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The Real Terrorist Is FEAR

By Brahma Kumari Sister Jenna

Jul 22, 2016

Last week, it happened again. Yet, more attacks in Nice and Ankara. How are you feeling? Do you comprehend that an attack on any of God’s children is an attack on ourselves? Moving towards restorative justice isn’t so easy when the inner workings of consciousness are complex. The growing interest in restorative justice is an approach to heal the soul but few leaders know the power of the inner world of healing. At its heart is the notion that any damage to a human relationship or attack on anyone must be attended from a spiritual as well as practical approach.

 For instance, who is the real terrorist? It’s not the Islamic fundamentalist — it’s the fear in our souls. We are called to confront the foundation of our fears and our lack of trust with every thought we have. Fear appears in our lives as a deep anxiety and is the frustrated companion of even deeper hidden and forgotten wounds. Fear is subtle but apparent when we see suicide bombers, abusive relations, aggressive behaviours, and painful misuse of money.

So for beginners, are you ready to name your fears? Don’t bury your fears and pretend the terrorist does not exist. When we cover up our fears by masking them behind religion, race, country or even a cause, the terrorist force of fear increases. There are steps you can use to transform the terrorist of fear:

 1. Don’t ignore being vulnerable

2. Be open to finding a new way of listening to others

3. Share what you are feeling

4. Look for those who will be honest with you and still accept you

5. Look at fear and say, “Can we be friends?”

It is important that you accept that the terrorist of fear is operating subconsciously inside you. Fear thrives and feeds on its own negativity. If our fears are left unattended, it becomes a powerful form making the terrorist thrive in territories where it can breathe and build itself without being discovered. The best way to fight this terrorist is to not hide your fears. Simply put, do not mask what you are afraid of! If you are feeling pain — you live in terror. Get it out! That pain is coming from a deep feeling of inadequacy and worthlessness which is fed from being separated from the real Self. Fear does not discriminate and feeds off pain and hopelessness. When we decide to heal the pain of fear, do not expect it to be a quick fix. Awareness of this fear is only the beginning. Recognise this pain, addressing it with the steps above. Keep an eye out for ways to always value the feelings of another child of God over a religious belief, colour of skin, nationality, or language.

Find ways to celebrate that has nothing to do with who is the chosen or better one. Recognise the common ground with each other instead of thinking what material gain can I get from this. When we experience the Light of God, the terrorist called Fear is so scared of that Light; it will exit your system. Ask yourselves, how deep is your faith? Your faith will gain strength based on your waves of healing, love, and power to forgive.¦