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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 7 Aug 2008, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Massive disinformation campaign to brainwash Muslims for campaign of Terror - 1II

Mahdi, Jesus and three Nations of Khorasan


Different Groups of Khorasan mentioned by Ahadith


The main races/groups living in this vast area of Ancient Khorasan (as decribed above) depicted in the Ahadith are the following:


1.)   Bani-Israel/Bani-Ishaq.


2.)   Turks (Uzbeks,Hazara and also Tajik who have been Turkicised with the passage of time.and have the culture of the Turks Ref: Encyclopaedia Britannica 1997)


3.)   Shias or People of Esphahan (Persian city) with black sheets of cloth on their shoulders (religious sect of Muslims which included the People in Persia and the Hazaras in Afghanistan).


Note:  According to Britannica 1997:”Turks subsequently migrated westward into the area inhabited by the Tajiks. The Tajiks became Turkicized in their culture.

1) Ahadith about The Bani-Israel Race Of Khorasan:


            The ahadith about the Muslim Bani-Isreal race are already told above i.e. Hadith Number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 which shows that the Muslims of Khorasan with Bani-Israeli origin will be the first one to be among the forces of Imam Mahdi.

2) Ahadith Mentioning The TURK Nations Of Khorasan

1) Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet(Salallaho alayhay wa sallam)said, "The Hour will not be established till you fight a nation wearing hairy shoes, and till you fight the Turks, who will have small eyes, red faces and flat noses; and their faces will be like flat shields. And you will find that the best people are those who hate responsibility of ruling most of all till they are chosen to be the rulers. And the people are of different natures: The best in the pre-Islamic period are the best in Islam. A time will come when any of you will love to see me rather than to have his family and property doubled."*1


Fig: Uzbeks & Tajiks just like mentioned in Hadith i.e having small eyes, red faces & broad faces…”

2) Narrated by Amr ibn Hurayth quoted AbuBakr as-Siddiq as saying that Allah's Messenger (Salallaho alayhay wa sallam)told them the Dajjal would come forth from a land in the East called Khurasan, followed by people whose faces resembled shields covered with skin*2. *2..........Combining the above both Ahadith the meanind is clear that the TURK races living in Khorasan would be in the forces against Islam or in the forces of Dajjal & also its clear that these races are not the Mongols as some have wrongly interpreted the Ahadith Fig: Turks of Afghanistan The Followers of Dajjal with faces Round & Broad like Sheilds


3) Hazrat Buraida r.a (Companion of Dear Prophet Muhammad Salallaho alayhay wa sallam) reported that Dear Prophet Muhammad Salallaho alayhay wa sallam) said: A nation will wage war with you who will have small eyes, meaning the TURKS. You will drive them three times until you will drive them to the Arabian Peninsula .The first time you push them back, those who will run away among them will get salvation, and in the 2nd time some will get salvation and some will be killed and the third time u drive them back, they will be up rooted or the way you said it.*3


References / Notes


*1   Ref: Bukhari Volume No: 4Book No: 56No: 787


*2 Ref: Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 5487


*3   Ref: Abu-Daood .Also Hadith No. 5195 in Mishkat-ul-Misabeeh)



Fig: TheAllies of Christians & Jews, The First Followers of Dajjal i.e Turks of Afghanistan Mercilessly Killing a Defenseless Person & proving to be the worthy followers of Dajjal

Ahadith Mentioning The Shias Of Khorasan:


1) Hazrat Abu-saeed Khudri r.a (Companion of Dear Prophet Muhammad Salallaho alayhay wa sallam) reported that Dear Prophet Muhammad Salallaho alayhay wa sallam) said: Seventy thousand people from my Ummah will follow Dajjal and black sheets *1 of cloth will be placed on their Shoulders.*2 .


2) Hazrat Anass r.a (Companion of Dear Prophet Muhammad Salallaho alayhay wa sallam) reported that Dear Prophet Muhammad Salallaho alayhay wa sallam) said:” 70 thousand jews of Esphahan will follow Dajjal and they will have black sheets of cloth over them”*3


Esphahan is part of Khorasan.Infact here Esphahan means whole of Persia. Dajjal would be jews therefore its maybe for this reason that the followers of Dajjal are also considered among jews.Also it’s a fact that the founder Shia Sect was a Jew named Abdullah Bin Saba and therefore Sheikh AbdulQadirJailani wrote many resemblances between the jews and the Shia Sect in the famous book GHUNIYYA-TUT-TABAYEEN .Dajjal would also come from Khorasan and thus the 70 thousand (i.e the vast majority) people of the Ummah with black cloaks indicates the Shia Sect of Khorasan.




*1    Note: Only the Shia Sect in the Ummah have black cloaks placed/dropped on their shoulders. Check the Irani Shia Clerics.


*2    Ref; Narrated by Sharh-as-Sunnah. Hadith No 5254 in Mishkat-ul-Misabeeh)


*3    Ref: Saheeh Muslim. Also Hadith No 5242 Mishkat-ul-Masaeeh.




Fig: The Shia of Iran (followers of Dajjal), “and black sheets of cloth will be placed on their shoulders”




1.      Majority of the Forces of Islam which would bring revival of Islam are from the EAST.


2.      More specifically, these forces from EAST will come from KHORASAN.


3.      These forces from KHORASAN would consist mainly of the Children of Israel/Children of Ishaq.


4.      At the beginning Dajjal will also come from KHURASAN.


5.      Further filtering is done by the fact that the first followers of Dajjal would be the Tajiks , Uzbeks , Turkeman  of Afghanistan.


6.      It is further specified that the Shia sect of KHORASAN would also follow the forces of DAJJAL from KHURASAAN.