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Elements of Sex and Death in the Suicide of Terrorists


By Nastik Durrani, New Age Islam

20 June 2013

There are hardly any psychoanalyses of the suicide bombers. The reason behind this is the lack of sufficient material on this subject because the terrorist committing suicide does not come alive again so that his psychoanalysis can be done and the factors that drive him or her towards suicide are ascertained. These terrorists rarely fail in blowing themselves up so horribly. The female terrorist named Sajidah Al Raishawi who failed to blow up herself in Hotel Radisson in Oman in 2006 was a fit case for a psychological experiment to find out the factors that drove her and her husband to decide to end their life so tragically.

However, she refused to challenge the decision of the court and requested the court to execute the death sentence given to her and her husband as soon as possible though apart from being a wife she was also a mother. Thus Arabs and the world lost a golden opportunity to do psychoanalysis of a terrorist.

The sexual aspect in the life of terrorists

I have no reliable statistics or research on the subject of terrorism and sex on which I can depend. However, considering the incidents of terrorism, I have drawn some conclusions that are purely based on Ijtihad and depend on various factors:

1.    It can be noted very easily that most of the terrorists are between the ages 20 to 30 years. It also appears that they do not leave any lovers behind them who will cry over their tragic death. Social analysis shows that these terrorists committing suicide were intensely hungry for sex because they were unable to enjoy it in the world.


2.    It can also be noted that most of the terrorists belonged to the villages of Arabia. Most of the perpetrators of the WTC attack belonged to the villages of Arabia which in Saudi jargon are called Atraf and in the rest of the countries they are called Arab villages (Ar Raif al Arabi). These Arab villages particularly in the Gulf States, are socially reserved and very conservative, rather violently conservative with regard to the mixing of men and women. As compared to the villages, the big cities of Arabia are open in this regard. Therefore these suicidal terrorists suffer from an intense feeling of deprivation in terms of sex and crave to compliment this deprivation with the houris of paradise promised to them. It has also been observed that some suicide bombers wrap their male organ in a coarse cloth before setting out on a mission so that it remains intact even after their whole bodies are blown into pieces and can be forcefully used on the houris of the paradise. As a matter of fact, murder for sex is a part of the Arab culture. The most appropriate example of this is Abdul Rahman bin Muljim Al Muradi. He beheaded Hadhrat Ali and presented his head to the one of the most beautiful women of Arabia, Qatamal Kharijiah. She had put the condition before him that if he wanted to marry her, he will have to present to her Hadhrat Ali’s head.  Similarly, Hadhrat Khalid Bin Walid killed Malik bin Nuwairah on the pretext of non-payment of Zakat and married his extraordinarily beautiful wife the same night which makes the motive of the murder in the name of Jihad fi Sabillilah evident.


3.    Taking advantage of the lust for sex which is a big social phenomenon in Arab societies, Islamic organisations lure the youth with sex and sometimes even present to them beautiful girls in lieu of suicide attacks. This is exactly what is happening in Iraq. In the entire human history, sex has been one of the major motives behind crimes. Perhaps, the Fatwas issued to legitimise marriages like zawaj al misyar and zawaj al misfar (terms for temporary marriages while staying in foreign lands) and zawaz al urfi are proof of the fact how intense the lust for sex is in Arab societies.


The Element of Death In The Life Of Terrorists

It can also be noted that most of the terrorists look down upon the worldly life. Therefore they are in haste to get to the life in the Hereafter. There might be many reasons behind the suicide of the suicide bombers but the ideological factor assumes the key role. The burning towers of World Trade Centre are the symbols of the end of the world and depict the picture of the Day of Judgment. Fundamentalists long for getting rid of this corrupt world which the Quran has termed as lahw wa la’ib in three verses and enter the divine world as soon as possible (Al Anam:32; Al Ankabut: 64; and Al Hadeed: 20 in this verse the word Zeenath was also added).

Habitually, the jurists of terrorism took great advantage of these verses and presented their literal interpretation as they always do dissociating them from their historical contexts and the society in which and for which they were revealed. They kept these verses miles away from historical criticism to which people like us invite others because historical criticism only can place the sacred texts in their rightful place. Perhaps the main reason behind the large scale reform in the European Christianity was that the sacred texts had been interpreted on the standards of historical criticism and literal interpretation was ignored. Therefore we see that to these suicidal terrorists, life has no meaning but the escape towards the Hereafter is actually the means to get rid of the mortal world characterised by play and useless pastime and superficial beauty through which they can get rid of Kufr, moral corruption and the effects of western civilisation. The suicide bomber thinks that the attempt to destroy this world is actually a sacred effort to root out evil from this world because the Day of Judgment is close and he or she will reach there before it arrives.


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