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Modern Civilization, A Drowning Ship with No Crew - The Dialogue of 2021

By Aadil Farook, New Age Islam

23 December 2021

The search for truth has now turned obsolete

For our caprice, social media is an ideal treat

No more time for lifting the veils on reality

Google is there to entertain us as its duty

Hedonism and consumerism thwart human soul

That was created for a much higher goal

The pursuit of material progress and “prosperity”

Chokes a life of dimensions approaching infinity 

Science and research cannot illuminate everything

Inner peace, technologies simply cannot bring

Philosophy has no potential to satisfy our quest

Art and Literature distract us from voids at best

Political and economic isms have all been tried

In bridging theory with practice, they all lied

Religion has been confined to rituals or dogma

The journey within has become an enigma

The entire humanity is in crisis

Directionless, we strive for bliss

At will, the devils run the show

The seed of solution, none to sow

This planet longs for a magic wand

Or a new sun that hasn’t dawned

That mortal can promise us salvation

In whom, all qualities form a fusion

Only one man can save mother earth

To global welfare, he can give birth

His seeker cannot be at loss

He’s the secret behind this cosmos

Ages ago, his life did end

Yet, on his way, we depend

He showed path of divine light

He grants man his lost sight

He merged passion with vision

He indeed defines revolution

Claimants of his love are all around

But deeds like his won't be found

Believers hail him but don’t follow him

Disbelievers are too blind to know him

In the West, his status isn't revealed

The East, without him, can't be healed

In the East, he is revered without imitation

The West criticizes him with no comprehension

Too far from his footsteps is the East

Enlightened or spiritual, the West is least  

“Intellectuals”, too arrogant to acknowledge him

The masses, too ignorant to understand him

The poor lack knowledge to walk his pathway

The rich surrender to their own desires’ play

No conspiracy it is that he’s vilified beyond measure

Tarnishing his legacy is the sick soul’s pleasure

Yet the meaning of his name is, “the praised”

Thus, from history, he cannot ever be erased

Among all giants, he alone is the king

His majesty makes me write and sing

Many hearts and minds exist in his dominion

His rule transcends any geographical region

 O’ beloved of God, none can ever be like you

Modern civilization, a drowning ship with no crew

Its indifference can’t undermine your greatness at all

It would only increase its own perpetual fall

He who doesn’t love your poverty

is not worthy of admiring your glory

He who hasn’t seen your ascetic nature

Should not see your grandeur either

He who can’t appreciate your mystical aspect

Should remain silent on your worldly impact

He who can’t read your simplicity

Is himself alien to what’s humility?

He who is unable to see your purity

is illiterate to the concept of beauty

He who doesn’t surrender to your wisdom

Is devoid of learning like the deaf & dumb

He who fails to feel your tears for all humanity

has no right to call you most influential personality

He who is unaware of your long prayers for the Ummah

Should not be impressed with your conquest of Makkah

He who can’t see your perfection

Is a prey to Satan’s deception

He who can’t acknowledge you as a prophet

is comparing a sun to a candle being lit

Not recognizing you as the most exalted creation

is the negation of God’s proudest affirmation

If God was a hidden treasure wanting to be known

The key of His heavens are in your hands alone

The prayer that begins with your invocation

ends with the cosmic symphony’s affiliation

The Muslims split into many factions without brotherhood

unite only to safeguard your finality of prophethood

The sword truly raised in only your name

is free from hatred, avarice and blame

Western Thought says self-discovery is after affirming ego

But you said that realization comes after negating ego

While modernity brought exploitation of nature

You taught that harmony is the vital factor

To uphold establishing peace without your reference

is concealing that love was your foremost reliance

Before time-space when all souls endorsed God’s existence

You had already been chosen as leader of homo-sapiens

 O’ Muhammad Sallallaahu 'Alayhi Wa Sallam

It is now time the world submits to you

It is now time the world submits to you

It is now time the world submits to you

And, due to heedlessness, if it doesn’t

It will submit on the Day of Judgment

Here, you lived like a humble servant

There, everyone will be your servant!


Aadil Farook, Winner/Nominee of 2 International Awards (US & UK), is a Lahore-based blogger.


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