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Al-Qaida Leader Aiman Al-Zawahiri's Latest Mischief Over Hijab controversy: Why are Indian ulema silent? Muslims must promptly condemn ISIS and Al-Qaeda's interference in our internal matters

Aiman Al Zawahiri Wants To Create Rifts In Indian Society

Main Points:

1.    Indian Muslims should strongly rebuff Zawahiri's statement.

2.    Al Qaida and ISIS are hidden enemies of Muslims.

3.    Indian Ulema should condemn Zawahiri's statement.


By New Age Islam Staff Writer

9 April 2022


Ayman al-Zawahiri, Video grab


Al Qaida leader Aman al Zawahiri's latest statement praising the bravery of Muskan Khan and calling her a Mujahida ( woman waging jihad) over hijab needs to be taken seriously by the Indian Muslims. His statement was typical of the terrorist outfits active in the middle east and the South Asia.

The Muslim girls' fight for their religious rights that is, the right to dress and the right to observe their essential religious practices was legal and democratic. Indian Muslims have always struggled for their rights peacefully and democratically under the legal frame work and have accepted the verdict of the courts in a dignified way, be it the Babri Mosque verdict, the Triple Talaq verdict or the latest hijab verdict.

The Muslim girls have decided to go to the Supreme Court, a right they have been granted by the Constitution. At no juncture, the Indian Muslims have resorted to violence or taken to militancy to solve their problems. They have deep faith in the India democracy and judiciary.

Therefore, the statement of the Al Qaida leader did not go down well with the Indian Muslims, more so with the girls and their family. Muskan's father Mohammad Hussain Khan promptly rejected Zawahiri's overture as unwelcome, wrong and termed it as an attempt at creating rift in the Indian society. They did not like Zawahiri’s statement because it would vindicate the theory of 'hidden hand' behind the girls' legal and democratic fight. This will cause a setback to their just and democratic struggle and also put the girls under suspicion.

Earlier, Taliban had praised Muskan for her 'bravery' though they have never encouraged girls ' education and have never allowed women outside without a mahram.


Instead of being happy with Zawahiri's statement, the Indian Muslims should take it as an alarm bell because it is a part of the policy of Al Qaida and the ISIS. They try to infiltrate any peaceful and democratic movement and then turn it into a violent uprising which loses direction and purpose. Gradually, the uprising turns into a civil war where the actual parties are relegated to the corner and the terrorist outfits rule the roost. Till the time the actual players realise the mistake it is too late. 

Our ulema are so far silent. Earlier too Ulema remained silent, when reacting to the hijab controversy in Karnataka, terror outfit Islamic State threatened to slaughter Hindus who dishonour Muslim women. According to The Print, the terror outfit, in the March edition of its propaganda magazine Voice of Hind said, "Every Hindu coward putting an eye on the honour of our sisters will be slaughtered into pieces mercilessly." It claimed that the ban on hijab in educational institutions in Karnataka is planned by the BJP to "undress and humiliate Muslim women publicly” and said the controversy is being used to disempower young Muslim women.

Yet  Indian ulema remained silent. This ostrich-like behaviour, ignoring such deadly messages from terrorist organisations, their interference in our internal issues, is not going to help Muslims at all. Muslims, particularly our ulema, should come out and condemn such interference with one voice. Unfortunately,  this didn't happen. We at New Age Islam hope this unanimous condemnation will come now when Al-Qaeda chief Aiman al-Zawahiri is attempting similar interference.  If we do not want our youth to be radicalised we need to take prompt action. The Gorakhpur incident in which an IIT grad attacked policemen at the temple gate should come as a warning of things to come. But, somehow, we don’t see alarm bells ringing in the Muslim community. This is unfortunate and will cause us great harm if we don’t take precautionary measures in time.

The civil war in Arab states is a glaring example of their modus operandi. The Arab Spring was started as a peaceful movement for change but the Al Qaida and the ISIS soon hijacked the movement and turned it into a civil war. As a result, the civi war turned into a political war and the entire region was ravaged. The people who wanted a better government had to leave their country ad seek asylum in Europe. They are living a miserable life in refugee camps there. Certainly, this was no what they had wanted. But the Al Qaida, ISIS, Al Nusrah and other small terrorist organisations brought them to this condition.

After being routed from the Middle East, Al Qaida and ISIS are trying to get a foothold in the Indian subcontinent. They have tried to capitalise on domestic issues of the Indian Muslims. They try to take advantage of the Kashmir issue; they tried to infiltrate the anti-NRC movement but failed. Zawahiri's statement supporting the hijab movement is another move to find sympathy among the Indian Muslims.

Al Qaida and ISIS are terrorist organisations who have provided the US and the NATO nations the ground to attack and destroy prosperous Muslim countries under the pretext of war on terror.

Zawahiri's overture needs to be rebuffed with full force as it will make the hijab movement weak and all those non-Muslim secular organisations and individuals defending the rights of the minorities will appear standing shoulder to shoulder with Al Qaida and so will shy away from extending their moral support to the girls. This was the situation when the Taliban had expressed solidarity with Muskan.


Muskan's Allah o Akbar moment


The Al Qaida and the ISIS are the hidden enemies of Muslims. After destroying the Middle East, they made life miserable for the immigrant Muslims of France, and other western countries. They have also caused hardships or he Muslims of Philippines, Mali, and African countries. In Europe, Muslims are seen with suspicion because of their terrorist activities there. Mosques and religious organisations are under government scanner. In India too, Muslims are arrested on terror charges. The recent statement of Zawahiri on hijab and Muskan will only complicate matters not only for those who fight for their religious rights but also for the entire Muslim community. Therefore, as I said earlier, the Muslim community should collectively condemn the overtures and statements from the fugitives and terrorists like Zawahiri but unfortunately, prominent ulema and religious organisations of India have not come out with their word of condemnation. Perhaps they have chosen to ignore it. This is not prudent because their silence will strengthen the voices that have been circulating the theory of 'hidden hand' behind the hijab movement.


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