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Spiritual Meditations ( 8 Aug 2016, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Humility and Charity

By Osho

August 8, 2016

The Quran says three basic qualities have to be in the heart of the seeker. The first is Khushu, or humility. The second is Karamat, or charity, and the third is Sijd, or truthfulness, authenticity, recognising that which you are. These are the three pillars of Sufism. The humble person is not egoless.

First, the ego was very gross. That’s when you go on bragging about your money. One day you renounce all your money and then you start bragging that you have renounced all. This is subtle, but the bragging continues. Humility, Khushu, means a man who has understood all the ways of the ego. And by understanding all the ways of the ego, the ego has disappeared.

The second is charity, Karamat. Charity does not mean that you give and you feel very good that you have given, that you give and you oblige the person to whom you have given. Charity is when you give and you feel obliged that the other has taken it; when you give with no idea that you are obliging anybody in any way; when you give because you have too much.

The third is sijd, truthfulness. It means being the truth. Saying is only halfway; being is the true thing. You can say truth a few times when it doesn’t harm you — that’s what people go on doing. When truth is not going to harm them, they become truthful. If sometimes truth is going to harm others, they persist in being very truthful. But when the truth is not going to help you, then you drop it and it is no more meaningful.