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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 12 May 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Azan, the New Magazine of Taliban-Al Qaida: Secret Groups of Terrorists in Pakistan Army Waiting To Take Over Defence Installations


By Syed Shabbir Ahmad, New Age Islam

May 12, 2013

A new English magazine named ‘Azan’ has been published by the jihadists which apparently targets the educated Muslims all over the world. The language and the standards of research material shows that  the editorial team of Azan consists of well-educated and experienced but radicalised people from among  the Muslims. The editorial of the magazine gives the hint of the objectives of the publication of a new magazine along with Al Qaida’s mouthpiece Inspire. The editorial invites all the Muslims to join the ‘jihad’ to inflict maximum damage and inflict humiliation to the infidels in their respective countries. It should be noted that inflicting humiliation to the infidels means killing Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and all those who do not subscribe to the Taliban-Wahhabi version of Islam through suicide bombings. The magazine also shows that to them suicide bombing is ‘martyrdom operation’ which leads them to ‘Jannah’ where 72 houris are waiting to embrace them. It also persuades Muslim youth to contact them to join the jihad and they will provide them all the necessary resources to carry out suicide bombings to destroy the infidels.  The last page of the magazine called CONTACT US gives the email ID while mentioning that the email ID will be changing with every issue. It also gives the hint that Azan is being published by the same group that publishes Inspire. It means that Azan is published by the Taliban and Al Qaida based in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The editorial starts with calling the jihadist, the group of suicide bombers and killers of innocent, non-combatant and unarmed Muslims, as the forces of Allah and creates the illusion of a full fledged war between the enemies of Islam (Pakistani army included) and the jihadists in which the Jihadis are winning and the enemies of Islam are losing and being humiliated.

The magazine also aims at countering the propaganda of the ‘satanic media’ which has portrayed the saviours as terrorists and the real terrorists as saviours.’ The jihadists, therefore, are the real saviours and the soldiers of the Pakistani army and Afghanistan Army and policemen of both the countries are terrorists. (It should also be noted that the magazine uses the American spellings of words like saviour which indicates the editorial team consists of Muslims educated and brought up in the US.

The editorial also reflects the illusion of the jihadists that the Islamic caliphate is about to be established whereas the truth is that they are a beaten and condemned lot all over the world both by Muslims and the non-Muslims. The learned editor therefore writes:

“The world today stands at the eve of the return to Khilafah as was destined to happen according to the Ahadith of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

It also appeals to the Muslim men and women from all over the world to join their un Islamic way of jihad. It says:

“Azan is also a platform for the Muslim men and women abroad who seek to humiliate the tyrants in their own lands. We ask all Muslims holding such noble aspirations of discharging their sacred duty of Jihad to contact us so that we might assist them with their endeavour, and all Might belongs to Allah Alone.”

Therefore, the editorial gives the gist of what the magazine aims to achieve. It attempts at brainwashing educated and frustrated Muslim youth to join their version of jihad by misquoting the Hadiths and the verses of the Quran.

The articles and features included in the first issue show that most of the contributors, except a couple are from Pakistan though the magazine also covers the ‘jihad’ in Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen.

One of the pages has the quotations from Mullah Omar’s speeches. One such quotation says:

“By the grace of Allah, our jihad caravan has reached to such a stage that the support and sympathies of the world of Islam are with us and we have gained enough resources to be able to inflict a heavy, irresistible and devastating military defeat upon the enemy in the future. Insha Allah...”

Thus the whole magazine is replete with such tall claims and illusory victories over the ‘enemies’ to create the impression in the young impressionable minds that their jihad is about to be materialised and they are going to destroy the Pakistani army, the US army and the Indian army and establish the caliphate all over the world. Their recent humiliating defeat in Mali belies their claim. In fact it is they who have provided the US with the justification for invading Muslim countries and destroying them and killing millions of innocent people as they claim and take pride in the 9/11 attacks and glorify the terrorists while the apologetic Muslim intellectuals still cry hoarse that the attacks were a conspiracy of the US and the Jews. The following extract from the article titled “On the road to Khilafah” will suffice to open the eyes of these Muslim intellectuals and prove that it was the Taliban and the Al Qaida who provided the US a weapon called “the war on terror” to destroy Muslim world. It was after the 9/11 attacks that ‘the war on terror got steam and justification against Muslim states and individuals all over the world. The article further says:

“The Glorious result of only five years of Muslim Rule came in the form of one of the most devastating attacks that the Kuffar have probably ever faced in history. 9/11 became the Muslim answer to more than 50 years of American cruelty in Palestine and elsewhere. The Americans were already planning to invade Afghanistan before the attacks happened.”

The article goes on to proclaim how they implemented Shariah in Afghanistan and what kind of peace they established there:

“The Taliban implemented the Laws of Allah in their entirety. The hand of the thief was cut and the adulterer was stoned. Drug production was stopped and most importantly, all forms of Shirk (polytheism) were abolished. The Taliban destroyed the statues that were worshipped besides Allah and revived the Sunnah of Abraham (May Allah’s Mercy be upon him). Education was spread gloriously and courts that ruled according to the Shariah of Allah came into power. The Muslims who witnessed that society testified that they had never seen or experienced such peace before; true justice and harmony prevailed. Furthermore, the return of a Muslim Shariah land brought to life the great obligation of Jihad. Training camps were organized and Muslims around the world migrated to land of Hijrah and Jihad to take part in this noble obligation.”

Cutting the hands of the thieves and stoning the adulterer is what their notion of implementation of Shariah revolves round. If you cut the hand of the thief and stoned an adulterer, you implemented the Shariah. Whether schools and colleges are opened or not, health system, education system, economic, scientific and basic infrastructure are built or not does not matter. The learned writer says that drug production was stopped. It is a blatant lie. The economy of Afghanistan depends on drug production and drug protection. According to researches, Taliban and Afghan tribal leaders are involved in production and cultivation of opium and drugs. Another lie the writer presents is that education was spread gloriously. The fact is that the Taliban closed girls’ schools and parents and teachers teaching their daughters at home were killed mercilessly. Only learning of the Quran and Hadith were allowed whereas the prophet (pbuh) stressed on the need to acquire all forms of knowledge in order for the Muslim Ummah to succeed both in this world and in the Hereafter. They victimized women in every which way-- educationally, socially, physically and economically. They cut the nose and ears of women for petty faults such as escaping from an old forced husband. It says, ‘All forms of Shirk’ were abolished, indicating to the demolition of Bamiyan Buddhas.

The article goes on to give details of the advance of the jihadi juggernaut in Pakistan, Iraq, Mali  etc whereas the truth is that in all these countries they were battered by the state forces and NATO and have only caused bloodshed of Muslims by attacking them unawares by carrying out suicide blasts. About Pakistan, it claims:

“In Pakistan, after the Government and the Military chose to side with the disbelievers against their fellow Muslims in Afghanistan, the Mujahideen started to wage Jihad in Pakistan as well to strengthen the Afghan Jihad. Shariah was enforced for some time in Swat and other tribal areas. Alhamdulillah, Waziristan and the adjoining tribal areas became the centre of all good happenings in the Islamic Ummah. The Mujahideen migrated there from all over the world and with the Will of Allah, the armies that shall leave to conquer Damascus, Constantinople (Turkey) and India would emerge from this area.”

The good happenings in Waziristan and other tribal belt of Pakistan occupied by Taliban was that they forced women to remain indoors, prevented women from voting in elections, abducted Sikhs for ransom and killing them for not converting to Islam and cutting their hair. Another good thing that happened within the area of their control was the attack on a 13 year old girl for going to school. Killing of Shias, whom they call infidels was common. These are some of the ‘good’ things that happened under the Taliban.

About Iraq it says,

“The Iraqi Jihad yielded such giants of Jihad as Shaykh Abu Mussab Al- Zarqawi and Shaykh Abu ‘Umar Al- Baghdadi (May Allah be Merciful to them). The Islamic emirate of Iraq became a real source of humiliation for the Americans.”

The writer further says the ‘Mujahideen’ will conquer both India and Pakistan and implement Sharia-based caliphate there:

“With such glad tidings from the Messenger of Allah, the Mujahideen of Pakistan have their firm sights on freeing both India and Pakistan from the rule of the disbelieving rulers and to establish Shariah in all these lands once more. May Allah Grant victory to them! Ameen!”

The Islamic Emirate of Iraq is an imaginary state of the Taliban and has no existence on the ground. What they mean by jihad there are the suicide bomb blasts on Shias and other innocent, non-combatants which has prevented any possibility of peaceful formation of a working polity and this infighting has come in the way of the reconstruction of the country.

The world knows what kind of beating they got in Mali at the hands of the French and the local government forces and after bloodshed and destruction, they had to flee and hide in the jungles. Mali had been freed by the French but because of the misadventure of the jihadists; France had the opportunity to interfere in the affairs of the country. But in the article, they claim to have made great advances in their battle against the enemies of Islam:

“In Mali, with the Help of Allah, the Mujahideen have managed to implement Shariah in more than half of the country and the land has become a real threat to the tyrants of the world who are foolishly aiming to invade it. Similarly, in Somalia, Chechnya, Nigeria, Libya and many other Muslim majority lands, the Jihad and the call to Khilafah is gathering speed.

Even in the Kufr countries, “home grown terrorism” is becoming a real issue as more and more Muslims are realizing that Jihad is not limited to a particular land and that Muslims may perform this

With their Takfiri attitude they have waged severe sectarian differences among the Muslims and have been causing bloodshed in Muslim societies killing innocent men, women and children in the name of Islam.

Another article on drone attacks titled ‘The Drone Chain’, the writer asks Muslim youth to find a solution to the drone and contact them if any one of them has any knowledge how to counter the drone technology. They feel it necessary to counter the drones because the jihadists in Taliban occupied territory are killed by the drones regularly. Many big leaders of Taliban have been killed in drone attacks. That’s why they are looking for some ‘brilliant minds’ among the Muslims to come up with ideas and technology to combat drones:

“These drones can be hacked and manipulated as evidenced by the efforts of the Iraq Mujahideen. Furthermore, they can be destroyed using various technologies that the Mujahideen are working on.”

The Taliban who have been opposing scientific education and research in territories occupied by them are now looking for Muslim scientists who could provide them ideas and technology to hack and destroy the drones. What an irony!

“The Ummah is not short of brilliant minds – from the millions of Muslims that live all over the world, there would possibly be quite a few who would assist their brothers in combating these evil missiles designed by the devils of the world.

“Any opinions, thoughts, ideas and practical implementations to defeat this drone technology

must be communicated to us as early as possible because these would aid the Ummah greatly

in its war against the crusader Zionist enemy.”

Another article titled, “Malala, Education and an unruly media” spews venom against Malala Yousufzai who became a symbol of defiance against Taliban diktat against girls’ education. According to the writer of Azan, Malala is a criminal and one who has turned her back on Islam and might be killed any day because she is playing in the hands of the Zionists and the Americans. It says:

“These same insignificant, ignorant people who hold key political and social positions for the masses have managed to make a criminal young woman into an ‘international superstar’, soon on the way to ‘Nobel stardom’.

The writer hates the girl because she in her diary made a mockery of Taliban by commenting on their implementation of full veil and ban on girls’ education. The writer quotes a comment by Malala that has irked the Talibanis:

“So, the girl began to write the diary. It remains to be seen whether Malala was actually the writer of the diary or not. Regardless, ‘Gul Makai’ managed to write:

“Nowadays, an incident has become quite famous in Swat. This other day, a woman wearing a ‘shuttle cock’ Burqa (veil) fell down on the way. When a man tried to help her get up, the woman refused him saying, ‘Forget it brother! Don’t pick me up so that Maulana Fazlullah can feel at peace.”

Witness how awful this diary entry is! “Shuttle cock Burqa”? Who uses this sort of language? A Muslim? Allah is The One Who Ordered the Veil - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, All-Powerful, All-Mighty! Oh young girl! Did you not read Allah’s Verdict regarding those who mocked His Signs?”

And it is because of this defiance that the Taliban calls her an apostate and an agent of the US and therefore issues her a veiled threat:

“You escaped once but who will save you from the torment of Allah if you do not turn back to Him? Besides, the men of Allah are all over the world... and death comes as swift as the pull of a pious finger on a trigger.”

She is considered apostate because she opposed Taliban as whoever opposes Taliban and Al Qaida is not a Muslim and whoever is not a Muslim deserves to be killed. The writer says that Malala escaped once but ‘men of Allah (the terrorists) are all over the world.”

The article ‘The Pakistani army doctrine U-turn’ lashes out at the Pakistani army, the army of the apostates for calling terrorism the greatest threat and not India. Pakistani army’s evaluation was right when it said that terrorism inside the country and not India was the greatest threat to Pakistan. This irked Taliban and it poured expletives against it for this ‘U-turn’.

In a passing reference, the writer once again calls the 9/11 attacks ‘a moment of glory’:

Fast forward to 2001 - when the Muslims of the world witnessed glory when the biggest Pharaoh of today, America was put to shame by 19 gallant men of Allah…”

Now it is hoped that the apologetic Muslim intellectuals will stop giving clean chit to Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar in 9/11 attacks.

The most important piece of the magazine is the interview of a terrorist named Adnan Rasheed associated with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi who also joined Taliban and was involved in the attacks on Pervez Musharraf. He was finally arrested by the army and was convicted. But the Taliban had attacked the prison and freed him. The interview lays bare the unholy nexus of the Pak army, the ISI and the terrorists belonging to Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the Lashkar-e-Taiba and other terrorist organizations.

He says that he was inspired by the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi founder. He got a job in the army but became a part of the Taliban and other secret terrorist groups working in the army. He says:

“Meanwhile, one day, a brother named Y came to us from Shorkot Base. He came with the invitation to join a clandestine Jihadi group that had been working in the Air Force for years.”

Later Adnan Rasheed says:

“The mission of this group (Jama’at) named IDARA TUL PAKISTAN was to prepare Mujahideen in all three forces – Army, Navy and Air Force - for a future take over.”

Not only that, the interview also exposes the fact that the army officers know these terrorists working as soldiers in the army but do not have the courage to go against them, rather assist them in their plans. He says that an officer would call him Taliban. It means that the officer knew well that Adnan was a Taliban mole yet he did not take action against him. Instead he granted him four months’ leave to join a training camp of Jaish-e-Muhammad for the promise that on the Day of Judgment, Adnan will take him to heaven: He says:

“Then, one day I decided to talk to my officer commanding, Wing Commander Mushtaq, directly. So I went to him. He used to call me TALIBAN. I said, “Sir, do you know that a martyr will take 70 people along with him to Jannah?” He said yes. I said, “I want to go in the path of Allah for 4 months so I need a leave. I promise you that if I get martyrdom, I will take you to Jannah!” He said, “Promise?” I said “Yes”. He then said that my leave was guaranteed, so then I left for Jaish-e-Muhammad.”

 Imagine a soldier of the Pakistani army wants leave not for four days or weeks but for four months and that too for joining a training camp of Jaish-e-Muhammad, and the army officer, instead of taking action against him, grants him four months’ leave so that he could go to heaven with him.

What comes later will put the Pakistani government and the army to shame as an officer makes the following acknowledgement to the terrorist. He says:

“When I was under investigation, I used to debate with them, and Alhamdulillah they were always defeated. One time, the officer who also investigated KSM Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, after losing the debate, said, “Adnan, you know, how can we speak against America when our monthly salary comes from them; our country is so weak that it can’t provide salary to us - how can we think to fight against them?”

This interview exposes the sorry state of affairs inside the Pakistani army which has been dangerously infested by the terrorists. Moreover, the fact is known to the top army brass as they know who belongs to Jaish-e-Mohammad and who belongs to Taliban but they do not or can’t do anything against them for the fear of life. These elements have formed secret groups in the army and are waiting to take over the army and its defence installations. They have sneaked into all the three wings of the Pakistani army and can inflict irreparable damage not only to Pakistan but to the whole region or perhaps to the whole world. Time and again, the question is raised if the nuclear installations of Pakistani army are in safe hands and Pakistan gives assurance to the world that they are safe. But Adnan Rasheed’s statement proves all the claims of the Pakistan army false. The Pakistan army and the government is answerable not only to the Pakistani people but to the whole world.

Other articles deal with democracy and nationalism. The writers of the respective articles harp on the same idea that democracy and nationalism are against the principles of Islam and only a caliphate is the answer to all the ills of not only the Muslim Ummah but of the whole world.

To sum it up, the publication of such magazines is detrimental to the world peace and also against the interests of Islam as they promote mindless violence, sectarian feelings among Muslims and hatred against other religions. It also seeks to misguide gullible Muslim youth and draw them towards terrorism. The peace loving world community should take steps to stop such publications from being circulated via the internet. New Age Islam has already requested the UN in its paper presented in the last session to formulate new laws to protect cyber space from such dangerous and incendiary publications.