

These refined one, sensitive to their cores (and they are often spoken of most plainly as Sufi) emerge into peopled places as troubadours.  They play to uphold creation.  They continue the story of life—the miraculous narrative of the miraculous universe growing constantly through orbs of self-observation and spheres of self-reflection.

Warrior-troubadours, vowed to love and beauty, speak truth with a symmetry of humility and courage.  Rapt in amazement, they come before those of us who are voiceless.  They come before those of us who watch our shadows in the dust and have lost our music.  Any moment dervishes and mandala dancers may reveal the heart as a mirror with wings!

Then, sheerly for the sake of giving, Sufis, the givers, restore breath to time; they soften what is hard; they sing the world.Not relics, certainly not statues, but as living presence, the Sufis bring peace to the afflicted and those tormented by fear.  Light is extended to lives that have fallen, release made possible for the tortured and self-imprisoned.

A Sufi master might say to his followers, “If you desire to return to truth, remove the mask you are wearing. Be in search of the Face.”  Another might tell her friends, “The surest cure for corruption is laughter.”  At any moment, a Sufi may reveal the heart as a mirror with wings!

Why not then, since there is so much hurt and hunger in the human world, and so much trouble teeming throughout the Earth, come soon to the meeting of the finger and the thumb (where love and beauty have become one), and make a warrior’s choice?

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author

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