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Radical Islamism and Jihad ( 30 May 2013, NewAgeIslam.Com)

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Salafi Ideology the Axis of Terrorism in the World


By Haque Go

31 May 2013

The heart wrenching incident in Woolwich was not unprecedented in the least bit.  The will to deal with the extremists is not seen among Muslims and these extremists have become a cause for their rising problems in the UK. The Wahhabi Islam that the Salafis-Wahhabis have been trying to spread and implement in the UK has posed a threat to the UK and its future.

After every terrorist attack, the apologetics of Islam are heard harping on the same ‘Islam is the religion of peace’ slogan. After every such incident it is heard that the terrorists have no religion. I strongly disagree with it because when someone says Allahu Akbar and slays someone and thinks that he is doing this for the sake of Islam, it is definitely not easy to isolate it from Islam. Where do you put the Taliban then? They have given a hint at targeting the liberal parties and after that they also killed hundreds of people. Didn’t they follow any religion? Definitely they did, and they acted according to it.

If Islam means peace and the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, why are the Islamic extremists causing all the bloodshed? Of course, there is a problems lying somewhere and the reaction of the common Muslims to it is like wriggling out of this controversy. To say that Taliban and the terrorists are not from among us is to ignore the truth. And it will not solve the problem. These escapists close their eyes to ignore the terrorists and give them an opportunity to flourish.

In such a video, Muslims are seen expressing their disapproval of Woolwich incident.

The roots of all the terrorists and their ideology are found in the Salafi and apostatising ideology of Saudi Arabia whose funding are behind all these activities. Annually three billion dollars are being spent in the world including the UK for the promotion of Wahhabi-Salafi ideology. Recently, Saudi Arab has donated 100 million dollars to the mosques of Kabul. If this amount was spent on schools, it could have made some positive changes but the investment in mosques shows that the money will be spent on brainwashing of the Afghan people and turning them as Salafis and Wahhabis. Some time ago, Qatar had granted a financial aid worth 1.5 million pound to the mosques in Britain.

The mosque in the east London which is Saudi funded has a huge influence on the Muslims of the UK so much so that the prayers of the two Eids are held there together with Saudi Arabia according to its decisions and Muslims of Britain have forgotten that God has also blessed Britain with a Moon.

The mosques of Finsbury and Brixton are also under the influence of the Saudi Arabia. Blackburn mosque also gets aid from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the imam of this mosque is Abdul Reham Al Sudais who has been banned from entering the US for making statements on the murder of the Jews and Christians.

50% percent of students of the Islamic University of Medina come from the whole country and after graduating from there they look at the world from the eyes of the Saudi Arab and then embark on the path to extremism.

In this regard, Dr Dennis Macon along with his team has probed much deeper into this phenomenon and has come to the conclusion that the financial aid coming from Saudi Arabia has been the cause of the spread of hatred. Channel 4 has also publicised material in this regard showing that the Saudi funding has been promoting hatred among peoples. A few years ago, Sheikh Abdul Faisal, a Jamaican was arrested while creating mischief. He was a convert and had been educated in Saudi University. Moreover, the University of Pennsylvania has published its report that indicates that Saudi Salafis, Wahhabis and Deobandis are involved in 95% of the terrorist acts. (Translated from Urdu)