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Saudi Arabia: The Cradle of Terror



By Catherine Shakdam

Jan 14, 2014

As violence and senseless bloodshed continue to spread across the Middle East and Asia, fed by sectarian-based hatred and radicalism, never have terrorists in league with al-Qaeda been more powerful and more dangerous.

Three years after Tunisia was set alight by a revolutionary fire calling for democratic change, Zionists have managed to twist the people’s aspirations by turning once peaceful communities against one another, playing Islamic radicalism to the beat of their war drum, seeking only to destroy where people dreamt of unity; Israel and its allies have unleashed onto the region the evil that is apostasy.

But if Israel imagined its plan inevitable by nature due to its diluted sense of superiority over the divided Islamic Ummah, Zionists have failed to grasp the resolve of the men leading the Islamic resistance movement. Three years under unparalleled pressure and Syria has yet to bow to international pressure, its government steadfast in its opposition of Israel’s imperialistic ambitions in the Levant.

Three years after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad first warned the world against al-Qaeda and its masters, the Saudi royals, the world slowly began to grasp the perverted nature of Saudi Arabia.

Just as al-Qaeda was created by the United States of America in Afghanistan to act as a buffer against the then-Soviet forces, radicalism was nurtured in the deserts of Saudi Arabia. For decades, the kingdom has acted as a breeding ground for Islamists, a dark force at the service of an even greater and darker power, Israel.

While the media shrugged President Assad’s warnings, three years of butchery at the hands of the Salafis have silenced the harshest critics, putting Western powers under a less-than-flattering light.

Ironically, the truth is always much harder to stomach than a web of intricate lies.

But who can now dare deny that al-Qaeda is but a fabrication of the West, a destroyer of the world, a cancer that needs to be annihilated?

Earlier this month, Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bashar Ja’afari, took a decisive step toward naming and shaming Saudi Arabia for its promotion of terrorism by addressing a formal letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the WTO. Ja’afari called on both institutions to abide by their founding principles by taking drastic actions against Riyadh.

Guilty of despicable crimes against humanity, Saudi Arabia should be held accountable for its atrocities before an international court of law, warned Ja’afari, calling on the international community to uphold its legal and moral commitments.

A recent report released earlier this month revealed that 72 preachers across Saudi Arabia have, under strict orders from the royals, called on their congregations to join and support “Jihad” in Syria. Saudi Arabia’s clerics, the very men who should have been advocating peace and restraint, have called on Muslims to wage war on their Syrian brothers, thus directly interfering with a founding pillar of Islamic law.

The very militants that claim to be carrying the flag of Islam are no more than abominations, Takfiris radicals, the hellhounds of Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia is governed by a family dictatorship which tolerates no opposition and severely punishes human rights advocates and political dissidents. Hundreds of billions in oil revenues are controlled by the royal despotism and fuel speculative investments the world over. The ruling elite relies on the purchase of Western arms and US military bases for protection. The wealth of productive nations is siphoned to enrich the conspicuous consumption of the Saudi ruling family.  The ruling elite finance’s the most fanatical, retrograde, misogynist version of Islam, ‘Wahhabi,’ a sect of Sunni Islam,” wrote Professor James Petras, summing up with a few strokes of his pen the extent of Al Saud perversion.

Built on blood and betrayal, Saudi Arabia has defined itself across the decades through deceit, corruption, treason, manipulation, banditry and violence. The fact that Al Saud royals have resorted to terrorism to quench their thirst for power should therefore come as no surprise; rather, we should be asking why our governments have tolerated such a folly. Faced with internal dissent and the rise of Shia Islam as a potent alternative political model in the region, Al Saud naturally turned to its Takfiri legions to defend its empire.

Elated by its political invulnerability, Saudi Arabia actually no longer denies that it is aiding terror militias in Syria. Turned into a terror factory, Saudi Arabia, as written by Professor Petras, “has turned toward financing, training and arming an international network of Islamic terrorists who are directed toward attacking, invading and destroying regimes opposed to the Saudi clerical-dictatorial regime.”

Under the careful care and supervision of Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the very powerful director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, Saudi Arabia has even eclipsed Israel in its game of manipulation. A grand master of clandestine operations, Bandar has transformed Saudi Arabia from an inward-looking, tribal regime solely dependent on Washington’s military aid and support for its political survival, into an international terror hub, which has bought governments, supported dissidence and financed dictatorships across the Middle East.

The forefather of Sunni radicalism, Prince Bandar has in a short few years established a terror network so tightly embedded within the region’s political and institutional makeup that its shadows extend from North Africa to the Levant and the far corners of the Persian Gulf.

At the head of an international Takfiri army, Saudi Arabia no longer wishes to be a silent partner of Western imperialism; under Bandar’s leadership, it aims to assert itself as the only regional super-power.

Israel’s protégé and Washington’s prodigy, Prince Bandar is no other than Zionists’ terror man, a man who has genocide in his mind.

Catherine Shakdam is a commentator and political risk consultant. Her writings have appeared in Foreign Policy Association, the Guardian and Majalla among many others. Based in the UK, she worked in collaboration with Yemen Human Rights Minister on shaping new policies to protect women rights